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ϟV⸸VNIC Parapsychological thriller. The film begins with footage from the 1st Satanic Wedding, followed by lokian imps emerging from the fetters of timelessness...

Cut to a group of pretentiously obnoxious 'college' tards consisting of 2 posers & 2 generics, go to LA in search of an 'occult adventure' of sorts, and for their masochistic meandering, really receive a deadly one! Starting with observing a mysterious shadow up in the window of an abandoned building while driving around lost.

Among the stops on the list, Cielo Drive {"Manson Family Murder House"}, Satan's House {looks familiar... sporting a hellegant inverse black cross, from which emerge 2 spiteful goths annoyed at the touristy intrusion}, an occult shoppe reminiscent of Panpipe's, and finally a haunted room in the very hotel HelLA {reminds of The Cecil}, where the urban legend of an allegedly so-called "priestess" Laney Gore of "LaVey's Church of Satan" {sic} excarnated, leaving a bloody pentagram drawn on the wall in her wake. The Ouija oracle is employed for æthyric communication by those unskilled in its application.

After being ejected from the shoppe, wherein they were disrespectfully prying & being deadbeats, they decide to spy on the proprietors, following them to the Pacific Palisades / Rustic Canyon & Malibu areas, trespassing wherein a private ceremony is taking place. Upon predictably misunderstanding the proceedings, are spooked and are run off the property, dropping an incriminating phone behind. It's returned by a street urchin that was in attendance - actually a pretty girl with nowhere to go, so they decide to invite her back to the hotel room.

Upon salacious indulgence, it's revealed that she's actually quite knowledgeable and skilled in some 'hardcore' occult practices, and otherwise becomes possessed by Laney Gore, wherein it is subsequently divulged that she devil marked each and every one of them for destruction by her offering, established by adjoining all by the circle, drawing an infernal gateway I II III ⛧ IIII IIIII whereupon each meet their doom as the night and day progresses, all ending where they started in an infinite labyrinth of terror. Shadowmantically, to each their own nightmare. [4/5]




"In the remmus rain of 1845... the portrait finally arrived...!" ~ {King Diamond, Abigail: Arrival}

1845 ce. Introductory scene taken from Black Sunday {sans hooded executioner}, the mask of The Devil impaled onto a "witch's" face before immolation upon a tree.* Thus wither 'evil soul' trapped inside a poppet, to be forever sealed therein, until a clueless hack journalist named Fenn investigating cattle mutilations in the area finds it inside the tree, breaks it open to bolster a boring story, thus releasing the malevolence.

"when 'god' builds a church, The Devil builds a chapel next door"

All of a sudden miracles begin happening in the small provincial New England towne of Banfield through an intermediary deaf mute girl Alice, supposedly under the influence of "Mary", the catholic 'divine' matriarch {'goddess' archetype}, while the 'witch's' name also just so happens to be "Mary" Elnor {Endor?}. Healing miracles by way of Satan, including her hearing, transforms the towne into a tourist attraction & haven for beLIEvers, incrementally turning into a cult, revolving around the tree instead of the crucifix.** Housing it within a makeshift canopy "chapel" literally nexto the church. Ergo, "when 'god' builds a church, The Devil builds a chapel next door." [Martin Luthor]

After a heart attack, even the resident priest & "father" to Alice, with a chain smoking habit is healed from emphysema, which apparently now with healthy lungs, gives him a few more decades of fumigation! In a remarkable scene, Elnor makes herself known in the confessional, informing him from whence her Powers originate, through this first and substantial "sacrifice".

"Faith in Evil empowers Evil"

While Elnor appears to, and indwells Alice, as a luminescent "virgin mary", she begins haunting the chapel and Fenn in her true diabolical form, as sort of a "twisted, half-seen creature, wraith-like", in shadowy corners of his subconscious. Through a series of manifestations frightening Fenn, as well as a priest assigned to assuage the potential for legitimate miracles according to the catholic church, becomes the resident exorcist, but is himself spectacularly impaled and set ablaze, a seeming "payback" for past clerical transgressions.

Finally, upon Mass to be officiated in the chapel rather than main sanctuary, where Elnor shall be empowered to possess her daemonic inheritress Alice, tellingly enunciated in the veritable prayer invocation of a modified "Hail Mary of Banfield", she emerges renewed through the girl. But due to an unfortunate mistake by Alice, returns to the tree and hellfire.


Personally, I find the {predictable} "jumpscares" unnecessary, as the psychodrama is sufficiently established, allowing for a steady growth of a malignant atmos-fear, without such cheap tactics better relegated to slasher films. But overall, a well-made & enjoyable film. Real psychological horror.

Amusingly, on a couple of occasions some of the resident herdlings found certain parts just too disturbing to remain in the theater, and left altogether. Which is a fantastic complement to the creators! I certainly would take it as a great complement! It is a horror movie after all, containing elements of religious psychology, so it is surprising that it is rated PG-13, perhaps better rated R.


{Also dracommended is the namesake presentation with some notable differences, such as instead of a witch, the antagonist is a succubus dæmon!}.

* Most probably not a real witch worth her sulfur, for the time their own sheeple were thusly exploited and accused, but perhaps such injustice would hypothetically result from such opportunistically hypocritical murder, like a vengeful 'spirit' created by them! Another xianightmare!
** Plagiarized legendry: Though it can be argued that the cross, crucifix, etc., is merely a xian extension of the Kabbalistic Sephiroth tree of life {with its corollary 'roots' in Yggdrasil}, otherwise indicative of the Pagan Druidic veneration of [oak] trees.


KR synopses & commentary


[Synopses & commentary on various episodes, incrementally added, distilled from Diary entries]

[Knightlines]: Mike goes undercover by posing as a construction worker prole to find out what happened to a worker who fell off the building. Leading him to his grieving widow, a gorgeous blonde who wants revenge! Mike eventually deciphers those responsible, and deals with them in the construction yard, both by taking out a control booth, and KITT dumping liquid concrete on the other!

[Trivia: This looks like it took place at that building that was seemingly perpetually under construction near St. Charles - always with that looming crane. In one scene you can actually see the black Universal Building in the background!]

[Buyout]: An earlier appearance by the Juggernaut here, equipped with armor piercing bullets and missiles! Mike testdrives a bulletproof limo for a crooked businessman who tries to bake him in a thermal room! To be rescued by KITT and a lady. Another lady on the take, and crime partner with the businessman tries to tempt him with 1/2 the ill-gotten haul, but ends up going to prison.

[Junkyardog]: KITT gets dumped into an acid pit by a bulldozer! He has to be completely rebuilt [then again in Knight of The Drones}, but he always comes back better, stronger, faster... like the Bionic Man!

He eventually turns the tables! While the loophole and redtape riding a-hole that did it will now feel the side of the law that cuts! He ends up getting exposed on the cover of a national magazine, with his associations with a professional arsonist burning businesses for the insurance money, and illegally dumping deadly toxic chemicals that kills animals, all receiving turbo justice! Boy: "Yeah!"

Oddly, I always thought this title was referring to the other junkyard episode [Blindspot] where KITT almost gets compacted. But this also makes complete sense - the rotten proprietor is the junkyard dog, while the junkcaryard owner could also be referred to as such.

[Knight By A Nose]: Mike has to see what's really going on when a blind girl's horse mysteriously falls dead on the racing field, turns out it was merely drugged to look dead, and falsely shot with fake bullets, all to give over to a diaperhead who pays big bucks so that her false "friend" with the unlikely name of 'Tommy Lee' can pay his gambling debts to a drugpin {who also plays a police sergeant in Final Verdict}. Lee sounds and looks like Underwear King Normanmeyer from the Addams Family cartoon!

[Custom Made Killer]: An assassin with a killer car goes about pushing people off cliffs, into trains, making impressively clean getaways when the paint melts right off the car by going through a carwash, even avoiding Mike & KITT for awhile. But when he turns on Mike & KITT, is when his real trouble starts, when KITT does an excellent maneuver while being rammed from behind, essentially then becoming the rammer! Didn't even need Turbo Boost! The assassin ends up on the edge of a cliff at what appears to be Mulholland Drive, with KITT edging him off; well, he sings like a canary, as it were, giving all the recorded evidence needed to then prosecute a known criminal {who was also just recently in Bionic Woman episode 'Biofeedback'!}. The killer wearing a helmet, especially the ending scene with the sunset in the background really gave it an MTV / HEAVY METAL effect!

[Knight of The Chameleon]: Mike has to try to prevent a camouflage expert from securing missiles, the father of a girl who looks like the Thompson Twins {whose even a dancer, singer}, who even manages to attain a levitation backpack jet! Great character, too bad he's a criminal. He's like a synthesis between 007 & Inspector Gadget! Donald Gibb is in this one as well {who played 'Ray Jackson' in Bloodsport} as the chameleon's henchman.

[Knight In Disgrace]: Mike has to clear his name after a pusher plants cocaine in his pocket. He and Devin devise a master plan to fool Kung Fu grip and goon {also in Redemption of A Champion}, but it is rather disturbing in the meantime, like when Devin is "shot" as they put on an act to thwart the criminals.

[The Rotten Apples]: Features a very lovely, but seemingly gratuitous character named "Marilyn" who ends up getting on a bus to wherever it's going. Then Mike has to rescue some inner-city kids from redneck shenanigans {juvies/miscreants/brats}. One of them cut the brake fluid line, sending the bus down a doomed path down the twisting roadways. KITT ends up microlocking the brakes, but Mike has to board to keep the wheels steady, otherwise they could have gone over the cliffs!

[KITT vs KARR]: Some guy in a hairshirt wearing a tanktop with all that pubic hair bursting out like hay - is always a disturbing display. Butt at least there's a nice looksie at the girl's smooth posterior when she ascends a hill after just being let out of the cab by KARR, right before the battle!

[Halloween Knight]: Always a pleasure to watch this Halloween episode, the scenes at the Psycho House {at Universal}, the references to Norman {wearing a jack o'lantern headmask reminiscent of Halloween 3}, the Cylon Centurion {from which inspiration for KITT's visor was derived} with an awful cardboard sword {I think a Cylon with a darksaber would be awesome!}, and the hellographic projector displaying the goblin demon! Not to mention The lovely redheaded Witch, and when KITT was actually parked within a pentagram!

[The Ice Bandits]: Watched in correlation with DS movies. Back & forth, but primarily remained with DS. Monks waste their time when they could be indulging in sumptuous pleasures, but maybe they like that repressive homo environment? I still want a portrait of Mike for the entertainment area, as well as that KITT sculpture from Blind Spot!

[Night of The Drones 1]: Takes place in San Francisco, always look at the background scenes to see if The Black House is anywhere to be witnessed.

The Barbarian Brothers play a couple of assholes who brutalize an old man shopkeep, then even one of the criminal participants' girlfriends! And otherwise just hang around lifting weights. Mike gets into an altercation with the eggroll brothers in China town.

[Night of The Drones 2]. Mike has a runin with The Barbarian Brothers, doing no damage whatsoever, and takes a flying leap off a wall, while romancing the lady. KITT takes a missile into the exhaust {ironic considering it's SF}, rendering him inoperable to have to be fully repaired.

[Big Iron]: It's still a trip to see the actor who played the priest in DEMONOID herein. So this guy's wife is a backstabbing megaslut f'ing her husband's competitor, and ends up using all his money to keep her comfortable and having parties.

[Speed Demons]: KITT joins the dirtbike frey and uses ski mode in this one, which is always an enjoyable spectacle. And Devin breaks out a WW2 motorbike he cracks a wheelie on, to be turboboosted over.

[Race For Life]: An adorable little girl with precious freckles has bone marrow cancer or some such, so Mike has to go find a donor in a gang in East LA. It's The Vengadores vs. The Conquistadores! After some problems avoiding and fielding pests, as well as weather issues, they make it to the hospital where she receives the operation, and recovers nicely. KITT puts on an amusing display for her at the end in celebration of her recuperation.

Amusingly, the picture is sharp enough to see the details of the freckles on her face, but also the pubic hairs on Michael's chest!

[White Line Warriors]: A crooked cop on the take gets busted on the radio! Seems he was taking part in a burglary ring striking every time the song "Walls Tumbling Down" is played.

[Knight In Shining Armor]: Hot chick with daddy issues? Yes please! I'm pleased to say that I have been the fortunate recipient of such affections!

[Silent Knight]: Takes place all over downtown Covina, and the flower shop across the street from the Fox Theater and the Tastee Freeze!

[Knightmares]: Mike loses his memory due to an altercation with a real asshole named "Frank" {as in 'dick'}, being shot and bumping his head over at Hanson Dam, taking him all over the valley to find a semblance of himself, until a pinch faced girl like a pomeranian provides him with a clue, which connects Frank an angry artist, taking Mike back to the dam with incremental flashbacks as he heals.

In a sort of classic villain and damsel dynamic, Frank puts "Cara Caulfield" {'face' in spinach - Cara mia!; I'd know what I'd like to do to her cara! Morticia too!}. Mike & KITT save her from being drowned in a watertank by striking a precise portion upon the adjacent wall.

[Ring of Fire]: This is like KITT being sent to Dagobah, halfway expecting Yoda to come out if a treestump. I also kept thinking "Use The Force, Michael... use The Force!"

This takes place in Louisiana, with "the dirty French", who have a penchant for consuming scraps and revolting soups made out of the filthy swamps themselves! Quite honestly, with the exception of the judge, the people seem atrocious and the environment completely miserable. All hot & muggy, mudcaked, sweaty, bilgy, like elsinore.

But that little gal "Leilah" is a cutie, and at one point seeing her at quite an angles was very gratifying! Michael should have been able to fuck her right before he left as a reward for rescuing her and all, and for My contemplation, he did. Then she can go off with that priest whatever.

[Soul Survivor]: Horsefaced lady seduces a dopey computer wizkid into removing KITT's central processor & remote controlling his frame in order to rob an armored car. The so-called "soul" is examined as really being the personality. After acquiring transport {a hilariously broken-down jalopy that barely runs} from a hayseed gomer.

[Custom KITT]: Dr. Bombay! Dr. Bombay! Your car is on the way! Mike's got 2 women going after him in this one!

[BIG IRON, Junkyard Dog]: KITT perseveres through dire straights on both occasions, from being buried in gravel & dirt, to launching out of a car crusher! Interesting to note that actor Stuart Whitman, who plays Stuart Sanderson, one of the bosses in Big Iron, also plays the priest in the film Demonoid.

[My Bother's Keeper]: Hot daughter I'd love to F! The episode is very 'the fugitive'-like.

[Chariot of Gold]: MENSA-like Members of a secretive technological thieving ring try to use KITT to gain ill-gotten funds, brainwashing Bonnie in the process, who at one point actually points a gun at Michael! Of course, despite attempts to manipulate KITT, he eventually comes to his AI computerized senses to rejoin Michael as his proper driver. Seems that even intelligent people sometimes have to reminded or disciplined.

[Slamming Sammy's Stunt show!]: KITT is defaced with those awful stickers, and some jealous asshole on the take tried to sabotage Mike with a jimmy, but it caught, and he prevails. Also foiled another jerk who tried to blow up the place and spoil the show!

[Redemption of A Champion]: Don King looks like a crazy orangutan, and the boxers like gorillas. Part of this mission takes place at Hanson dam, which reminds Me of the time I went there with Rick to fish for tadpoles, where we talked briefly to a dirty old man who said that we should leave there.

[Deadly Knightshade]: It is always evocatively thrilling to see the Dracling's haunting grounds! The Northollywood Tujunga Y, park, & dojo areas.

[Knight & Knerd]: Sensei Bill Ryusaki {Ryu Dojo Karate, one of My dojos} goes unaccredited in this one, even though he pays a major role; and the Takishi demonstrations at Rocky's! My gym at the time! It's a trip seeing the orange and brown stripes motif, and the church across the street!

[10 Wheel Trouble]: Mike investigates a murdered trucker who went off a cliff after failing breaks, right after an altercation. The family seeks the aid of FLAG, but who don't trust Mike one iota at first, until he proves to them that he's there to help. So Ichabod crane there turns out to be the culprit along with his rotten boss giving him orders to take over the trucking company.



  • Knight

    Slayer & King Diamond


    LAYER played their so-called "last show" on November 30th at The Forum, and KING🦇DIAMOND came to town playing at The Wiltern on the 1st.

    Whenever I hear a band talking about a last tour, you know it is not, for being a musician, that artistic urge is so persistent, that so long as one is physically capable of creating, whatever the art, it will continue in one form or another, preferably by that which grants one the most gratification of expression. Sometimes this itself becomes a publicity technique, with a band's inevitable return, to the inevitable delight of fans!

    The first SLAYER I ever possessed was Haunting The Chapel, soon followed by Show No Mercy. They instantly became a favorite. Others were since possessed like Hell Awaits, Reign In Blood, Seasons In The Abyss, South of Heaven, Divine Intervention, et al. Instruments used with such intricate hellish ferocity and vocalization with subject matter about Satan, Hell, war, death, Power, lust, horror, and 'Evil', with aesthetics to match, it resonated with certain aspects of My evolving dark psychology. These orchestrations frequently accompanied Me for many a philtre-fueled sinful celebration of evilife! Like every gobletful a veritable Communion with The Devil!

    Then I possessed The Ultimate Revenge video from Wild Rags in Montebello, featuring three favorite bands VENOM, SLAYER, EXODUS, frequently watching it with acquiantances in dimly-lit rooms along with VENOM's 7 Dates of Hell & Live In '85. Of course, I was impressed by not only the musick, but the album art as well, even integrating imagery into accoutrement. As a matter of fact, I even recently possessed the Slayer demon figurine!

    The first KING DIAMOND I ever possessed was THEM, possessed at Music+Plus in West Covina, even though the first I ever heard of the band/s was MERCYFUL FATE Don't Break The Oath at then-friend Rick's house in Northollywood on Hart St. At first I was taken aback by the vocal style, and it would be much later that I would eventually grow to appreciate it. I was even asked by Sgt. Emon if I liked the band once, but I stated that I didn't quite like the voice at the time - but then I heard it again while drinking with band members of RAMPAGE, and loved that mystical feeling of it. I would later discover King Diamond is a member of The Church of Satan! Like a Gothic Hammer film represented in Metal! Veritably 'Macabre Metal'! And as a matter of fact, I just recently possessed the King Diamond figure!

    These two bands have contibuted in doing The Devil's work in the multimedia arena, prividing with darksome entertainment, and shall continue to do so on into timelessness! With a horned salute, Hail SLAYER! Hail King DIAMOND!

    winged skull, vampire, predator

    Baby Jumping ritual in Spain


    It is said that The Devil takes the sin and misfortune off the babies upon jumping over them. So even in that sense, The Devil is a Hell of a guy! But I think this practice is integratable in a Satanic Sense for use in The Satanic Baptism as an option. But instead of taking so-called "original sin" off the child, The Devil may remove all notions of so-called "sin", that the child may do what they will, evolving according to their true natures, without imposed guilt! With any notion of "sin" being regarded only in the sense of the myriad pleasures of The Devil's Kingdom of Earth!



    EviLive journal has initiated this so-called "#10yearschallenge" and contacted Me with the following link. Well, I Am amused to do so! Let it be done!

    The post office by Haunted Turnbull Canyon* is the one I regularly went to when eviliving at a former residence, and would conduct Blackthorne Productions business therein. One day I noticed this wonderful collection being offered, and took that opportunity immediately to posses these arcane tributary items, of a Master of The Macabre, inspirational figure, perhaps even unto My own Satanic Serenades. A vouchsafed treasure.

    * Upon which The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon is based.
    * January XLIII


    The Devil's Tool!


    A Ninja is never without one's weapon, obvious ones or not. Traditionally, most ancient weapons formalized from tools to be utilized for either/or purposes. Eventually, specialized weapons and tools were created for specific purposes, yet most anything can be used as a weapon, if only observing the environment around you, including the environment itself!

    I happen to possess a 'Leatherman Wave' multi-purpose tool I carry with Me most everywhere I go, which carries a very "Batman" aesthetic {Batman/Ninja aesthetics tend to be interchangeable}, which modifies to suit most purposes, situations, and capers. When fully opened it resembles some sort of demonic tool of torture with an almost Lovecraftian or Gigerian visage, or a possessed metal creature come alive to dissect limb from limb!

    Unfortunately, during all the moving to and from upon the earth seeing whom I may devour, it became temporarily misplaced, which can happen to the beast of us, so it behooves one to take further precautions. Yet the pro-active attitude is that it is still in one's possession, yet misplaced to return, and so it has, yet not without Satanic intervention.

    So it came to pass upon realization of its disappearance, one retraces one's steps in one's mind {physically, if necessary}, with an apport being a further step, again, if necessary {whose principles are writ in Dracomeroth}.

    Besides considerate inquiry, by the process of elimination, it was revealed whom a probable suspect was, and by The Devil's Hook identified, was tormented by Demonic attack! Writhing & moaning in apparent agony! Which served as confirmation! And thus it was resolved when the culprit handed it back to Me! Hail SATAN!


    MASH set hike


    ITEM: MASH set & Reagan Ranch immolation
    M*A*S*H set
    Malibu Creek State Park

    I recently learned that the MASH* set that I hiked to once while attending the Y has burned down, as a result of the Woolsey** Fire. It was a rather long trek through the Santa Monica & Malibu mountains, up and down rocky cliffs through to a veritable swamp before the dam, which had a couple hundred feet dropoff at least, granting a sense of vertigo, but just getting onto the pavement surface was a challenge, as one had to scale across a rocky hill face dangling over an algae-filled lagoon. The hills themselves are remarkable in that they do have a rather Martian countenance.

    The site itself is strewn with thick rope and mosquito netting, remnants of tents, army jeeps, and a hellicopter landing pad. Not to mention the humorous wooden sign pointing to various locations throughout the nation. I was never really into this series, but thought the excursion was a fun one. As an odd bit of trivia, the theme song is entitled "Suicide Is Painless" by Johnny Mandel {lyrics below}.

    It just so happens that I was acquainted with Mr. James Olson, the uncredited propmaster who manufactured a great deal of iconic items for various television series, MASH included. The song is especially poignant in his case, considering his self-imposed excarnation via a revolver, due to various medical conditions which also resulted in dual leg amputations, combined with depression & Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors [SSRIs], which increases suicidal tendencies in males. A humble and private man, who identified as Rosicrucian with Pagan leanings. Always a pleasure to converse with.
    * Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.
    ** I knew a "Mr. Woolsey" at Carpenter, who was the Safety Officer Squad leader.


    Through early morning fog I see
    Visions of the things to be
    The pains that are withheld for me
    I realize and I can see

    That suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it if I please

    The game of life is hard to play
    I'm gonna lose it anyway
    The losing card I'll someday lay
    So this is all I have to say

    Suicide is painless (suicide)
    It brings on many changes (changes)
    And I can take or leave it if I please

    The sword of time will pierce our skins
    It doesn't hurt when it begins
    But as it works its way on in
    The pain grows stronger
    Watch it grin

    Suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it if I please

    A brave man once requested me
    To answer questions that are key
    Is it to be or not to be
    And I replied oh why ask me?

    Suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it if I please

    And you can do the same thing if you please

    Then there's THIS!