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The 'Kid' knows...

xmas kid

So the herd are bristling about sportsball - The return of The Rams to be exact, which reminds Me of this photograph taken with Satan Claws once upon a timelessness. I was in fact in Little League Football when this was taken, but I was moreso intrigued by the Ram head itself than anything. Almost like instinctively taking the sign of Satan unto oneself, like bearing The Mark on the forehead and over the heart! Of course, the image of The Ram, Goat, etc., would become a constant presence...

The Dodge Ram logo!

But being a simplistic spectator game and all, I subsequently quickly evolved beyond this useless preoccupation in favor of Martial Arts - the first dojo being Ryu Dojo Kenpo Karate, and beyond. Tae Kwon Do asserts the Fist is likened A ram's head when striking!

Also calls to mind the stained glass relief from the film The Devil's Rain... AMON - The Ram of the Sun, the moon, the stars... Baphomet! Mithras! The Goat of A Thousand Young. Moloch! Which I would also include both on the Helloween edition of The Devil's Diary XXX magazine and The Shadow Gallery Calendar LIV!

I would also eventually possess a horned skull ring from The House of Cutlery in the West Covina Mall. All representing The Devil. Power & Force!

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The Devil's Diary XXX: Helloween LIII

Via Church of Satan News
The Devil's Diary XXX: Helloween LIII

Upon this dark journey you travel upon a winding sinister path through skeletal trees which reveal an ominous diabolical church, overshadowing land like a darkhouse, emitting infernalight from the trapezoid steeple through compelling symbols of Power!

The doors creak open, a shadowy form bids you forwards, it feels like home... Embrace The Black Flame & Speak The Unholy Words!

THE BOOK & those who have signed...
Through SEASONS IN HELL we acknowledge Halloween displays & activities, SHADOW GALLERY apparitions from the Pit {with pieces from Adam Roberts & Zaemon Kane}, Satanic Panic Archives, darketypes, succubus seductions {Lilith! Queen of Delights!}, Exercising The Beast, empowering Black Earth submersion, Total Environment/Past Orthodoxy timelessness, Shinobi wisdom, NEFARIOUS NEWS, TALES FROM THE SHADOWSIDE {including a contribution from a mysterious submitter}, & BOOK OF BLINDLIGHT, + much more!

In The name of Satan! Ave Satanas! Rege Satanas! HAIL SATAN!


NOW AVAILABLE! The Devil's Diary XXIX: Walpurgisnacht LIII

/,,/ Via Church of Satan News:

This \,,/icked \|/alpurgisnacht issue brings forth Hellish offerings from Below... Behold! As we travel upon this Root of All Evil, witness an interview on Comparative Religions to accompany the previous in The Black Dragon Speaks, a second part of Daemonocracy; Into the shadows of Memento Vivendi Mori rebirth, Satanic Meditation, realizing, projecting, & incarnating the lycanthropic ghoul oneself in the darkness, a resurrection & preservation of artifice & infernal evocative playthings & locations; when & where to apply the lesser Magical principles of black humor; Shadow Gallery features The Root of All Evil

The Book of Blindlight reveals the ongoing results the christinsanity of fundamentalist foolosophies; then we plunge down deeper into The Noctuarium's multimedia sections of Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, Hellmouth Snackrifice offerings, and a return to The Black Earth.


These three things...

Three names I go by
1. Draconis Blackthorne.
3. Monster.
* Extra: "Dracenstein".

Three places I lived
1. North Hollywood. Dracling hometown.
2. Baldwin Park. Devin Black hometown & evolution of Draconis Blackthorne. First Noctuary.
3. Highland Park. Transition & Return.
* Extra: La Puente: Noctuary II. Lake Elsinore: A.K.A., "Bilge Lake" {transitory} - crappy people and environment - even Elsie left for better waters!; West Covina: 1. "party house" - temporary location while transitioning; 2. Mountain Shadows. Los Angeles. Noctuary III. {metro}.

Three places I have worked
1. Church of Satan. Warlock, Writer {The Devil's Scroll, Dracomeroth, The Devil's Diaries, The Blackthorne Chronicles, Malefick Media; Essays, philosophy, social commentary, fiction, non-fiction, biography}, Poet {Satanic Serenades}, Artist {The Shadow Gallery; multimedia, traditional}, Musician {Classical, Goth, Metal}.
2. Earl's Toys: North Hollywood, across the street from Laurel Plaza, flier distributor; received discounts on toys. YMCA: honey-roasted & salted peanuts to contribute to tuition, field salesman; Hughes Market: shopping cart collector; DAV: various, from cleaning and preparation of display items from books to silverware, import/export furniture. Found book 'Satanic Sex' here, & acquire entire Dark Shadows fiction collection. Supervisor was a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate fan. Crown Plating, El Monte: Assembly-line metal plating processing. Electrical acid pools wherein underground 'explosion' occurred if hanging item was not properly 'coated'.
3. Blackthorne Productions. Opus Draconum.

Three things I love to watch
1. Pain & Punishment of enemies, amusing general herd stupidity. Herd tend to be entertaining and otherwise interesting while either dead or dying.
2. Horror, documentaries, educational.
3. Lover' faces, bodies while giving and receiving pleasure.

Three places I have been
1. Italy. Fiermecino, Vatican. Attended preschool at Scuola Carducci.
2. New York. Transition between Italy and California.
3. Mexico. First travel resulted in overturned car tumbling over hill with piled luggage. Second brief travel to Tijuana resulted in being stuck in mud after tempest.

Three things I love to eat
1. Oral sex. Sweet sove, juices like wine.
2. Besse Infame. The forbidden fruit.
3. Most every food, especially spicy.

Three people I think will respond
1. Me.
2. Myself.
3. I.

Three things I am looking forward to
1. More Power.
2. More Pleasure.
3. Immortality. ∞

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Infernal Empire Devilutions!

Church of Satan

Church of Satan News: Walpurgisnacht Message from High Priest Magus Gilmore, High Priestess Magistra Nadramia on 9Sense Radio, Satan Wants You parody "recruitment" poster now available, The Devil's Diary XXII: Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S. unleashed, Metal Invaders with HellOnWheels, 'An Eerie Spectrum' music video by Valentin Schwarz, Satanic Story Time for Walpurgisnacht, Maninblack Walpurgisnacht performance, Discovering The Satanic God recording by Magister Nemo, To Each His Own by Magus Gilmore, a Beaster performance, a multi-media art show event, Bloodfire Baphomet medallion restocked, The Nightmare Engine 6 released, Forthcoming singles from Gyps Fulvus, a Burlesque event, Magus LaVey's Nativity commemorated, Magister Netherworld comments on Magus LaVey's Nativity. ∞

Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan!

Hell Gate

NOW AVAILABLE: The Devil's Diary XXII: Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S.

The Devil's Diary XXII: Walpurgisnacht XLIX A.S.

Wicked Walpurgisnacht of XLIX A.S.: The Gates of Hell open again with this issue, featuring the undefiled wisdom of the Magus LaVey interview from Seconds magazine; Sergeant Daemon offers insight into various recent Satanic Panic cases; Dracommendations reveals some vampire secrets; a recent Sasquatch hoax, & misanthropic commentary on TBN's Paul Crouch.

As the black candles slowly illuminate, The Shadow Gallery displays the diabolical art of Horror Artist Tony Karnes and the infernal sculptural expertise of Baird Lee.

Noctuariuum sections feature a plethora of horror movie reviews, including Hell Night, The Unseen, Silver Bullet, & others; Malefick Musick features the orchestrations of Nox Arcana & Crimson Winter; top secret 'Knight Files' opened; The Black Earth plunges into various nefarious evocations & evilutions; all while enjoying some indulgent Autumnal confections at Hell's Bar & Grill. ∞

Hail Satan!

Hell Gate

The Devil's Diary XX: Walpurgisnacht XLVIII A.S.

The Devil's Diary XX: Walpurgisnacht XLVIII A.S.

A Daemonic manifestation unleashed from The Pit of Hell...

NOW AVAILABLE: This Wicked Walpurgisnacht release includes Seasons In Hell, rare selections of Magus LaVey interviews from various occult publications; essays on diabolical nomenclatures 'Which Witch Is Which?', True Satanism, politics - 'The 22nd Amendment', & An Amazin' Tribute To Huell Howser.

Satanic Serenades poetry from Robert Leuthold, James Geary III, & features XIII Floors.

The Black Earth / Tales From The Shadow Side ventures to the deadly & haunted Hotel Cecil, the evils of Dracmas, with cover art & Shadow Gallery inclusions from Horror Artist Tony Karnes {Goatwhore, Ghost, Skeletonwitch}.

Noctuarium includes Satan's Scroll reviews of The Cloven Hoof, Malefick Musick reviews Nox Arcana, Satan Is Alive! A Tribute To Mercyful Fate, Spechtreum reviews Poor Devil, Blood Bath, Prime Evil, The Witches' Mountain, Sinemaerotica reviews Satanic Sickies 1, Possessions reviews Coffin Rust Halloween print, Den of Iniquity / We Are Legion by ASP Apparel, The Satanic Panic Archives, Infernal Empire Devilutions & more.


Blackthorne Productons Photos & Testimonials

Blackthorne Productions

Blackthorne Productions/Testimonials: If you want to be featured, please send photos with descriptions/reviews here or the facebook business page to submit. Books & magazines, calendars, either with yourself in the photograph or not, in use and/or staged. Anonymous or provide any biographical information desired, link information to your website &/or profile/s. You may be featured on The Shadowmantium & a forthcoming issue of The Devil's Diary! This is a continual collaboration, so please feel free to view Testimonials for some examples, & if you are already included, send in any additional images you wish! Thank you, and Hail Satan! ∞