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The Devil You Know...



Crime documentary on Pazuzu Algarad who thrived on filth, drugs, Black Metal, and girls he called "fiancées", with a complete lack of æsthetics and waste of a house.

Harkening to the Satanic Panic, claimed to be a combination of LaVey, Crowley, and Manson. But overall, killed a couple of wastrels {probably more}, then eventually killed himself in custody. Adhered to a personal philosophical synthesis to justify unproductive, self-destructive activities.

Concludes about what happened to everyone after death. Predictably, most all seem like a bunch of addicts, one of whom even resorted to prostitution to get a fix.

Focus on a pretentious backstabber & stoolie who should have joined the other buried bodies, making claims of wanting to kill Algared {typical bigmouthed coward}, but that's after the fact. Fact is, Algared was smarter, more tenacious, ruthless, and would have laid him waste if he felt there was an actual threat.

Same goes for another pissant who actually admits to his cowardice! What's it to them anyway? That is none of their business how he runs his house, but they just wanted to use it to get high in, yet harbored these feelings BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF HIM. So they start talking big behind his back, as if he didn't know anyway! Marked by the occasion of Algared biting into a chunk of raw meat, which may have even been human flesh! Stating "Satan protects me". Of course, in his presence, they are quiet! Nothing came of it, because they are intimidated. They should feel lucky that they were not killed! Or perhaps they were soon to follow! - Sgt. D/Emon

E X T R A !

NEFARIOUS NEWS: [ITEM]: 10/28/20 - One Oscar Urias killed 2 sisters with a machete and other blades, one which was his girlfriend, in an apparent sudden rage, then proceeded to actually 'wear' the teen girl's innards around his neck! {Like Mardi Gras beads...? considering the location near New Orleans, "St. John's Parish"}. He also wounded his own brother & sister.


Pictured is Urias wearing a 'Shock' devil mask, from the trick-or-treating trio of Lock, Shock, & Barrel from The Nightmare Before xmas. Urias seems a curious mix of The Nightstalker Richard Ramirez and Algared.

No mention if he's involved in any kind of occult beliefs, which usually accompanies any sort of devil paraphernalia for what the newspeople know. Just a mention from the homeowner that "he looked like The Devil".

Interestingly, when a reporter asked the investigator about any motive, he mentions that they are now seeking to take a blood sample, which sounds like to establish a connection to another crime.


May the 4th be with you!

DarthometSince today is officially "Star Wars day", as declared by the California legislature {who else?}, I decided to dig out My Darth Vader pendant "Darthomet", and dress entirely in black for this observation, in deference to The Sith - total Satanic archetypes! Interestingly, yet not too surprisingly, it happens to fit perfectly into the Black Pentagram medallion I usually wear! Totally appropriate considering this was one of My very first pre-realization de-facto amulets! Very telling even as a Dracling! I also wore a Cornuto horn, {"little horn" since considered a nickname for The Antichrist! Yet BIG where it counts for other reasons!}, I also wore a STAR WARS belt buckle, which I believe is in storage, but I'll dig that out too one day!

Of course, one cannot speak of Star Wars without considering Space Balls! May The Schwartz Be With You! And remember, 'Evil' always wins because 'good' is dumb!" Hail Vader! Hail Dark Helmet! Hail Satan!

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Hats off to Hatten!


I'd watch Family Film Festival with Tom Hatten on KTLA channel 5 every weekend! That twirling ribbon & theme song betokens some fun entertainment on the way! I always enjoy his quips and trivia about the film presentation, and Popeye cartoons! Always looked forward to The Sea Hag's appearances and the goons! I believe this was the first time I ever saw "Munster, Go Home!"

I Preserved quite a few favorites on tape, including Clash of The Titans, Aladdin, Hercules, Pippi Longstocking, and others. He'd play movies that were not in theaters, timeless classics and hidden gems which remained unforgettable, and in some ways, formative. He very much became like an Uncle playing his magical movies for you.

Hats off and a Horn tip!

Thank you Tom Hatten for providing many a pleasant weekend afternoon with your informative inclusions and charming demeanor! If someone is so inclined, to re-air this theater show on weekends again, it would be greatly appreciated!


Hellhouse spotlight


An impressive edifice to be sure, and a veritable "nightmare" Hellhouse of One's dark dreams! Right off the bat, I can see a face in the left side of the top front window as part of the white curtain, with mouth open wide, as if screaming. Over on the extreme left, an impression upon the wood itself, like a head peering out. On the extreme right window, there appears to be a standing shadowy form in the corner of the window. At the top tip of the tree, is what appears to be the profile of a jester face complete with a shadowy eyeball and black lips, while the end of the hat appears to be a basilisk with darting tongue.

I would say these environmental impressions are definitely indicative of a haunting. Plus, the delightfully desiccated tree would make for a fine hellhound house!


Contrast & Compare: Sam Jones/Huell Howser

They could be brothers! If ever there was some sort of docudrama adaptation, he would be a shoe-in!

Sam Jones: Best known for his perfect portrayal of Flash Gordon versus the perfect portrayal of Max VonSydow as Ming The Merciless! He took Tae Kwon Do Karate at My Jun Chong TKD dojo, and has a thick English accent.

Huell Howser: The amazing & beloved California Marine, adventurer, Journalist, & icon! He invited everyone to his fun & educational fieldtrips on California's Gold!


An ACI Darketype

It is interesting to see where the characteristics of Darth Vader have derived. It is obviously a Nazi helmet being worn by a skull {always associated with Evil; the breathing apparatus resembles teeth, the black tinted eye goggles are sockets, the striations & bulbous headpiece resemble a crown}, along with the black billowing Dracula cape, or Reaper impression, not to mention the more subtle elements like the trapezoid mouth.

Interestingly enough, My first "Baphomet" was a Vader Head pendant medallion worn by The Dracling, eventually yielding to a silver Cornicello {Italian Horn}. The latter {now recognized as Satan's horn*, or phallus} was touted for good fortune and protection, while the former {an ultimate Villain & self alignment} was My intense appreciation for the STAR WARS trilogy at the time, yet upon retrospect, all is revealed as being ultimately diabolically influential. Of course, I eventually discovered The Baphomet pentagram medallion at The Private Eye shortly after Satanic realization, and it is cherished, while I've since possessed versions from sources like The Emporium.

* Intriguingly, the 'Book of Daniel' contains a passage about "little horn" being The Antichrist.

A.C.I.: Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia. The period in one's life where the image of a villain, hero, or an otherwise character visually influences a person to adopt a similar visage. Also refers to the preference of certain environments. Some people may develop several in their lifetime. It is commonly referred to as a "type".
Darketype: Archetypal iconography of a darkened nature in either aesthetics , and/or symbolic, or philosophical form.



Contrast & Compare

What an interesting observation whereupon viewing promotions for the impending production of an Aquaman film, in which a Samoan actor will apparently be playing Aquaman? So before this bad casting spectacle is released, let the following be made clear.

The left is ΛQUΛMΛN, not the right depiction. Λquaman has blonde hair, no beard, and a swimmer's lithe physique with an orange & green costume, though some later variants have included longer hair {just darken the colors a bit, and it's a perfect characterization just as it is}. The other one is actually a bit more akin to Marvel's Prince Namor/Sub Mariner, who is kind of like an aquatic Vulcan. But just like Phoebe Munster*, who is more apt to be either a relative or comrade, the same with this other attempted variation of Λquaman. He could foreseeably be an Atlantean soldier or warrior perhaps. For DC comics, this is the characterization created & envisioned, while the other is more akin to a Polynesian water character matching a Polynesian origin, so just create another character!

The Realm of Leviathan...

In a pantheon, the cultural equivalent would moreso be a Neptune or Poseidon, whom this depiction is much more akin to, who is TANGAROA, not Λquaman! So in this sense, perhaps Hellemental Draegon Daemon Brother Leviathan may be a similar representation, as is Cthulhu, Jörmungandr Midgard serpent, Ritrah, & even Godzilla!

The above depiction is Tangaroa, not Λquaman!

* Who is more like a "kissing cousin", so no wonder Herman is a happy fellow!


Forever Eli

Devil Mother
Hail Elvia full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Praise to Elvia Mother of God, grant us Thine Blessings now and forever more. Amon.

Elvia DeLaGarza Quiroz is a truly wonderful lady in just about every way, multi-talented & excelling in everything she tries her hand at, from Cosmetology, painting, horticulture, needlepoint, sewing, and as a mother.

Originating from Spanish-settled land, a little Spanish lady with blonde hair, who lived upon a hacienda with a father who owned a successful cantina*, a large man with striking red hair, who was one day gunned-down in a standoff with an infamous bandit Zapata, a dishonorable cheating coward, 'Quiroz' refusing to stand down to criminality. Would have been an ideal time for Zorro!

Fearing the rest of the family would have been killed, enslaved, or females raped, she was given a small fortune and put on a plane for America, landing in Hollywood, where she attended classes at Hollywood High, Valley College, & Marinello School of Beauty. She acquired her own apartment shortly after landing in LA, only staying with her friend for a short while, where I would be babysat.

  • Cosmetology: After acquiring a degree in Cosmetology, Hair Curl Beauty Salon in North Hollywood was fortunate to have her, under two managements, quickly becoming a favorite beautician excelling in contemporary and classic hairstyles, including manicures, fast developing a clientele of celebrities and their spouses, many others, and those who worked on crews with them. Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, etc. [particularly befriended the spouse of Yakima Canutt]
  • Painting: Arraying her home, a plethora of creations displayed in ornate frames decorate the walls, as well as photography of those elements that mean the most to her.

  • Horticulture: She raised a nursery of a plethora of plants in very many pots right outside her window on the balcony and the front porch, from cacti, lilies, roses, bluebells, sunflowers, palms, ferns, and many other varieties; although her favorites seem to be the cacti, who grow into many strange transmutations, each unique. She talks to them like her children and familiars, and they respond in kind. For her own peculiar reasons, she retained My Kenner Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars action figure at the base of a fern.
  • Sewing/needlepoint: Another one of her favorite pastimes became the needle and yarn creations, everything from sweaters to blankets to hats, mittens, even a fan cozy! She went through a doll-making phase, in which she sewed the bodies to various clowns & baby dolls. She's always going, to the point where one of her nicknames became "Spider Lady". Her favorites are the "Blueboy", 'Mona Lisa", & "Pinkie".
  • Collections: She loves collecting novelties and souvenirs according to what she appreciated at the time, from King Tut to legions of Smurfs, Garfields, and various stuffed characters, to glass figurines of all types, and plastic figures as well, all of which would eventually find their way into a menagerie populating the nativity scene at the base of the xmas tree each year. Then there's the lightup 3D jesus lamportrait that follows you through the room, and the garish jesus head medallion necklace festooned in the center of a squared cross, which was almost like her own personal "Baphomet".
  • Mother: A sterling matriarch, enrolling me in private schools, through Hellementary to St. Charles Borromeo Catholic school to Village Christian, even though My own path eventually took Me to more secular and carnal pursuits. She even managed to get Me baptized at the Vatican! Karate classes from Kenpo to Tae Kwon Do {each dojo taught a plethora of various other styles as well}, to even Dux Ninjutsu & Rocky's Gym, where I began My heavy weightraining; with YMCA Camp all remmus long during the day. Her 9-5 schedule doing what she enjoyed, where I would return home after school letting out at 2:10, arriving home at about 3pm to watch favored shows {He-Man!}, and meet her a bit after 5 daily. We enjoy watching mutual shows together as well, from movies to series like Growing Pains & Family Ties, then Europe {Rick Steves} & California's Gold/Green/Faires, etc. {Huell Howser} while eating cookies on the couch. Through all My shenanigans, particularly that through The Satanic Panic enacted as "Devil Dave", she remained resolute and loving, even if she had to pull out the "chancla" or later the wire hanger to keep a sense of balance during some of My worst offences. Overall, her story in bringing The Devil's spawn to fruition resembles Rosemary's Baby, with a plethora of strange occurrences, dreams, and impressions that led her to having her baby baptized at he Vatican is most telling; though the Devilution went from said Rosemary's Baby {her experience}, to The Omen & Damien Omen II though hellementary & Jr. High; The Exorcist though High School; Omen III & The Devil's Rain through College & beyond}.

Always following her inner passions, achieving the enviable ideal of being payed for doing something she truly enjoyed, where work and play were interchangeable. Though translating her psychologically latent terminology with Catholic references, she was actually quite a Witch in her own right, fully employing Lesser & Greater Magic with expertise and effectuality. We eventually moved from North Hollywood to Baldwin Park; upon her eventual relocation from Baldwin Park to Highland Park, she recreated her world to her perfection. She also loved to walk - a lot, all over the hallways and courtyards she enjoyed, up & down the hill to the market, only taking her car to church and further locations into town. She preserved a chair and table set near the window overlooking the garden and gazebo and nearby hills populated by wolves and other wildlife, where she partakes of coffee, yogurt, then her favorite rotisserie chicken, eating candies like Hershey's kisses and chewing gum constantly the rest of the time, even attending aerobics classes!

She was certain to live well past her mortal centennial, as did her mother, yet man's perfidious deception based upon envy & jealousy, interfered with her longevity, parasitically extending its poisonous influence, weakening her constitution by removing her from her thriving environment into a toxic situation. Yet truth emerged and a full understanding was preserved, regardless of the lower man's attempts to diminish or manipulate, and by Satan's Grace, we are one. While those without exist in redundant misery & degeneration.

Hail Elvia!


* She frequently mentions a philter called "pulque" as being a popular drink served there.

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