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Ramenudo & Devil's Kiss


Menudo is basically pork entrails, or "gut soup", while the porkrinds serve as "skin". Add {chicken, pork, beef} heart if desired. And pork has always been considered unholy by blindlighters.

It has been mused that the word "men" is contained in the title, which can perhaps be singularized to "hu/man", alluding to cannibalism. Think Matamoros. {literal translation: "killer of moors", so Vlad Dracula could technically be referred to as such!}

  • Ingredients: 1 serving of ramenoodles {flavor to preference}. 1 can of menudo to preference. Redhot cheetos {or regular}. Porkrinds. 2 eggs. Splash of beer if desired.
  • Directions: Place ramen in a bowl submerged in menudo. Sprinkle redhot cheetos &/or porkrinds on top {or may be added after heating - note: rinds will snap, crackle, pop!}. Add 2 raw eggs. Microwave or stovetop. Add torntillas, &/or Doritos, and/or buttered muffins on the side, or a sandwitch.

Devil's Kiss

{Deviled peanut butter, jelly & cheese}.

The redhot Cheetos are the spicy 'devil' part, the 'kiss' are the Hershey kisses, & the overall confection is highly indulgent! Best served with coffee, milk, or cereal. Enjoy.

  • Ingredients: Peanut butter {chunky or smooth}, jelly/jam {favored flavor}, slice of cheese {whatever type}, peanuts {to preference}, Hershey kisses {or Reese's}, redhot cheetos.
  • Directions: Apply nutter as base to one side, press redhot cheetos, nuts, & kisses into nutterbutter, cover with sliced cheese. Apply jelly to other slice, and apply to other bread slice.

⸸ South of Heaven ψ

1. Peach cobbler: Yes, Delicious! Probably acquired from the discount rack.
2. Chicken & dumplings: Yes. Delicious!
3. Cornbread: Yes, love it! With a dab of butter.
4. Gumbo: It's okay.
5. Chicken fried steak: Absolutely love it! Also tried chicken fried pork, and meatloaf.
6. hushpuppies: Yes. Probably 1st tried it with Ma at the fish'n'chips place across the street from Hughes.
7. Pickled pigs feet: Yes, but preferably cooked & warm.
8. Tomato sandwich: Sure, I've placed a tomato between two pieces of bread, with cheese & mayo before.
9. Hoppin' John: I have, but didn't know it was called that, I just instinctively put that together!
10: Liver mush: It's liverwurst, and I love it!
11. Red beans & rice: Like hoppin' john, I just looked through some cans and put this combination together one day.
12. Fatback: Probably. I love all sorts of pork, and it's the fat that gives it flavor.
13. Fried bologna: It's happened. Great with cheesemelt and tortugas!
14. Chitlins: Nascent in menudo, so definitely, and I love menudo!
15. Butter beans: Love it! I love all sorts of beans, and have tried several varieties according to what was in cans at the time. The "juice" is delicious!
16. Deviled eggs: But of course! A veritable specialty of mine!
17. "Po' boys" {"poor boys?"}: That is to say, hoagies, subs, et al {and I love subs!}, so yes, a definite favorite! Especially with au-jus sauce!
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halloween asks, yes please

A: What are you being for Halloween this year? SATAN.
B: Favorite costume from past Halloweens? Satan, Ninja, Zorro, Vader, Batman, Dracula.
C: Do you still go trick or treating? Yes, but I may be too tall. Would go as an escort.
D: Top 3 favorite scary movies. Exorcist, Amityville Horror, DRACULA.
E: Top 3 non-scary Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus, The Halloween Tree, When Good Ghouls Go Bad.
F: Do you watch Halloween specials on TV? Yes! Love the documentaries, as well as marathons and movie runs like FreeForm's 31 Days of Halloween!
G: What was your first Halloween costume? Ma dressed Me like a tiger.
H: Would you ever wear a “sexy” Halloween costume? Definitely!
I: Most ridiculous “sexy” costume you’ve seen? jebus the hobo god.
J: Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating? Trick or Treating 1st, then party!
K: Favorite candy to find in your trick or treat bag? Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Rocky Road bar.
L: Candy or other goodies that make you want to cut a bitch when someone gives them to you? Loosely wrapped hard candy, or peppermint.
M: Any Halloween traditions? Hallowmass, Dracomeroth.
N: Have you ever been tricked on Halloween? Not that I recall.
O: Costumes: make or buy? Both. Usually add an improvisation to a bought one.
P: Have you ever pulled a Halloween prank? Not really, but I used to pull pranks all year long. Otherwise I can think of sexualizing Trick or Treat, suck My meat, I'll give you something good to eat! Trick = give, Treat = receive.
Q: Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, most definitely, See them from time to time, and regularly out on My walks over by the gate, named Emily!
R: You’re in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer? The Killer & The smart one.
S: You’re in a zombie apocalypse. What’s your weapon of choice? Machine gun, granade launcher, chainsaw.
T: Costumes: scary, sexy, or funny? 1,2,3 in that order.
U: You’re a ghost. How do you spend Halloween? Feeling up girls.
V: Trick or treating: how old is too old? 13.
W: Do you pass out candy on Halloween? Would, but nobody ever comes over to The Devil House!
X: Do you go trick or treating even when it’s raining? Yes! Actually adds to the effect!
Y: Top 3 favorite scary stories/books. Same as movies. Amityville Horror, Exorcist, real-case parapsychological / possession documentaries.
Z: Trick or treat? YES!

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Foremoshop | deep color

skullbowlThere's nothing quite like eating from the skull of your enemies, and you can name it whomever you wish at the time...

A bit Smaller than I thought it would be, and the "deep" color which looks brown in the photo, is actually more of an orange-amber, like a Halloween shade, with deep bloodred eyes. The inside rim is a little flaky, though unnoticeable otherwise. Not recommended for food, but decorative, ideal as a catchall and/or basket, storage of jewelry, phone, keys, wrapped candies {even for trick or treaters}, dry ice or burning, preparatory for cursing parchments. Plus, these can always be imbued with certain energy resonance for imprecation radiation.

Takes about a month to arrive, due to quarantine procedures. Good detail, ceramic-like material, also available in white. [4/5]

King Diamond

tj holy shit

TJ babblefarm!

Holy shit! It has come to My attention that TJ Farms includes bible verses on their product bags! Just the other night, while preparing a repast with this bag of potato rounds, I noticed scripture included thereon! Other companies like In'N'Out [urge] which carries a salacious connotation as well as damned good food!; & of course shit Filet do this also, even though it was probably meant at the time to give the product a more folksy, peasantly appeal to attract and make the type feel more comfortable and inviting, like the "food of the people" or some such, in this increasingly atheistic society, I wonder if this may not actually work against them in the end, as in "the end times"... for xinsanity, in any case!

For some reason, it seems rather unsurprising that a company that calls itself "TJ" {as in Tijuana} would be of undesirable countenance and inferior quality! Personally, I will not be supporting this company whatsoever, so they can stick their sneaky cross where the sun done shine!

So in order to remove all traces of any blindight contamination to a perfectly good & devilicious snackrifice, a Fete Diaboli Satanic Grace is performed per meal, additionally infusing The Feast with diabolical flavor and perspective!*

* Additionally, it has been scientifically studied that preparation for the consumption of food adds to its flavor, in the sense of cerebrally prepping the palate to receive multiplicitous flavor stimulation, creating a conducive situation to enhance the gustatory experience.

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Meat Messiah?


Besides the ready-made hellarity of utilizing the "baby jesus" for a multiple of applications {"bong", doll, toilet, etc.}, also consider a meatloaf or cake, complete with bacon diapers, "sacrificed" as it were, unto the true birthday recipient Moloch, and eaten on the 25th.

It has been postulated that the nazarene may have actually been "born" {assuming it ever really existed} about late August into September if at all, so it has become obvious that it was assigned to be scheduled for December 25th by the catholic papacy for the 25th in an attempt to replace and otherwise subvert the pagan feastivities of the nativities of Mithras/Moloch, Dionysis/Pan, Horus! In which case, why not display a modified version of the so-called "nativity scene" with that of they?

So this meal is indulged in with that in mind. To sacrifice the 'god' of weakness, suffering, misery, poverty, abstinence, etc., in favor of life-affirming concepts of Strength, bounty, fertility, carnal joy, lust and Indulgence!

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Snow in Hell!

I'm dreaming of a white...
Kitchen table

Evocative gustatory feastday!

Since so-called "thanksgiving" is completely gratuitous based on some pilgrim faerietale and invented merely for business purposes to bilk the simpleton herd, I decided to take the thirdside option and make it an americanative feast! Not to fast by victimentality or dine with tales xian interlopers, but complete with an invocation to Coyote, Chac, Tatanka, and Manitoba! Archetypal Anrhropomorphic representations, along with the Wendigo and skinwalkers! And a toast to Crazy Horse, Black Hawk, Sitting ull, and Geronimo! Mighty warriors with a token placed upon the table consisting of a featherblade athame! Ready to scalp dishonorable xian scum or any rival to this Harvest Feast of The Beast aplenty!

The Feast consisted of unholy ham, orange glaze, mashed yams, frybread, corncobs, potatoes, stuffing, tortillas {freshly heated with hellfire upon the comal, eggnog, with apple cobbler and pumpkin pie! Absolutely devilicious, and even combined into tacos!

Entertainment fare consisted of a HIGHLANDER Marathon! Then afterwards, watched all Roseanne thanksgiving episodes.

siamese cat snow

Mortal world turned to ice, here be goblin paradise! Blix, Legend

To My gratification, upon awakening in the afternoon, I was greeted by a blanket of snow draped across the land! Winter has come early! I gathered a handful of snow and preserve it in the freezer. I tasted the snow like water, and it was fine & soft to the touch like powder. Boy was excited as the pitter-patter of little feet scurrieed across the floor to awaken anyone who would partake in this splendid spectacle with him! And so I uplifted his litlle frame as we appreciated the vista together!

stables backyard snow

A snowy Constitutional

I would later go upon a Constitutional to possess the postmail containing ordered items, feeling the snow crushing beneath My black hooves, sinking briefly, then slipping a centemeter, leaving demonic prints in My wake.

~ Mr. Hellvedere