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Horns & Thorns

Thurisaz 'Thorn' Rune

Thurisaz – “Thor-is-as” – Literally: “Thurses” or “Giants” – Esoteric: Strong one, Resistance.

Thorn|> Key Concepts: Unconscious shadow forces, sociological/misanthropic forces, Thor, Loki as giant, chaos, destruction by natural forces {regeneration}, complexities of aggression, conflicts, disputes, lightning, breakthrough, aggressive male sexuality, battering down barriers, thorn of awakening, trouble, enthusiasm. Mind/Body Fertility.
|> Psi: enthusiasm, struggle against unconsciousness, male sexual prowess. Sexual indulgence.
|> Energy: enthusiasm, self-empowerment, chaos, active defensive force, breaker of resistance, destructive storms. {Hellement Lucifer}
|> Mundane: storms, tools, weapons, conflict.
|> Divinations: Reactive, Proactive force, directed force, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst, constructive conflict; reversed - danger, defenselessness, compulsion, betrayal, dullness, disease, explosive violence, annoyance, strife.
|> Destruction of enemies, curses binds and fetters.
|> Awakening of the will to action. {Proactive}
|> Breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind & emotion/æthyr. Impossibilities overcome, ingeniousness, ingenuity.
|> Increased potency & prowess in romantic relationships.
|> Understanding of the division & separation of all things. Trinary comprehension assertion, binary manipulation.
|> Aiming the use of psychic force.
|> The combination of right/left brain processes for generating powerful realization. Epiphany, revelation.

Horns & Thorns
thorn rune pentagram

Exercise: Gazing deeper upon the pentagram one will discover this rune therein, as each angle comprises the pillar, and each point extends outwards into a thorn therefrom. Providing the framework for the vortex. Additionally, Satan's pitchfork scepter is perceived in-between the horns, the inverse cross beneath the rune, blending into the deviltail pointing to Hell. With realization, comes empowerment.

Hell Gate

The Satanic Apocrypha

Satanic Apocrypha

Written in a prosaic scriptural style reminiscent of The Al-Jilwah and The Enochian Keys, the latter connotes elaborated descriptions on the principles therein. Stream of thought psychodramatic language that speaks to the entire cerebrum, emotional and intellectual.

Divided into nine scrolls, chapters of folkloric Satanic characterizations & tales filtered through a third side perspective.

An æsthetically splendorous and visually stimulating tome with an ornate border per page, rather reminiscent of The Necromantic Ritual Book. displaying several of our 'unholy symbols' like The Baphomet, Pitchfork, Drægon, thorns, Brimstone, Pentrapezoid, Pentagram, also explained within the Appendices, which includes descriptions for established and original Hellemental sigilization for The IV Crown Princes of Hell; also 666, 9, and Cornu. Plus a Romanumerical graph pre & post Year One Anno Satanas of The Age of Fire, and cross reference index.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read & strong addition to our religious tradition. Pleased to possess this in My Library.



ASP Apparel

Seems like this may be one of the last orders since it has been 'deplatformed', due to what has been termed by the pusillanimous webhosts as "hateful speech" because of a Valknut △△△‽ Nonsense!

It seems they are ignorantly associating the ancient pagan symbol with the lamebrain antics of racists, who probably don't even know its origins themselves! It may not be antagonistically racist, just a prideful acknowledgement of ancestry. But the stupid, nomatter the race, are detrimental to their culture by acting brutishly confrontational, uneducated and uncivilized.

The etymology and historicity of symbols must be preserved, not warped, appropriated, or taken out of context by simpletons. The aim is the upwards evolution of the mind through education and productive application.

To Me, it could also represent 666, ▼▼▼, unholy trinity {inverted stanchion towards Hell}, as well as Belial {The Beast} for its resemblance to mountains, and travel. It has been posited that it may be symbolic of Odin placing confusion in battle, tying the mind in knots, which would be useful in ritual work to bind an enemy. Also representative of Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life.

2 pennants demonstrating the inverse cross {besides antixian blasphemy, could also represent the 4 Crown Princes of Hell / Hellements, seasons}, and Pentabolt, both now flanking the Giger Baphomet poster. Adds a much more appropriate hellegant hellement herein, for one's total environment.
Infernal Majesty: Red woven pentagram tapestry on black cloth for the bed heading, for an imperial impression.
2 replacement shirts demonstrating THE DEN OF INIQUITY & WE ARE LEGION sentiments. The former ones had torn and faded, even though the fading effect is impressive as well!

  • {As a most devilishly delightful surprise, a complementary Pentabolt pin was included as well! Much appreciated!}

    /,,/ Tip of the Horns: The respectable proprietor maintained honor throughout. May this stygian resource arise again stronger than ever!

    Bruder Des Licht ⸸ color: bone

    The bonewhite skullbowl from Bruder Des Lichts arrived today. The interior is smooth, except for a minor defect gauge on one part inside, but it doesn't leak or chip. It's more or less about the same size as the other one, but actually smoothly concave like a bowl should be, while the other one seems more like decor.

    Whether used for meals, not too hot or cold, storage of certain unholy items, or even a trick or treat candy bowl or catchall, doing so in this morbid receptacle adds to one's environment for literal and symbolic feasting.

  • Hell Gate

    Goetic Darketypal Zietgeists

    Occult Arcanum

    On this day in the unholy month of October, in the year of Satan LIV, did I come to possess this infernal gift, a marvelously arcane collection of amazing Goetic metal 2-sided coins, where no two rounded shapes are exactly alike, though each sigil is perfectly presented thereupon. Seemingly forged by a midevial metalsmith in pure hellfire with The Devil's very own hammer!

    Darketypal Zietgeists

    For those so inclined, and depending upon the seriousness and studiousness of the Sorcerer, these definitely prove useful for experimentation and/or art & conversation pieces.

    Parapsychologically, as a psychodramatic stimulus of the shadowside of the psyche, these Daemonic characteristics correspond to sublimated cerebral traits brought to the fore, as an exercise of nacscent abilities lain dormant, dynamically awakened by these meditations. Darketypal zietgeists.

    For the purposes of Satanic Magic, the sealing agents of the demiurgic "T" nomenclatures are removed to allow free reign unto those forces summoned as brothersisters & friends to gratify the Will, and may be added to The Infernal Names! Coins may be grasped with appropriate gesticulation, inunciation, either/or within The Chamber itself, and in the very presence of the intended target!

    Preserved in a lush black velvet bag complete with Solomon's seal, there are all 72 {9} Daemonic seals, 3 Solomon seals pendants with leather cords, 3 seal pendant coins, and 2 seal rings. Considerately accompanied by 3 booklets {veritable "daemonomicons"} listing references and informative descriptions on each sigil, divided into Kings & Dukes, Princes & Marquis, Counts, Presidents, & Knights.

    Overall, a splendid addition to one's Occult Arcana.

    Film: Ghoulies


    Draconian psychodramatic parapsychological experimentation

    Fenrys X. Forcas has taken to experimenting with Draconian Sorcery as writ in Dracomeroth, with a nice setup in his garage space, including the Thaumaturgic Magic Circle and the presence of Dracomet upon The Altar! This is taking it to the next level! From the basics to the advanced! Someone serious, intelligent, and brave enough to advance beyond just the therapeutic theater {which is the very least it may serve}, towards manifesting thoughtforms, parapsychological projections, create favorable patterns of reality, manipulating the ether with one's will. Truly the hellmarks of a God! A Dark God in this case, devoid of hypocritical blindlight pretension!

    For what is a Wizard or Sorcerer but an incarnate Deity forming creation according to One's desires?! Whereupon mastering previous gradations, taps into both Psychic Proficiency & Magical Omnipotence by The Infernal Alignment!

    But it really is fantastic to see Dracomeroth getting the attention it deserves. The rewards reaped by this individual will be exponential!

    Hell Gate

    Daemonic Baphomet


    There shall be a modified Baphomet/Dracomet, that shall consist of Daemonic sigils each at the points of The Pentagram, and spaces in-between the angles. Sulfur Brimstone sigil crowning between the horns. Oroboros shall be there encircling asserting immortality. Additional sigils may be placed therein. For behold, Legions are under their command, encompassing the remaining sigils of those who populate the Stygian depths of Hell.

    They Come Forth!


    • LILITH: Infernal Queen of Carnal Delights. Succubus.
    • ASMODEUS: Daemon God of Lust. Incubus.
    • BELIAL {Baal, Moloch} The Beast 666, Lord of The Earth, unbound, unchained Satanimal. Instinct.
    • LEVIATHAN {Set, Midgard, Jormungander, Oroboros, Cthulhu}. Emotions.
    • LUCIFER: Infernal Enlightenment, undefiled wisdom, forbidden knowledge, intellect.
    • BEELZEBUB: Indulgence in fine confections, libations.
    • AZAG-THOTH {Choronzon}: Daemon God of Chaos.
    • PAZUZU: Daemon God of Pestilence & disease.
    • ABADDON: The Destroyer, Devourer, Hellmouth, Dark Angel of The Bottomless Pit.
    • BRIMSTONE/SULFUR SIGIL: Sabbatic Baphomet configuration {all Hellements in All-One}. Infernal Crown from where Black Flame Hellfire emanates, symbolic of imagination, purification, creativity. Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipotence.
    • BAPHOMET {face itself, overall} May be Goat, Dragon, Devil.

    So this occurred to Me to construct upon Krampusnacht XLIII, and SO IT IS DONE.


    December of MOLOCH


    Moloch_Baphomet{Place thine hands forth towards The Altar, feel the Strength & Hellfire! Hear The Beast roar! Echoing across The Abyss! Thine hooves quake earth and bone! The glow of thy fearsome eyes burn like coals!}

    Mighty Moloch, we bring ye forth the great sacrifice of the corrupted christling into thine hellfire embrace, symbol of abstinence and ignorance, as caganer demons defecate upon the manger, sweltering in filth. Behold! The fires burn! And purify with blood and sin! Come forth! Thine sulfur burns into flesh and mind! Thine brimstone fills the senses with intoxication!

    Upon the forthcoming Winter Solstice will transition into Season Lucifer {Air/fog/Intellect}
    BELIAL 666

    To Me, Moloch is Belial, Lord of the Black Woods & ShadoWilderness, whose number is 666, Great Wild Beast, unbound and without a Master, with derivation explained in The Infernal Names as "Phoenician & Canaanite Devil". Whose Season is Autumn.

    • Hellement: Earth Harvest.
    • Color designation: Black, Brown, Oranges, Yellows. Colorations of The Abyss, subterranean caverns.
    • Holiday/Sabbath: Autumnal Equinox, Halloween.
    • Particular Symbol: Brimstone/Sulfur sigil.
    • Geometry: Hexagram. 🔯
    • Number: 6.
    • Traits: Instinct, lust, practicality, mundane.
    • Creatures: The Bull, Werewolf, Lycanthrope. All that which slithers, crawls, burrows, runs across the face of The Black Earth. Reptilian and mammalian animals throughout.
    He is Mithras, even Amon, The Ram of The Moon, The Sun, The Stars. The Tauroctony is only symbolic inasfar as rebirth and Immortal Power. The Beast returns stronger than ever!

    * 2/2: As predicted, the Conjuration of Moloch brought forth a 7.0 earthquake by way of Alaska on the date [11/31-12/1] - or, anywhere but here! Combined with over 230 aftershocks at this date.