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Reign In Hell

I always enjoyed watching his characterizations on The Carol Burnett Show, with that certain personal charm that he brought to every character, though the most memorable has to be golfer "Dorf" the midget, "kneeling" at a statuesque 3' something, in utmost humor and wit.
I found Dorf's Golf Bible amusing for some of the blasphemous references and rebellious frustration of the character, eventually figuring out that he can play the game better than whatever ideas this "god" had planned for it!

Dracumentary: Never cared for the game Myself, to each their own, but the skit is amusing! The Dracling would go "minigolfing" from time to time, which was accompanied by an adjacent waterslide attraction! As it happens, the same location as that displayed in The Karate Kid!

Heard Stanton Friedman from time to time on C2C, with whom one could always learn a thing or two, particularly about UFO phenomena, secret technology, shadow government, and related subjects. Always an interesting show.

Peggy Lipton... Though quite a looker, never really watched The Mod Squad or anything, moreso Twin Peaks, though I do recall the attractive blonde thereon, upon which one could take a second look.

Doris Day seemed the quintessential personafication of American Apple Pie. I recall her being in a couple of made-for-TV horror presentations, which would probably be pretty much the only place I would have seen her. Plus she did a couple of great renditions of "It's Magic" & "Deevil, Devil, Divil". The previous a recommendation by Magus LaVey from The Church of Satan [book] by Blanche Barton {"Satanic Music: That 'Ol Black Magic" section}.

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Darksaber, temperature beams, & warpdrive

Some technological contemplations in liu of May the 4th be with you & Revenge of the 5th...

Temperature Beams

Perhaps as a future alternative to air conditioners and heaters, blankets and heavy jackets, technology will one day develop "thermal beams" & "cool beams" that can project warm & cool temperatures over a certain distance.
Of course, nothing quite compares to snuggling up in a warm blanket, scarves, mittens, or especially the body warmth of a loved one, with a favorite warm drink. Valuable for soldiers and otherwise travelers, campers, hikers, tourists, al-fresco dining, etc.

Dark Sabers

Is this possible? I was once asked by one of My Witch's little brothers that if it could be possible, and what may go into the mechanics of a light saber? Ironically, the answer lies in the term "dark saber", as in utilizing dark matter & gravity, via the dynamics of a black hole which would limit a laser beam from going further than a certain distance. As a black hole may draw in light, so may it control its directive.

Warp Speed

Quantum physics, My dear Watson! Breaching the fabric of space via the creation of a temporary wormhole, via bending space to pass through the portal.


Darth Vader toothbrush


Darth Vader toothbrush
Firefly | Disney

Most if not all of the novelty items*, weapons, multimedia, figures, clothing, etc., I tend to possess are interesting in some manner, whether in shape of item or decoration, Satan, Batman, Vader, Ming, horror, monsters, Occult, Martial Arts, at al**., otherwise straight Hellegant black or blood red! As Magic is inevitably introduced to just about every activity!

Harkening to The Dracling, had an opportunity to try a new Darth Vader toothbrush today! And it was fun! First of all, with the tube connected, it looks like Vader's red lightsaber extended {darksaber?}, then upon removing the red casing and turned on, says a few iconic lines while the stem glows and blinks red, along with the whirl and rush of the laser movements! It remains on the duration of the brushing session. Accompaniment with proper Vader cup recommended!

Since Draclinghood, I usually possess all things Vader, from action figures, to cereal, to even jewelry! In fact, in a bit of precognitive action, My pre-Baphomet pendant as a Dracling before Infernal realization was in fact a Vader head! Being a prime manifestation of a villainous archetype, a reflection of the Jungian Shadow, it is no wonder! A psychological projection of one's character traits!

One may not necessarily notice it is a toothbrush if you didn't already know so at first glance! That's how detailed and novel this item is, like an object d'art itself for any Star Wars fantom to appreciate! Leave the casing on, and it just looks like a lightsaber ready for battle! I can picture a mini battle with a sibling or even progeny perhaps!

* Never one for the generic or sterilized, programmed, or "trendy", unless either undercover, or the quality is remarkable.
** With a toy series concentration on the likes of Shogun Warriors, Masters of The Universe, Alien, Star Wars.

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Year: LIII | Genre: Action-adventure, Monster, sci-fi.

I recently attended a special screening of a presentation called "Rampage", with adequate acting by Dwayne Johnson* {who plays a Primatologist character named Davis Okoye} and others, which essentially starts off like Alien, proceeds like Skull Island, then goes in reverse to the city, turning into King Kong vs. Godzilla with the introduction of a giant crocagator, with giant wolves thrown in like Fenris for good measure.

A pathogen is introduced onto the mutant wildlife on an isolated island, by which an evil entrepreneur villainess attempt to manipulate them via sonic transmissions. The mutant creatures trace the source of their pain to a tower atop a building in downtown Chicago, which, after the city being summarily destroyed, finally tumbling it down in a scene reminiscent of 9/11.

The giant ape is named "George" {...of the jungle!?}, a very intelligent albino primate among his group of gorillas, communicating via sign language who becomes friends with Okoye, who both eventually battle the behemoth reptile together.

In keeping with a more immersive experience with some additional relative TE psychological, inter-active stimulus, Chicago-style hotdogs, cola, spicy popcorn, m&m's, grapeblasters, lemonheads, and other treats were enjoyed during the viewing.

Pretty convincing CGI. Overall, monster movie progression: ALIEN > SKULL ISLAND {to the city} > KING KONG vs. GODZILLA

RATING: 3.5/5

{In Some personal trivia, I once created a digital flier illustration for a band named "Rampage" which featured a rendition of Magus LaVey from the back of The Satanic Bible.}

* not as large as Arnie or Lou, with acting ability somewhere between the two; & was placed in his grave by The Undertaker.


The Space Between Us


The Space Between Us
[Genre: Science-Fiction, Romance, Action-Adventure]

More or less if you mix The Boy In The Bubble with E.T., plus a bit of Romeo & Juliet thrown in, you get the general idea of this tale with a clever double entendre title.

A baby is born on Mars during a colonization expedition, to a female asstronaut under questionable circumstances, but dies - so it’s up to teenager Gardner “Elliot”, to search for his father on earth {led by a single photograph}, along with meeting up with his love, all of which proves to be quite an ordeal, from acclimating to the terran atmosphere, in which certain physical modifications are made, yet unforeseen conditions manifest, demanding a return to his home planet. Yet in his short expanse upon earth, he experiences some of the joys of life while traveling together, from rain, the pleasures of the flesh among other delights, while eluding his veritable foster mother & guardian Kendra, and NASA program director Nathaniel Shepherd {Gary Oldman; Dracula}. The plot takes a major turn at the end by the ocean, yet it seems it is just the beginning for this remarkable couple.

There are certainly technologies the government is not informing the public of, and for good cause of unnecessary, if not detrimental disclosure, so in the interest of security, are kept confidential for the time being, with some developments incrementally surfacing for public benefit.

Overall, The Space Between Us is a well-made film worth the viewing.