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Penn & Teller on Ghosts & psychics

Watched these episodes recently, and decided to offer some commentary:

Talking to the dead

James Van Pragh {"the bulldog"}, Mark Edward {"the douche"} and others seem to provide a sense of closure for the suckers they rake in - by and large, it's the old carnie game using cold reading to case the mark. In that case, it is a form of therapy the herd are willing to pay big bucks for and so let them. Apparently, explaining how it's done {perhaps a bit of Solipsism there} does little to dissuade them from returning to such events - it is a mental salve, and are entitled to it.

Such senses are possible in a select number of cases, however, with those willing to extensively practice innate abilities, like anything else. The easier, exclusive money-making route depends on nuance moreso, whereas perhaps a genuine psychic utilizes inborn senses combined with mental exercises to achieve quantifiable results which can actually be useful for law enforcement and personal enhancement. The former is pop culture, whereas the latter would be for serious applications.

As Natural Magicians, such abilities have always been a reality, a constant state of being which one learns to identify, develop, and cooperate with. The Black Arts & Witch Crafts of birthright, the veritable Arts & Sciences of The Occult, that hidden from the commoner. Whether these necromancies or other sensibilities, all dimensions of Magic - that ever-pervasive Force known as SATAN. ∞

Ghostbusters [S1/E13]

Catch 22 - It is ironic that the energy being drained from the device in order to perhaps manifest renders it inoperable in order to record the anomaly.

I maintain that the majority of these cases are environmental impressions, imprinted by emotional expenditure and otherwise repetition while incarnate - a recording upon the atmosphere which can be perceived when atmospheric and environmental conditions are receptive, like approximate timing and elemental emanation in order to utilize the prevailing energies to visually or sonically project; in combination with a subtle perceiver as well as devices. Any possibility of spectral interaction is only possible with energy sources available, like electro-magnetic radiation or weather activity.

Reminds Me of arcane tales of gargoyles that can only "speak" when wind passes by their mouths, yet a semblance of that idea is considerable. Subtle impressions usually unperceivable by regular senses enhanced with elemental enervation which can be read by practiced sensers.

LaVey's fantastic idea of utilizing a theremin in the room which would react to some subtle atmospheric movement is both practical and mood-enhancng to create an even more conducive environment with inspired emotional expenditure; and the awareness of swaying cobwebs, candle flame fluctuations, animal reactions, and even wind chime resonance is useful. ∞


Penn & Teller's Bullshit! Exercise vs. Genetics

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I would agree with most of what is explained in this presentation for the major part, except for the fact that though Bodybuilding, one can veritably shape one's physique to preference, by adding bulk via heavier weight to one section, and lighter weight with more repetition to another portion, thus, shaping according to one's own sense of symmetry and aesthetics. Although psychological predispositions according to The Synthesizer Clock would remain in generalized proportions. Although through the process of personal evolution, most all may be modified to specification with determination and focus of Will. Ergo, overall, asserting Mind Over Matter, as it were, and transforming any perceived "weakness" into a strength.



The prestidigitator/illusionist 'Criss Angel' has recently come to My attention, and all hype and propaganda aside, I like his style. His stage performances are most impressive, with 'gothic' aesthetics and clever uses of lighting and costumes, like being within a veritable theatre of thrilling nightmares and enchanting dreams. Not since Penn & Teller and The Pendragons, has such a performer impressed Me for quite a long while, and his music is not that bad either. He pays homage to Houdini and is a credit to his profession; and we know that show-business is the realm of Satan.

I can't say much about his appearence on the street, looking more like a remnant from Motley Crue {particularly Tommy Lee}, but he fleeces and entertains the rubes well.

Also, I Am quite sure that he was strongly influenced by the film "Lord of Illusions", considering the illusionist character's show herein seems very much a replication of Angel's.