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The Champion

Once more, the primitive xian subculture attempts to replicate established secular franchises and add their own propaganda spin, in this holy-watered down Rocky.

Orlando Leone is a former professional boxer, preacher and hotel security guard. 3 antagonists herein:

1. 2 petty grubby drugpeddlers bullying a kid for their drugs and a firearm confiscated by police, while in the company of a rotten accomplice boy, both of whom were in the "employ" of the dregs as "lookouts" and thieves.*

Leone seeks to set him straight by introducing him to church, whereupon meeting his mother, a real looker, decides to get married, stat.

2. In an almost Cain vs Abel dynamic, his own brother, a boxing promoter who threatens to sell his church property if he doesn't fight another dimwit.

Funny thing is, they supposedly don't need an actual building to preach, but their own scriptures state that "service" can be held anywhere there are 2 or more people. But for some hypocritical reason, it just has to be that place! Thus {almost voluntarily} remaining being under the thumb of his oppressors.

He comes out of retirement but discovers he has brain damage from previous fights. Most all boxers develop permanent injuries and retardation. Despite warnings from the doctor, proceeds anyway.

A previous experience ignited this animosity upon breaking up a raucous party withe forthcoming opponent boxer in the hotel Leone was a security guard at.

3. The opponent "keshon". An obnoxious, wormlike, ill-tempered, low-intelligence loudmouth pugilist not as in shape as Leone.

Predictably, after being pummeled to the mat while "keshon" exploits his defective brain condition {even though instructed to take a fall}, Leone "resurrects" and finishes the match as victor.

Note the antagonists in these films tend to display pseudo-diabolical æsthetics & nomenclatures. Minimally, this character's head is shaved with a goatee, wears "hellfire" boxers, while the protagonist looks "normal" or common.

Leone's own mother is present, apparently quite content to watch her son get pounded into retardation or possible death.
* Legalize it, tax it, with the same rules applied with alcohol. Then let social darwinism sort 'em out!


Ungodly adornment

LaVey Legacy Unhallows Evil Baphomet

Friday the 13th possessions, high quality flexible casual garment, perfect ideological and physical fit. Subtle pinch at shoulder lending a pleasing pointed vest impression. 1x Larger order for muscular 13 o'clock trapezoidal frame accentuation. [3x wide shoulders, 2x torso]

𖤐 LaVEY LEGACY: Founding Black Pope, Dæmon of The Church. The iconic image from the reverse side of The Satanic Bible. Large full print.

🜏 UNHALLOWS EVIL: Hellevation memento Vivendi, and Helloween LV Hellmark, featuring evocative colorations upon this Harvest of diabolic pacts.

Overall, ideal for casual wear, beneath the suit, weightraining, general, and/or gi accompaniment.

Personality Synthesizer

Personality Synthesizer, The Satanic Witch, LaVey

The Count, Hellvis

Bela Lugosi undead! To this day I don't think I've ever seen the whole original movie in its entirety, even though I Am ironically a major vampire aficionado, being one Myself as well, of course, but My favorite Dracula portrayal to date is Bram Stoker's DRACULA by far, and the malefically magnificent presentations of Christopher Lee!*

I'd read the Marvel comics and serendipitously came into possession of the illustrated book series {there was even a Satanimation cartoon created for it!}, and was educated and entertained by the likes of Count Count. I was Dracula two years in a row for Halloween as well.

Went to see Love At First Bite with gomer at the drive-in, and tuned in on Dracula: Live From Transylvania, and of course, Dracula played by Frank Langella, as launched by the Cliffhanger series. Of course, the classically-influenced portrayal of Grandpa Munster remains an amusement. There was also a TV series. And The Dracula Tape by Saberhagen also remains a favorite.

Whereupon studying the legend became educated of the actual history of Vlad The Impaler, which enriched the characterization all the more. I would later possess a shirt displaying the classic woodcut.

At some point I of course heard the Bauhaus song, which only magnified My appreciation for the character, then The Electric Hellfire Club's version sealed it for Me!

Count Dracula would be a launching point towards a myriad of vampire-themed entertainments, including Dark Shadows, and eventual self-realization, upon discovering The Temple of The Vampire.

* The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Taste The Blood of Dracula, and Dracula, Prince of Darkness are favorites.

It was a sunny day as I was on My way home from Ryu dojo Karate, still wearing My gi, in the {Pontiac Sunbird} car with Ma when I heard the news come over the radio. I remember she being more shocked about it than I was, though I could still oddly feel a sense of loss & grief, probably through her and those speaking about it, to the tone of the reporter. But I never really got into his music, just a passing song here and there that I was familiar with.

Later I became familiar with songs Devil In Disguise {Misfits cover} and Devil With The Blue Dress on. Of course, Hellvis would eventually release a tribute album!


Rite of Oyama Kuji Kiri


Kuji Kiri Kanji"Kuji Kiri" refers to The "9 symbolic Cuts" made into ether, and can signify the outpouring of the chakra energy points. As The Pentagram itself represents The Hellements with Ether at the fifth point, and Flesh at the center, so Kuji-Kiri resonates with Ether, Magic. As Satanic Ninja coincide and utilize The Hellements in the evolving development as represented in the points, and mirrored in The Infernal Alignment, Shinobi utilize this meditation in preparation for a goal, focus, meditation, overall empowerment, and to keep the senses sharp. It has been slightly modified here to include Satanic aesthetics, references, & sensibilities.

Kuji Kiri is a recognition & application of the birthrights of activating, preserving, exercising, and enhancing intuition, super-sensory perception, stimulating Magical capabilities, and further levels of evolution. For The Satanic Sorcerer, it is intended as a tool to manifest nascent abilities of the Dark Side of The Psyche. Practicing this along with dedicated training in the Ninpo art is optimally recommended, and will provide a framework of inspirational resonance. The philosophy of Satanism is greatly complemented by this discipline.

It is recommended prospective practitioners first well acquaint oneself with Codex Satani, Dracomeroth, which may accompany this practice for reference & practice.

1. Rin - Strength of mind and body.
That achieved through The Infernal Alignment {Dracomeroth}
2. Kyo - Direction of energy.
That wielded by virtue of the practice of Magic. {Successful manifestation of Will}
3. Toh - Harmony with the universe.
In balance with One's animal nature and earthly outer nature. The Satan Force flows through & around one, as The Sorcerer is the conductor and empath thereof.
4. Sha - Healing of self and others.
Visualization and the generation of Chi projected onto affliction, causing favorable recuperation. Transference of malady onto deserving sacrifices also counts!
5. Kai - Premonition of danger.
In league with one's instincts to sense danger and practice caution with intelligence and following the course of logic; utilization of the Cause & Effect dynamics of /The Parallelogram Ethic/. In full adherence with intuition, which has led to favorable situations, and avoided negative ones. "Satan whispers".
6. Jin - Knowing the thoughts of others.
May include cold reading & reading the mark, practiced enough to enhance actual Telepathy. Sharing thought projections, instances of "knowing what you're thinking!"
7. Retsu - Mastery of time and space.
Apotheosis opens The Gates of Power, enhancing all Rites of Darkness. The practice of seemingly slowing & speeding time, apportation, astral travel lucid dreaming, teleportation, casting one's image, entering dreams, etc.
8. Zai - Control of the elements of nature.
Enviromancy. Calling forth weather & environmental conditions. Directing The Hellements.
9. Zen - Enlightenment.
Overall Luciferic Enlightenment, accomplished by virtue of all previous levels.

The following ceremony may be practiced as often as one feels the need to do so. As well as enhance the significance of each of the bell tones in Satanic Ritual.


  • Utilize either The Altar, or construct a separate Shrine. Shrine should contain a Sabbatic Baphomet statue, tapestry and/or Baphomet sigil thereupon in view. [see Dogym]
  • Unroll a {Pentagram - ideal} Carpet, rug before each. May include kneeler, or kneeling pillow, cushion.
  • Prepare Black Candle/s & Dragon's Blood incense burning thereupon. Both of which of course have been previously consecrated to The Four-Crown Princes of The Hellements.
  • Clothing: May don {Ninja - ideal} gi & tabi, or nude. Wear Baphomet sigil medallion and/or ring, or patch.
  • Option: Reserve ocha {tea; green ideal, but may be what is pleasing to the palet.
  • Music: Cultural music of either martial countenance or peaceful compositions.
  • Enter area facing sigil.
  • Bow with intercrossed Cornus, keeping eyes upon sigil.
  • Gesticulate Pentagram & Trapezoid with Left-hand Cornu towards sigil, creating The Doorway, which is 9. Pass thereunto.
  • Sit or kneel upon carpet.
  • Gesticulate Signum Pentaculum. Place Cornus of both hands upon knees, facing upwards in meditation position.
  • Sit quietly, meditating upon the black candles & Sigil, and otherwise specifically upon a desired goal and desire. When ready, clap cupped hands 9x. Continue.

In the name of Oyama! Akuma arise from the cavernous Pits of Yomi, and grant Me thy strength! I partake in Thy Mysteries! Here I dedicate the Kuji Kiri!
  • 1. Rin - Strength of mind and body.
  • 2. Kyo - Direction of energy.
  • 3. Toh - Harmony with the universe.
  • 4. Sha - Healing of self and others.
  • 5. Kai - Premonition of danger.
  • 6. Jin - Knowing the thoughts of others.
  • 7. Retsu - Mastery of time and space.
  • 8. Zai - Control of the elements of nature.
  • 9. Zen - Enlightenment.
{Drink ocha. Proclaim:}

OYAMA! Thy Strength is mine! Hail [one's name]! Hail Satan!

{Signum Pentaculum. Clap hands or ring bell 9x. Gesticulate Conjoined Cornus, bow maintaining eye contact with Baphomet sigil. One step in reverse. Exit area.}



Memento Vivendi: Blackthorne to Bloodfire


Oxiayala holado, od zodirome O coraxo das zodiladare raasyo. Od vabezodire cameliaxa od bahala: NIISO! salamanu telocahe! Casaremanu hoel-qo, od ti ta zod cahisa soba coremefa i ga. NIISA! bagile aberameji nonuçape. Zodacare eca od Zodameranu! odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe Saitan!

For Les Hernandez,

I have appreciated the sights and sounds of The Quintessentials since I became aware of their existence through sources within The Infernal Empire, and My appreciation grew when informed that I was mentioned in the 'Legends From The Grave' opus, to which I was graciously sent a complimentary copy, which is probably My favorite along with The Satanic Rites. I always thought they have a certain Misfits / Samhain vibe, combined with additional infernal subject matter we of The Church of Satan can appreciate with a sense of elevated perspective in our Occulture.

I included the title song in The Infernal Empire: Haunted Noctuary V.III podcast, and included a review of the musickal opus in My book Malefick Media.

As an amusing little side story, is that while partying at Zen Sushi as part of the 6/6/6 events in Los Angeles, someone going out for a smoke mistook Our names! It was quite amusing!

There is much to be said {and heard} that even though the Punk genre is not My primary concentration, I can appreciate this band right up there with the beast of My listening pleasure! It is the Satanic Sensibility that can be recognized and resonated with. It is also pleasing that he throws in a Black Metal song once in awhile!

It was also interesting to discover by the by that we happen to share many similar interests in aesthetics and horror fare, as a sort of unholy kindred 'soul', as it were. Mode of dress, carnal inclinations, sigilization, etc.

Interestingly enough, in one part separation, one of the styles I Am trained in is Kenpo-style Hawaiian Karate, taught to Me by a Japanese-Hawaiian instructor, which is a bit more fluid deriving from Shotokan. And by the way, I do enjoy pineapple on pizza! I've always been intrigued by The spirit of the islands since I've heard of them in various sources of study, finding these earthly Mana energies very real and worthy of respect.

The Satanist evilives One's life according to our dictates, serving one's purposes, ever Stronger! Through The Trapezoid into immortal Infernal Regions... SEE YOU IN HELL! Come forth, Thine Infernal Throne awaits!

Hail The Devil's Church! Hail Oneself! Hail SATAN!

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne

The mighty throne growled and there were five thunders that flew into the East. And the eagle spake and cried aloud: Come away from the house of death! And they gathered themselves together and became those of whom it measured, and they are the deathless ones who ride the whirlwinds. Come away! For I have prepared a place for you. Move therefore, and show yourselves! Unveil the mysteries of your creation. Be friendly unto me for I am your God, the true worshipper of the flesh that liveth forever!


The 'Kid' knows...

xmas kid

So the herd are bristling about sportsball - The return of The Rams to be exact, which reminds Me of this photograph taken with Satan Claws once upon a timelessness. I was in fact in Little League Football when this was taken, but I was moreso intrigued by the Ram head itself than anything. Almost like instinctively taking the sign of Satan unto oneself, like bearing The Mark on the forehead and over the heart! Of course, the image of The Ram, Goat, etc., would become a constant presence...

The Dodge Ram logo!

But being a simplistic spectator game and all, I subsequently quickly evolved beyond this useless preoccupation in favor of Martial Arts - the first dojo being Ryu Dojo Kenpo Karate, and beyond. Tae Kwon Do asserts the Fist is likened A ram's head when striking!

Also calls to mind the stained glass relief from the film The Devil's Rain... AMON - The Ram of the Sun, the moon, the stars... Baphomet! Mithras! The Goat of A Thousand Young. Moloch! Which I would also include both on the Helloween edition of The Devil's Diary XXX magazine and The Shadow Gallery Calendar LIV!

I would also eventually possess a horned skull ring from The House of Cutlery in the West Covina Mall. All representing The Devil. Power & Force!