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SatanMe Hellbox, Mascots of Evil

SatanMe Hellbox
  • Midnight series Pentabolt: Dark gray variation dark enough to appear black, for a black on black effect! Coloration represents The Black Flame Animus & The flames of Hell, The Power of Will, and Lucifer's rebellious strength!
  • Silver Pentabolt with black bolt: Highly reflective silver pentagram with black lightning bolt design representing The Black Flame.
  • Touch of The Devil 3D Blackomet {polished black}: Behold The face of Satan! Emerging into the 3rd dimension, likened a monstrance effect - Satan emergent! Dimensions revealed in flickering candlelight with facial characteristics manifest. Ideal for Workings.
  • Black Sulfur sigil: Truly taking root in the bowels of The Black Earth, hellements of earth & fire & brimstone! Sabbatic Baphomet seated upon infernal throne, extending into the angles; infinity & totality in perpetual regeneration.
  • Satanic Bible Baphomet stickers {magenta on black, like the cover of The Satanic Bible}
  • Hellographic Baphomet stickers: Demonstrates kaleidoscopic effect upon oscillation. Opalescent to represent the varying perspectives and dimensions within the sublime darkness that is Satanism.
  • The Secret Life of A Satanist book: Additional material and photography, appendices, to complement the original. Always a pleasure to reread and peruse into the night.
  • Red on Blackground Baphomet banner: Heavy material with silken sheen, deep red blends into the gloom. perfect complement for any diabolical Altar.
  • Satanic Bible LaVey poster print {red wash; perfect for The founder & High Priest, the iconographic image from the back of The Satanic Bible}.
Mascots of Evil

Mascots of Evil

Supplementing The Mascots of Evil collection with these recent forgings from The Abyss {to accompany ϟLAYERMercyful Fate King Diamond]. Each serves to enhance the atmosphere and increase the innate overall psychodramatic nefarious energy of one's Satanic environment! Like a combination Lock principality of Hell!
The concept of resonant effigies, thoughtform possession permeate these ancient Sorcery secrets unto themselves, and for our kind are instinctual and empowering!
Each are comprised with Kennermatic composition for desired arrangements.

  • The very wicked Magna Satan from VENOM Black Metal {inspired by cover 1 from Man, Myth, & Magic: Illustrated Encyclopedia of The Supernatural} remains one of the most unholy & diabolically pure presentations of the archetype. Decided to compleat His look by adding a cloak AND gauntlets, even a Staff of Power! And it really came out quite well! After all, just observing the EviLive In '85 performance, one detects Him wearing a hood on what could be a cloak, so it has been replicated.
  • To accompany the MERCYFUL FATE into KING DIAMOND personification, the tophat version circa Voodoo and beyond complements perfectly. With the visage of a demonic rictus, He carries Lucifer's Lantern of undefiled wisdom, guiding him through the secrets of The Occult, and the lambent haunted halls of The Mansion to encounter the next horror!
  • The Beast Devil from IRON MAIDEN Number of The Beast album, also remains a most remarkable demonstration of an infernal mask of Satan!
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Helloween Questionnaire


have you ever seen a psychic? I see a shoppe here and there, though still with the guilt-ridden angels and such, and ads on cards with blindlight terminology, like stinkin' goodguy badges. Probably the last most interesting one I ever saw is Walter Mercado on TV - in which one of his Halloween shows displayed scenes of Church of Satan rituals from within The Black House.
But really, never had to pay for one, no. As I Am My own 'psychic', thus being a born Warlock, being part of the oracular birthright. I read The Ouija {even created 3 versions of My own Satan's Ouija "Shadowmancy Board"}; Tarot {Began with the basic Rider-Waite deck, then found the perfect one for Me - Satan's Tarot!}; & Runes {also created 'The Satanic Runes', based upon Satanic symbology}.
Other aesthetically-appealing cards are Deviant Moon, Dragon, Giger, & Halloween.
do you believe in heaven? As a state of being and possible etheric dimension thoughtform projection. It is merely a term for what one finds most pleasurable in activities to aesthetics and environment, thusly mirrored in a preferred created earthly dimension, which can serve as a microcosm.
black cat
favorite urban legend? The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon, DeviLake, Devil's Gate, & 666 Bloodthorn Manor {Hellhouse 13}. Otherwise Sasquatch, veritably Belial of The Woods {6 letters, hexagram 🔯}; Pan/Dionysus, 'Greenman', The Beast 666 whose demonic roars and howls are heard upon the night gaunts; Baphomet. Daemon Brother of The Black Earth! At one with Nature, superior strength & resourcefulness.
are you superstitious? No, but I have utilized certain folk psychodramas to stimulate the emotions for optimum mental psychic Magical output, thusly transforming anything that would be hindering into Psychologically & Magically enhancing traditions. Recognizing Magical significance in the practical as well as the paranormal.
have you ever had a paranormal experience? Absolutely, all the time. These are chronologued in The Black Book of Shadows & Tales From The Shadow Side.
strangest dream (or nightmare) you’ve had? Probably the ones that materialize by Oneiromancy; like the mammoth wave cresting o'er the NYC skyline later recognized as symbolic of the 9/11 events; and the persistent visions of visiting a gradeschool-like environment, similar to subsequent locations.
do you believe in aliens? I Am inclined to believe. There was once a gigantic craft hovering over Myself and acquaintances at the time in the woodland natural environment of Turnbull Canyon {which inspired the poem "Black Noise" from The Legend of Haunted Devil's Canyon}.
Though the universe is so vast that the chances of other life on some other habitable planet is more probably than not. Microscopic life has already been found, so it is only a matter of time until more developed lifeforms are located, which perhaps may already be the case since the 50's! With hybrids kept in hidden installations throughout the southwestern desert, with some of the hills and surrounding land near military installations being artificial to support subterranean facilities.
what fictional character scares you most? Nothing really scares Me per se, considering I AM The Author of Fear & Nightmares! But I will make a consensus for the pathetic nazarene for the most pitifully disgusting!
do you believe in haunted objects? Indubitably so. Most all objects that I own are infernally consecrated unto The Hellements, as per their particular purposes; it may be stated forever "Cursed" for whomever should not possess them. Haunted by 'ghosts'? It may be. Possessed by 'Demons'? Most likely so.
Another example: I have 2 CPK 'children' who are more or less homunculi for My purposes, and reflect certain traits and dispositions, characteristics and personality traits of which they have been infused. There may be considered vessels expressing one's dracling in an externalized sense, whereupon interacting with these veritable encapsulated egregores, tulpas.
This has always tended to be the case with all of My toys, which have always been mostly monsters, demons, action figures, playsets, etc., which I referred to as My "Empire".
do you believe in magic? Absolutely, I Am made of Magic- the most Powerful, deepest, Magic. I AM MAGIC.
do you believe any conspiracy theories? if so, which ones? Most are manufactured to direct the herd towards particular agendas and fabricated concerns for profit. The psychological manipulation of the populace through fear, allure, and misinformation. While there would be a certain segment of truth in some of these allegations, some issues are best kept secret for national defense / security, while others are pointless to divulge, whereas perhaps 1% may be directly harmful to the masses, but which is less often the case.
The Satanic Panic was a most stimulating hysteria in a horror genre sense, and being that I resonate with the horror genre, along with the Gothic, and much of the heavy, atmospheric 'Malefick Musick' stemming from that, as well as prior multimedia productions influencing and motivating it, it was amusing, enjoyable, even empowering to Me. Of course, being an actual Satanist in this societal atmosphere was enhancing.
favorite horror movie? I'd have to say Rawhead Rex at the moment, though 'favorites' tend to variate. Plus much of the 'horror' movies are moreso gothic thrillers or slasher films with some dark Satanic aesthetics {the latter I would consider "gorror", which tend to be sans the dark psychological element}.
full moon
do you believe in reincarnation? There can be a possibility for those whose Ego & Force of Will transcend the grave; as well as perhaps upon those in whom one has placed great deals of importance & synergy, in an abundance of lifeforce that may be self-replicating, to transfer into a similar & receptive vessel.
are you afraid of death? Not as such. I have actually aligned Myself with this energy for personal dispensation. Magic, Will, Lifeforce, Strength-engendering activities, and perhaps whatever replications Science may be able to provide to enhance this Vitae Omnipotens are the stepping stones of Immortality. And the archetype of Satan & Dracula are the perfect icons to embody.
do you believe in ghosts? Yes, as energetic environmental impressions replicating a certain emotionally-charged event under similar & conducive conditions, as well as possibly interactive resonance remaining within this dimensional sphere for personal, selfish reasons. TO HAUNT, POSSESS, or RAVISH.
last horror move that you’ve watched? The Devil's Daughter/The Initiation of Sarah, Evilspeak.
what is your biggest fear? Losing cherished objects.
crystal ball
when is a time you got caught? Whenever it was stimulating to do so, otherwise I don't.
have you had any near-death experiences? The first one I can think of was related to Me by Dracovum of when a babysitter tried to drown Me in the tub, as I had apparently done or said said something so evil or terrible to freak them out to that point {I'm thinking it may have been speaking in a deep demonic voice about perversion perhaps, cruelty, or maybe blasphemy; accompanied with maniacal laughter}. Another was an automobile collision which rendered darkness; there was some other time I recall almost drowning in a waterslide pool; and of course, being stabbed multiple times and passing out - Dracovum perceived that one in a dream.
favorite fairytale? The one in which the Villain wins and gets the girl, as well as all other fair maidens of The Kingdom He desires! But Also, I'll have to go with LEGEND {although very Jungian significant of personality traits & even embodiments}, Willow, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter series, et al.
have you ever played with a ouija board? Absolutely, and they make wonderful decoration as well, so long as they are employed responsibly. Again, I created three Satanic "Shadowmancy board" versions of My own, as well as a Pendulum board called "The Omniboard".
favorite poem? MINE. Satanic Serenades.

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Hell Gate

September of Thammuz

Thammuz Septagram

  • September {Sept: 7; Roman Calendar} is ascribed to goDaemon Thammuz* {AKA, Dumuzid}, consort of Ishtar** {Inanna}.
  • Name 'hammuz' comprised of seven letters.
  • Indicative of the seven days of the week.
  • Quadram/Thammuz may be blasphemously represented in the inverse cross, as it predates xianity, yet was plagiarized by the xian cult, as were parts of the mytheology. Also corresponds to the Egyptian Ankh.
  • Son of Nimrod & Semiramis, born on December 25th. Characterized by Regeneration, rebirth, indicated in the infinity symbol of the Brimstone/Sulfur symbol. {Conjoined: Ascending central pillar indicative of Fertility, Baphomet in totality}.

    * The Satanic Bible, Infernal Names: "Sumerian god who later was relegated to devildom." / Goetia: "Ambassador to Hell, able to die & return from The Underworld, a symbol of rebirth & mourning; inspires torture." / "Ambassador to Spain from Hell" / "God of Vegetation, food, & fertility": Goatis!
    ** The Satanic Bible, Infernal Names: Babylonian Goddess of Fertility.

  • Shadowmancer

    Go take a short jump onto Bandini Mountain!

    Finally found this commercial after since forever. It has always remained memorable for the idea of a huge mound of manure, which reminds Me of Yucka Mountain, which itself is comprised of radioactive waste materials, wherein the whole nation dumps nuclear trash. To Me, it is significant of someone tossing themselves out the window after crapping on the floor; or just basically flushing themselves into non-existence. Skiing or surfing Bandini mountain, as it were.

    [Press & scroll down for soundfile]
    Pox: "Why not turn everything into garbage, a big, towering mountain of slop, wouldn't that be magic?"

    Now, the only evocative commercial to surface is the one in which a character utters "Ding Dangit!"

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    Serpents' Return

    Originally posted by dblackthorne at Serpents' Return


    While simpletons would regard the legend as literal, the chasing serpents out of the emerald isle story is merely a metaphor for driving paganism out of the land and establishing christianity as theocracy, via typical crusadering tactics of torture and genocide. It is high time the "Snakes" chase them out!

    It has since morphed into just another secular hallmark 'holiday' with goofy cartoon characters, yet another excuse for inebriation, green beer, & leprechauns. In which case, perhaps Irish drinking songs & limericks should be sung & read in honor of Lust & Greed, with sumptuous meals of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.

    LubdanThe tri-leafed clover may be attributed to 666, representing The Beast in man, at one with inner & outer nature combined. The four-leafed clover may represent the Four infernal Hellements of Nature in Fire {Satan}, Earth/Wood {Belial}, Water {Leviathan}, Air/Fog/Wind {Lucifer}.

    Leprechauns are mischievous creatures like Puck & Pwcca, children of Belial, the Nature people of the wood, wielding power to influence the mind and cast illusions upon the commoner. Good fortune is said to be had if encountered, in a respectful and cooperative dynamic, wishes of wealth may be granted. Otherwise, a test may be initiated, with dire consequences to the unworthy. Lest thee lose thyself in the labyrinth, become ensnared in a vicious trap, and/or be dragged to a watery grave.

    As a matter of fact, observing infernal artistry the likes of Dore, Bosche, Dürer. Barlowe, Bruegel, and others, one can detect Pagan influences therein, with various demons resembling traditional legends. Such projected Daemons move freely between the Netherealms of the shadows of The Black Earth & The Infernal Kingdom.

    Why March 17th?

    Besides being a likely attempted diversion {like xmas, easter} of vernal observations, the only relevance is Bishop Patrick's deathday, with the Spring Equinox emerging a few days hence, which is the true focus for carnal revels. Earthly blossoming invigoration, maidens & fleshly awakenings. However, this may be recognized as a transitional evolution from former judeo-christian indoctrination unto the return of natural purity.

    If anything, folktales of nature elementals & Hellementals should be the focus of this day through to Equinox & beyond, the celebration & restoration of pagan culture, and the driving out of blindlight influence. Fearsome Elemental daemons all in this realm like seductive & lulling Fauns & satyrs, nymphs & dryads, incubi & succubi, sirens, mermaids, deadly gnomes, sylphs, undines, trolls, goblins, gremlins, cryptids, etc.*, as reflective in The Four-Crown Princes of Hell. Projection, reflection, vibration, resonance.

    Why Green?

    "...there's an earth that's green, there's an earth that's free..." - Hymn of The Satanic Empire, Magus LaVey.

    For the burgeoning fertility of verdant nature, and the welcoming of Season Leviathan, the increasingly pluvious months, as well as acknowledging the true history, and continuance of secular pursuits.

    * See Dracomeroth; Blackthorne.

    Some relevant film series featuring various myths & legends.

    • Legend
    • Labyrinth
    • The Dark Crystal
    • Lord of The Rings
    • Clash of The Titans
    • Conan
    • Dragonslayer
    • Rawhead Rex
    • Leprechaun
    • Troll
    • Willow
    • The Gate
    • Ghoulies
    • Harry Potter
    • The Last Unicorn
    • The Last Leprechaun
    • Leapin' Leprechauns!

    *Related: $t. Patrick's Day.


    She's a pip!

    "I am Pippi Longstocking. If you say it fast it's funny. Pippi Pippi Longstocking, how I love my happy name. I'm only nine. I always live alone, inside my Papa's house, until he comes back home, from far off somewhere. I have special friends of course: a monkey and a horse. They share in my adventures too..."

    The character of Pippi Longstocking created by Astrid Lindgren is quite a Satanic character in the sense that she is fiercely independent, unconventional yet practical, overall eccentric, imaginative, consistently displaying ingenuity, even athleticism, with a compassion for four-legged animals, whom she treats as friends, who along with Annika and Tommy, enjoy the total environment mansion of Villa Villekulla.

    She's also quite the autodidact, learning mostly from experience and uncommon sense. In addition, it is also interesting that the chronological numerage happens to be "9". Could you suppose those braids are actually horns in disguise?

    It has been posited that Pippi is a veritable pwcca, likened a Puck, a sprite, considering her inhuman strength - a Magical creature to be sure. Overall, an inspirational figure to never lose or let slack that inherent Magic within.