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Dractionary: Falloween


1. When Halloween decorations begin permeating society, usually beginning about September 1st, continuing through Halloween until Winter Solstice. Varies according to weather & environment. 2. The enchanting onset of the Autumn season. Cooler climes, brown, orange, red hues. 3. In certain senses, the Macrocosmic reflection of the Lair.


Petrichor Potpourri


Petrichor: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Bringing some of the outside in! Cherish the scent of moist earth and rain? Granting an effervescent evocation. Amazing things happen when the hellements combine.

Taking a bag with you, whereupon during Nocturnal / Duskening / Overcast Dæmonbulacrum to acquire a couple handfuls of autumn leaves placed therein {location optional}, and make One's way back to The House to deposit a couple larger ones on the altar, and smaller ones upon the floor, for an accentuation of æsthetic environment.

Lightly irrigate the contents to diminish the brittle effect, hydrating the leaves and earth. Shake it up. The result is essentially petrichor in a bag! It has become a veritable earthen bouquet that is quite fragrant. Could be any time of year.

Would make a perfect addition to any room placed in a smaller aerated bag, within a basket, skullbowl or any hellegant, novelty, morbid receptacle. Keep in mind that it will be moist, so place necessary paper towels, napkins underneath as needed.

winged skull, vampire, predator

Witchy Æsthetic Asks

Herb garden
if you could grow anything from a seed, what would it be?
House cat
if you had a familiar, what animal would it be?
Serpent. have had several. Otherwise, demonic dogs, cats, even spiders.
Worry stone
what do you do when you're anxious?
Ritualize if necessary. Otherwise take care of the problem ASAP through practical, albeit often unconventional means.
Silver rings
are you a collector? If so, what do you collect?
All manner of Occult and horror related arcana multimedia. Action figures, three-dimensional darketypal representations.
are you a good liar?
Lavender tea
what do you think of gossip?
A crutch of the weak. Petty uneducated "opinions" based on ignorance, presumptuous, insecure emotional reactions. Small-minded cretins with nothing better to do.
Beeswax candle
have you ever been stung by a bee? How did it happen, if so?
Yes. Was taking a drink of soda during lunchtime at VCHS when a bee had entered therein, stinging My inner lip. Spat it out immediately, did not hurt at all, and continued business as usual.
if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be right now?
European Mansion, castle, chateau.
Heeled boots
does your height match the way you see yourself?
More or less.
Bottle vase
what is your favourite flower, and why?
Dracondia. Named after The Dragon, with darkly gothic coloration, and a scent that attracts meals to its leaves.
which planet or star feels like yours? (just go with it)
Earth, moon, and Pluto.
Garden snakes
What's something other people are afraid of that you are not?
Wide-brimmed hat
is there a perfect item of clothing you've been scouring for?
VENOM Welcome To Hell/Black Metal, BATHORY, Levi Sabbatic Baphomet, shall be mine again!
Sea glass
have you ever found something amazing?
Certain vistas, Magical responses, progression of thought manifestation, multiple orgasms.
Painted gourd
what is your favourite thing you've ever made?
My books primarily, then the arts & crafts of Satan's Ouija, The Satanic Runes. I made a sawblade flail.
Leather journal
how do you document your memories?
Diary herein for the most part, then secret entries in My Black Book of Shadows.
Pocketed dress
is there something you take with you everywhere? If not, is there something you wish you could take with you everywhere?
Pendants, rings, Satanic Rosary, Satanic Bible.
Star charts
how often do you think about the future? Are you a planner or do you wing it?
From time to time, especially those on My "to do" list. Planned when ritualized, otherwise let synchronicity flow.

/,,/ eclectic-halloween-witch > vagueenthusiast

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Baphomet Enthroned

Baphomet Enthroned

Flowing downwards...

Sabbatic Baphomet sits imperiously upon earthen throne as fog creeps along crack & crevasse, a bestial Belialian presentation, providing fumigation for The Chamber while enhancing the mystical, psychodramatic effect. If you enjoy the fog effect to accompany your rites, this combines the two nicely.

Reminiscent of Infernal Majesty, Makes a hellegant statue for total environment adornment. Necessitates its own 'backflow' cones, more appropriately referred to as downflow [🜏], which are encased and contain a hole on the bottom, releasing the oil into the likened opening upon the base, to provide that stimulating fog effect.
🜏 Diabolus {Greek}: Flowing downwards. {Satanic Bible}
Merriam-Webster Dictionary: downward flow or something that flows down; especially : a downward flowing current of air.

Coat of Arms

Satan triumphant, The Devil's Rain Hellbox, Baphomet goblet

Antichrist sculpture
Ebros Gifts | stone grey resin | 12.25" tall, 8" wide, 2.25" deep

AntichristSATAN Victorious! This detailed sculpture signifies The Antichrist. Contrast & Compare to THE ANTICHRIST, Lucifer emergent upon the inverse cross, as a statement of the transitional emergence of The Satanic Age, which is well upon us now. Makes a hellegant addition to any Satanic Lair, as a statement if anti-stupidity, repression, weakness, and a stimulating blasphemous evocation! Inverse cross also resembles an upthrust sword of defiance, like the Horns of Satan, for liberation & independence, self-deism and determination. Strength from within.

Sabbatic Baphomet dæmonstrates The All-One, As Above / So Below, combined polarities to represent the 3rd side, center prong upon the barb of Hell! Carnal 666 of The humanimal/Satanimal Beast on the lower extensions, with 9 arising central. COAGULA / SOLVE, Binding/loosing, forming The will to reality, Is-To-Be, releasing upon ether unto MANIFESTATION. /Thought+Action=Result/. Hellflame of destruction & creation. Breasts of fertility & Lust.

Devil's Rain Baphomet Hellbox
Ebros Gifts | 3.75" long, 3.75" wide, 4.5" tall

Devils Rain HellboxIntended as an incenser, with abyssal smoke proceeding from the hellmouth, it can also be used as a keepsake or 'witchbox' if so desired. Perfect for preserving amulets & talismans, sigils, photos, names, relics, etc.

Looks very similar to the soulkeeper from the film The Devil's Rain {LaVey as technical advisor} sans hooves, which can be added with some improvisation. High aesthetics with serpent encircling 'round, skulls, hellfire, and a carven sigil of Baphomet displayed. Wonderful decor for The Altar of infernal secrets.

Baphomet goblet
Bruder Des Licht

Baphomet gobletAn ideal artpiece for The Ritual Chamber, featuring the Levi Baphomet head presenting a veritable Omnigram effect, itself dæmonstrating the proper inverse pentagram of its innate constitution, accompanied by the Vetruvian pentacle, both asserting the phi-ratio in nature, and the humanimal beast. Placed together, dual polarities in one whole, ergo, Magic used to help or hinder as appropriate.

Horn stem, pentagram base, stainless steel inner cup, highly detailed, heavy duty, wonderfully ornate, sure to enhance psychodramatic rites and accentuate total environments. Mug also available for more casual indulgence.



ASP Apparel

Seems like this may be one of the last orders since it has been 'deplatformed', due to what has been termed by the pusillanimous webhosts as "hateful speech" because of a Valknut △△△‽ Nonsense!

It seems they are ignorantly associating the ancient pagan symbol with the lamebrain antics of racists, who probably don't even know its origins themselves! It may not be antagonistically racist, just a prideful acknowledgement of ancestry. But the stupid, nomatter the race, are detrimental to their culture by acting brutishly confrontational, uneducated and uncivilized.

The etymology and historicity of symbols must be preserved, not warped, appropriated, or taken out of context by simpletons. The aim is the upwards evolution of the mind through education and productive application.

To Me, it could also represent 666, ▼▼▼, unholy trinity {inverted stanchion towards Hell}, as well as Belial {The Beast} for its resemblance to mountains, and travel. It has been posited that it may be symbolic of Odin placing confusion in battle, tying the mind in knots, which would be useful in ritual work to bind an enemy. Also representative of Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life.

2 pennants demonstrating the inverse cross {besides antixian blasphemy, could also represent the 4 Crown Princes of Hell / Hellements, seasons}, and Pentabolt, both now flanking the Giger Baphomet poster. Adds a much more appropriate hellegant hellement herein, for one's total environment.
Infernal Majesty: Red woven pentagram tapestry on black cloth for the bed heading, for an imperial impression.
2 replacement shirts demonstrating THE DEN OF INIQUITY & WE ARE LEGION sentiments. The former ones had torn and faded, even though the fading effect is impressive as well!

  • {As a most devilishly delightful surprise, a complementary Pentabolt pin was included as well! Much appreciated!}

    /,,/ Tip of the Horns: The respectable proprietor maintained honor throughout. May this stygian resource arise again stronger than ever!

    Bruder Des Licht ⸸ color: bone

    The bonewhite skullbowl from Bruder Des Lichts arrived today. The interior is smooth, except for a minor defect gauge on one part inside, but it doesn't leak or chip. It's more or less about the same size as the other one, but actually smoothly concave like a bowl should be, while the other one seems more like decor.

    Whether used for meals, not too hot or cold, storage of certain unholy items, or even a trick or treat candy bowl or catchall, doing so in this morbid receptacle adds to one's environment for literal and symbolic feasting.

  • winged skull, vampire, predator


    P O S S E S S I O N S


    Foremoshop | deep color

    skullbowlThere's nothing quite like eating from the skull of your enemies, and you can name it whomever you wish at the time...

    A bit Smaller than I thought it would be, and the "deep" color which looks brown in the photo, is actually more of an orange-amber, like a Halloween shade, with deep bloodred eyes. The inside rim is a little flaky, though unnoticeable otherwise. Not recommended for food, but decorative, ideal as a catchall and/or basket, storage of jewelry, phone, keys, wrapped candies {even for trick or treaters}, dry ice or burning, preparatory for cursing parchments. Plus, these can always be imbued with certain energy resonance for imprecation radiation.

    Takes about a month to arrive, due to quarantine procedures. Good detail, ceramic-like material, also available in white. [4/5]

    King Diamond
    winged skull, vampire, predator



    A perfect replica of the mighty & evil Dæmon God statue, used in the film THE EXORCIST, now pedestaled upon the HELLRAISER box on the table beside Me. It looks and feels like stone, with every detail clearly evident, from the erection to the serpent, to the Baphomet gesticulation. It also thus behooves one to acquire a Ouija board placemat for further accentuation.

    I have had a very potent cooperation with this Dæmonic egregore. I have always admired the figure, but it wasn't until fairly recently when I really made a connection thereunto, wherein He was summoned to punish certain wastrels, thus gathering up energy and momentum, feeding until further purpose, accessing that energy with justified recourse to punish the teeming masses who would torture undeserving creatures. Thus combined with Camazotz, the patron of the winged creatures of the underworld to bring about plague, which has decimated worthless subhuman lifeforms en masse.

    In Nomine Luciferi, PAZUZU, Demon of the Hell Winds, brother to Humwawa, thou directeth plague & drought under Thy Power, thou spinneth in the whirling zephyrs, Thou comest amassed in burning clouds, and devours the rotten under direction of diabolic justice!

    Hail Pazuzu! Hail Camazotz! Hail Satan!


    SatanMe Hellbox, Mascots of Evil

    SatanMe Hellbox
    • Midnight series Pentabolt: Dark gray variation dark enough to appear black, for a black on black effect! Coloration represents The Black Flame Animus & The flames of Hell, The Power of Will, and Lucifer's rebellious strength!
    • Silver Pentabolt with black bolt: Highly reflective silver pentagram with black lightning bolt design representing The Black Flame.
    • Touch of The Devil 3D Blackomet {polished black}: Behold The face of Satan! Emerging into the 3rd dimension, likened a monstrance effect - Satan emergent! Dimensions revealed in flickering candlelight with facial characteristics manifest. Ideal for Workings.
    • Black Sulfur sigil: Truly taking root in the bowels of The Black Earth, hellements of earth & fire & brimstone! Sabbatic Baphomet seated upon infernal throne, extending into the angles; infinity & totality in perpetual regeneration.
    • Satanic Bible Baphomet stickers {magenta on black, like the cover of The Satanic Bible}
    • Hellographic Baphomet stickers: Demonstrates kaleidoscopic effect upon oscillation. Opalescent to represent the varying perspectives and dimensions within the sublime darkness that is Satanism.
    • The Secret Life of A Satanist book: Additional material and photography, appendices, to complement the original. Always a pleasure to reread and peruse into the night.
    • Red on Blackground Baphomet banner: Heavy material with silken sheen, deep red blends into the gloom. perfect complement for any diabolical Altar.
    • Satanic Bible LaVey poster print {red wash; perfect for The founder & High Priest, the iconographic image from the back of The Satanic Bible}.
    Mascots of Evil

    Mascots of Evil

    Supplementing The Mascots of Evil collection with these recent forgings from The Abyss {to accompany ϟLAYERMercyful Fate King Diamond]. Each serves to enhance the atmosphere and increase the innate overall psychodramatic nefarious energy of one's Satanic environment! Like a combination Lock principality of Hell!
    The concept of resonant effigies, thoughtform possession permeate these ancient Sorcery secrets unto themselves, and for our kind are instinctual and empowering!
    Each are comprised with Kennermatic composition for desired arrangements.

    • The very wicked Magna Satan from VENOM Black Metal {inspired by cover 1 from Man, Myth, & Magic: Illustrated Encyclopedia of The Supernatural} remains one of the most unholy & diabolically pure presentations of the archetype. Decided to compleat His look by adding a cloak AND gauntlets, even a Staff of Power! And it really came out quite well! After all, just observing the EviLive In '85 performance, one detects Him wearing a hood on what could be a cloak, so it has been replicated.
    • To accompany the MERCYFUL FATE into KING DIAMOND personification, the tophat version circa Voodoo and beyond complements perfectly. With the visage of a demonic rictus, He carries Lucifer's Lantern of undefiled wisdom, guiding him through the secrets of The Occult, and the lambent haunted halls of The Mansion to encounter the next horror!
    • The Beast Devil from IRON MAIDEN Number of The Beast album, also remains a most remarkable demonstration of an infernal mask of Satan!