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Howling Winds, through Hellmouth rise
Icicle fangs, hearth glowing eyes
Melting snow, a whip of flame
Hoofbeats from The Pit, torches light the way

Scraping claws, gaping jaws
Serpentine probing tongues
Savor the carnage faire
Bloodthorns lashing deep

Bucranium Staves pound the earth
Demon shades lurching forth
Crown of Horns arching high
From Krampusnacht they ride

Ornaments shattered
Trees ignite the pyre
Church mangers & temples ablaze
kindling nazarene, kringle chained
Chaotic Krampus Fyre!

Venison sacrifice, skeletal remains
Feast of The Beast, Solstice Sabbath beckons
Nativity Offering, Black Mass eve/il
Mithras! Horus! Dionysis!
Follow the Lucifer star!

Shadowy demonic forms quake through the snowy wilderness, their black reflections stretching forth across the land by the flickering of hellfire burning atop staffs with skulls crowning. They emerge to cause chaos and rampage from nightmare fane, immolating herdmas decorations in their wake. These avengers from Hell take their sacrifices to consume as they may. They have come forth upon Krampusnacht and have celebrated upon The Solstice Sabbath, now to destroy the nazarene's foul denizens as part of the Black Mass. Demon's Night upon the eve. Let the hellfires burn!


Krampusnacht harvest

By howling demon winds, with hellfire torches burning fiercely through the night, hooves quake earth and rattling chains, so emerged brother Krampus in fearsome shadow of arching horns, and bristling black thorns dripping with scarlet rivulet tracing to The Abyss, a bountiful blackened cornucopia bestowed of devilish delights!

A cordial letter written by clawed hand in nubile crimson arcane script, displaying the Krampus gargoyle himself!

You're still tops on the naughty list!


Malefick Musick
The grande doors are opened to the Halloween & Solstice seasons, from scurrying and twirling leaves singed with abyssal flame, to the first early snowfall, Hellegantly presented here are the musickal keys unlocking the shadows of the mind...

    The Haunted Symphony Ebonshire

  • The Haunted Symphony: Resounding through the night within lambent hallways of this ghostly manse reflecting spectres & reverberations of instrumental passion, The Haunted Symphony echoes forever. My favorite orchestrations herein are Touch of Evil and Bloodstained Legacy.
  • Ebonshire: Enchanting yuletide opus to complement Winter's Knight, Majesty, Eve. Perfect Winter accompaniment throughout. Forgotten treasures emerge 'neath snow-laden crypts to haunt the mind, notes deftly floating through the air as so many snowflakes unique in countenance.
Ghoulish Games...
  • The Cabinets of Dr. Arcana to accompany Theater of Illusions: A walk into the illusions of The Magic Castle, to nestle into a shadowy velvet-curtained dimension, upon an ornate table, puzzle game accompanied by the arcanum amulet {a highly detailed work of occultic art}, to summon those darksome muses from deep within the psyche. The Mysterium contains the shadowmirror to reveal the mysteries of boundless potentials, the darkside within.
Nocturnal Visions
    Born of The Night
  • Born of The Night: The Gothic Fantasy Artwork of Joseph Vargo {9"x12" paperback; 184 pages; 140 Color, grayscale}: Accompanied with descriptions, Hellegant pictorial filled with ideal ornamentation for the Coffintable, adorning one's library, even walls, properly framed if one so chooses to collect the posters option as well; compiled herein this compendium of delighfully dreadful spectacle into gothic realms reflecting dreams and nightmares sublime. Whence one has originated, resides perpetually, and shall ever exist, as you can feel it right down into the black bones. Whether enjoyed in darkened chambred by candlelight by oneelf and one's inner daemons, or by invitation to those who dare traverse this gothic universe in tandem, an adventure into a subterranean labyrinth of timeless treasures.
Enter The Fortune Teller's tent...
Hell Gate

Krampus Helloyule tree

Krampus Tree

I enjoy the scent of Bosque Cashmere {perhaps reminiscient of the Basque} & Apple SinAmon*, whether spray or oil. Very woodsy and unhallowday evocative, contributing to the decorative hellements herein, such as the Krampus Yuletree recently erected {in anticipation of Krampusnacht & the Winter Solstice Sabbath}, complete with asserted phallic significance {note the positioning of the Drac-o'lanterns & ascending center trunk}, so far added with Darth Vader ornament, red inverse crosses, spiked eyeball, a Wonder Woman warrior, lustfully comical sexy leglamp, a couple of snowflakes, and the Pentagram Lucifer Star crowning. The tree itself features fiber kaleidoscoptic lights transitioning in a pleasing opalescent presentation.

  • For what is xmas but herdmas, but businesses {religions included} profiting from the gullibull herd, placing them in debt that they slave away to pay for the rest of the year?
  • There is a reason Santa is an anagram for SATAN. Besides being a welcomed alternative to the filthy & absurd nazarene manger myth, Satan Claus {Krampus} represents indulgence and opulence, fertility, bounty, and Winter harvest feasting. All of the so-called "sins" enjoyed aplenty!

~ Mr. Hellvedere

*both patent number D666 - check the can!

Current Film: Santa Claus | The Unwrapping of xmas


New Year eviLIVe


Year of Satan LIV belongs to Us, as in EVILIVE*, as it was has always been, is, and ever shall be! The sacrifices have been terminated, while the rotten continue to suffer, to our great pleasure, as we feast upon well-wrought banquets that shall sustain us throughout the winter unto the renewal of Nature sublime. May our chosen libations, confections, fumigations, erotica, and all pleasures of the flesh in which we continue to partake be plentiful!

Growing in Power & Wisdom on all levels of being, ascending and empowering The Infernal Alignment within ourselves, reflecting upon accomplishment and victorious exploits, accumulating more Power unending!

EVILIVE sumptuously, take that which tempts whenever you can, and 'sin' well! Joy to the flesh forever! The Beast is yet to come!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire, The Black Earth
'New Year's' EviLIVe

*"...'Evil' we are! Why not take advantage of it and live!" {'evil' reversed; The Satanic Bible}.
**Other religions & countries: This time, as it varies, Jews celebrate "Rosh Hashanah" new year on 9/29,10/1, Chinese on 2/5, & 8/30,31 for mooselims.

In the West, beginning with Julius Caesar, followed by a catholic pope, January has collectively become the norm for the New Year, for whatever reason {in the poope's case, probably to approximate the nazarene's false birthdate, then subsequently for international business purposes, i.e., 1st quarter [Q1]}. Though it is more traditionally seasonal to begin the new year in March by the Spring Equinox, ending in February per Romulus & Remus' months have been named so, some begin the year on Halloween {"Satan's Birthday"}, and yet others on Walpurgisnacht {Church of Satan's Birthday}, still others on One's own Birthday {Dracmas, "Candlemas Evil"}, My personal observance as well as the following. Still others without any significance of linear numerage, endeavoring & practicing principles of timelessness without measure.

👹 👹 👹

Also, whether observing or not, let us welcome The Namahage! From Yomi 黄泉, I bid thee welcome, veritable Hellemental Daemon Brothers & Sisters from The East! Thine abyssal howls as the frozen winds echo across mountains, hills, and wilderness! Mighty horns and tusks, fangs and glowing eyes, staves alight with The Flames of Hell! Come forth in terror and Might! Hail Oyama!



Per the importance of terminological context, the word for the secular observation of December 25 should remain secular, so instead of the religious "christmas" {containing the irrelevant "christ"}, even more so than 'xmas'* to show an abhorrence, or indifference for such, an appropriate term would therefore be "Santamas"** for the populace, considering the prevalence of that indulgent character {except in Scatalonia, of course!}.

Though the Yuletide courses through about from Krampusnacht through to [common] New Years, We Satanists celebrate The Winter Solstice as Our religious Winter celebration, in alignment with Science & Tradition. Then, if so choosing, Santamas {or Krampusmas?} may be acknowledged for relatives and/or occupational events, sans any detestable manger filth; otherwise the birthdays of Mithras, Horus, & Dionysus.

* or in a salacious sense, put the "X" in xxxmas!
**being that a veritable "Satanmas" has just occurred for Halloween and The Winter Solstice {Satanalia, etc.}

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Hell Gate

Winter Solstice LIII


Season Lucifer

Upon the longest night of The Year, we celebrate in darkness, and all therein, as hellfires burn to warm the flesh into salacious indulgence, yielding to temptation and feasting with delight, the pleasures of the earth lain forth for you, The Devil's Legions, the harvests of The Seasons in Hell, and before Satan's myriad manifestations, reflected in the shadow speculum and projected by the Demon Eye, visions of what was and is to be again, emerge from The Mind's Abyss, & vast subterranean cavernous lairs.

The Season is Lucifer! Lend us Thine Infernalight!

Upon this High Unholyday, the apex of Satanalia, 'neath a Full Moon & Meteor shower coursing, The Lucifer star glows with infernalight in the Eastern Sky, pointing the way to The Gates which shall be opened! Daemon Brother Krampus has come forth! Within the Void of deepest nocturne, bring forth the sacrifices to blaze on through the night!

Just shortly upon the summit we celebrate the incarnations of Dionysus {Lust}, Mithras {Strength}, & Horus {Wisdom}, collectively regeneration!


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Winter Solstice LIII