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Dractionary: nazarene weather, æsthetics


nazarene weather, æsthetics

Hot, oppressive, desert-like weather, from whence the folklore originates. Contains much of the Lightmare's BUGS elements, but specifically concentrating on the weather.

ÆSTHETICS: nazarene [land], [environment]. Ergo, "Nothing 'good' ever came out of the desert!"; clothes = rags, generic, common, ill-fitting, filthy or peasant-like. Architecture: minimal craft, design, decoration, simplistic, or shoddy.

{Be it known, that artistry created in the name of blindlight churches were commissioned from artisans & musicians, the eccentric, that were so-called "christian" in name only, under threat, while cardinal application was always for self-interest, and may have actually been de-facto diabolists & actual occultists}.


Dractionary: Falloween


1. When Halloween decorations begin permeating society, usually beginning about September 1st, continuing through Halloween until Winter Solstice. Varies according to weather & environment. 2. The enchanting onset of the Autumn season. Cooler climes, brown, orange, red hues. 3. In certain senses, the Macrocosmic reflection of the Lair.


Ironic [Self-Disclosure] Projection


Ironic [Self-Disclosure] Projection: Methinks thou protesteth too much! When the herd expose their own proclivities and character flaws by projecting onto someone else, far better than they. Due to intimidation, jealousy, envy, or sometimes even repressed sexual proclivities. Whether by insult, pretentiousness, cowardliness, or pure ignorance expressed as petty gossip and/or baiting, of the true nature of the object of their misdirected [misperceived] fixation.

EXAMPLE: A whiner with little man complex, often of limited intelligence, means, and/or physically diminutive, calling somebody they are either intimidated by, envious of, or perhaps even secretly attracted to, the name they actually embody, in an attempt at projection. In other words, by the misplaced epithet ye shall know them! In which case it may amount to a complement after all!

The type often exhibit these traits in combination with the reverse theremin effect. Often run & hide and otherwise clam up in the presence of the object of their obsession.

blindlighters demonstrate this dynamic by projecting their own fetishes onto a convenient villain's alleged activities, when they are the real perpetrators of their accusations.


Horns to The Brimstone, The Devil's Confessional

Horns to The Brimstone

1. Doing The Devil's Work. 2. Responsibility to the responsible. 3. Initiate progress, productivity, & evolution.

Used in a sentence: "Time to put your horns to the brimstone!"

The Devil's Confessional

As an extension of How To Use Your Neighbors As Guinea Pigs: Neighborly Psychological Warfare [I,II] {The Devil's Scroll; Tricks & Treats}, upon experimentation, I discovered an interesting method of divulging the true dispositions and inclinations of erstwhile "neighbors", so-called "true colors" as it were, is by how they behave when thinking one is not present:

Note if phonecalls are made, and what is said during conversations. Is gossip complementary or gratuitously demeaning?* Are there any plans in the works? Secret desires mentioned? If music is played, what type of genre? {for by their "music", or presumptions of such, are they known; monosyllabic, monotonous, primitive or civilized} Are there visitors? Do they spy? Trespass? And such is the value of canines & cameras!

Their presumption, ignorance, cowardice, and hypocrisy is your misanthropic ammunition!

This additional informational education can all be used as reference points in any selective interaction, or disinteraction. Secret knowledge, suspicions, etc. After all, Knowledge is Power! And secrets contain Power. Beware of self-disclosure as well as others' voluntary, involuntary, or passive-aggressive disclosure, all of which can be used for personal benefit. Distill as you please.

* based upon reactive insecurity by intimidation, of course!


Is Not Was, Roccult

Is, not was

Whatever one wishes to include as part of one's subjective experience in whatever genre to enhance and empower one's being, is considered in the present form, regardless of any proposed constraints or limitations, which are irrelevant.

For instance, the perpetual influence a creator, inventor, performer, in their chosen field of endeavor radiates upon the world, whose manifestations are continually appreciated, is regarded in the present tense.

Presentations, musick, literature, enjoyed as a constant in the timeless present are relevant to the Now.


I. Occult-related rock musick, presented in a horror theatrical style; also includes Heavy Metal {Black, Death, Doom, etc.}, and Goth. II. Musick that gives The Devil His due. [alt. spelling "rockult"]

Note: This particular nomenclature refers to the Rock & Metal genres, although The Satanic certainly manifests in all genres and permeates throughout The Arts.


Dractionary: 13 o' Clock, Hindian


13 o'Clock
Euphemism refers to the "Magic time" of ritual, and otherwise from midnight to dawn.

1. Hindu+Indian. 2. Term used to denote the difference between Americanatives & "Indian", or "dot" & "feather". 3. Correcting xopher columbus' misnomer of indigenous civilizations of The American continents, and the indigenous people of the country of India.


Paganist, reverse theremin effect


1. Pre-Church of Satan de-facto Satanist. 2. Those who were born before the foundation of The Church of Satan and The Age of Fire; and speaks to "Born, not made". Primal Pagan fits most descriptive. 3. Those attracted to a more arcanely Pagan expression in expression and aesthetics.

Reverse Theremin Effect
The amusing dynamic exhibited by some members of the herd who quiet from their petty gossip as the Satanist nears, while becoming louder the further the Satanist departs. An obvious result of intimidation and passive-aggressive reactions, by displaying their true natures while in the immediate presence of The Satanist, who takes the wind out of their sails, whose pretentious "opinions" results to nothing more than veritable farts in the wind.

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Dractionary: Darkitecture, Helltane

Darkitecture: Iconic architecture of darkened fane, like haunted houses, mansions, The Black House {Hellhouse}, Gothic castles, lighthouses, towers, structures displaying trapezoidal angles and classic darketypal iconography. May also include vehicles.

Helltane: 'Mayday', modified to include Satanic sensibilities. Aknowledged meditation & practice upon unexpurgated Lust and sexual symbolism, such as the maypole {phallus of Baphomet, Satan}, Male/Female attributes. Orgiastic pleasures, debauchery, fetishistic indulgence.


Curse Bomb


Curse Bomb
AzagthothA manifestation by Black Arts & Sciences of The Forces of Darkness.

Dynamic: "# turds with one thorn". Wherein if one has a multiple of sacrifices who all happen to wander into the same general area, the demon seeds implanted by Hatred within their subconscious begin to more dramatically vibrate by the frustrum to increase destruction.
GROUND ZERO: Thus, one begins aggravating the other, until the outcome resolves in mutually-caused destructive manifestation. This would be a dramatic further step in the final termination / fulfillment of The Curse.

Method: By The Words of Power {Hexen Cornu, Cursefix | & Pentaculum} I called upon Arch Daemon Gods of Chaos ⛧Azag-Thoth⛧, ⛧Choronzon⛧, 🔯 Abaddon The Devourer, 👌 Sekhmet, {✋ Maha} Kali which was followed by a rolling cracking in the walls, as ether took manifestation upon materialization, gaining substance by The Will.

Manifestations: Subjects caused small-scale riot resulting in several altercations, & were thusly removed.

Fallout: There has been some fallout in the wake of the Curse detonation:
  • I. Run From The Border! There was a mass shooting at a local country nightclub called The Borderline in Thousand Oaks wherein an event by Pepperdine University was occurring, wherein there were 12 casualties. Perpetrated by "bored" Marine Vet.
  • II. Massive Wildfires erupt in Griffith Park - "Woolsey fire" {small offshoot Hill fire 1st erupts near LA Zoo, wherein some animals were evacuated, since extinguished}; & Northern California in Butte County near Sacramento {largest in CA history}, with a current deathtoll of 11. Sun appears red. UPDATE 11/20
  • Woolsey Fire - Deathtoll: 3
  • Camp Fire - Deathtoll: 81 | Missing: 699
Confirmation: Demon Winds resplendent accompanied by Infernal Bliss. Overall, it seems I did in fact receive My sacrifices after all!

Deep Gratitude. In The Name of SATAN!

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne