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'Evil' does the most good...?

It has been said that much of the world's 'Evil' has been committed in the name of 'good', which is assuredly true, but much of the world's good has been inspired by Evil.

For without such a superior Evil threat to contend against, there would be no comparison. Therefore, it is also true that much of the world's so-called 'good' has been committed in the name of Evil.


The Battle of Baldwin on The Pacific

Tales of Devin Black

So there was a time wherein Devin Black {'Satan'} and the 'Deathbangers' were walking forth towards some destination in the night, when some lame ass thumper car went driving by, complete with some sort of ,disparaging remarks, that merited a rock thrown precisely through the side rear window. Not long after, we continued on our way, some came at us with bats and sticks, though what was available nearby, but long steel rods, which were immediately accessed and used as veritable spears to practically impale the assailants, rendering them crouched and running for their lives - such a victory was invigorating, and hearkened to scenes from Highlander. And My martial arts training no doubt proved very valuable that evening.

Apparently someone had notified Police of the events, as several squad cars were spotted in the vicinity. Not desiring this interaction, I swiftly turned down into a street and silently blended into the shadows, calling upon Satan & His Demons to aid Me in a safe, undetected trip back home. My return to The Noctuary was indeed a stealthy one.

Now, I was in the habit of always carrying My Satanic Bible with Me in the left inside pocket of My black vest, along with all the patches, spikes, studs, and chains, but also certain Goetic seals for experimentation in various situations for various purposes. For this disapparent effect, along with the darkness, among others, present seals must have been that of Baalam & Baal, both of whose attributes are that of dispensing invisibility. I also recall the name Sabnock.

It was later related to Me from those detained, that the Police were indeed asking about Me, per description, and where had I gone. They were told that I go by the nickname of 'Satan' and of My occult interests. The cops agreed that I must be, because I was nowhere to be found. Afterwards, the night was met with celebration.

Interestingly, the location now features an appealing rock castle structure... could it be that certain forces were unleashed that night, causing a connection with that land, thus rooting daemonic energy to eventually establish a Goetic Temple wherein secretive ceremonial rites are performed?


A Metal seed is sewn

January 9th was quite a Magical day. Watched the Memento Vivendi of Lemmy live stream. I made the Iron Horse In Flight post public during the service.

Notable moments therefrom included impressive eulogies from Alice Cooper's appropriately attired snake handler, & Metal God Rob Halford, among others. Lars Ulrich looks like a mumbling, disoriented old hobo now. It seems interesting happenstance that Metallica cut their hair shortly after KNAC concluded. The seemingly irrelevant "Triple H" seemed to center his eulogy about himself in pretentious, barely decipherable gutterances. David Grohl {gruel} was just mortifyingly embarrassing, uttering weepy, whimpering bad poetry. Ironically, it was actually his former band Nirvana* that contributed to KNAC's departure, as the unstable poser herd began focusing more on the whiny, grubby, sloppy, and lazy 'grunge' scrap pseudo-metal, thus decreasing sponsor attention, thus curtailing revenue and resources, though still and always preserved by true fans, now and through the inevitable return.

Followed was further celebration at The Rainbow, which was simulcast on KLOS as a Tribute to KNAC from 7pm-midnight, which is well on its way to return. Following is the commentary written last night:

"Presently listening on The Doombox, which features a KNAC sticker thereon, and is in fact the actual instrumental tool utilized in formative musical appreciation. Music As Necromancy+The Combination Lock Principle=Resurrection successful. Yet another step in Retrovolution. The other option is listening to the live stream right now on KLOS.

The seed bears fruition

This will yield an incremental proliferation which shall begin as segments and hours-long shows, then eventually move onto full broadcasting once again on an entire station. It is fantastic to access this option whenever desired again! This is the re-introduction. Overall, KNAC IS BACK."

I noticed KLOS has begun playing heavier music afterwards like DIO and the lesser Guns 'N' Roses {which I was never really into}, and shall continue to do so until full integration is complete. It was refreshing to hear Armored Saint, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, and others actually broadcast on the airwaves again, besides one's own private collection.

I recall KNAC was born while transitioning from North Hollywood to Baldwin Park, playing a select few tunes at first like Odin's Shining Love, Ozzy, Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Dokken, Sister, etc., then eventually more Glam Rock acts like Crue & RATT {phase}, Poison, Bon Jovi, and the like. Even Stryper was heavier than the latter at the time.

Here's an interesting idea: Instead of Motley Crue and others declaring a final tour, which it never really is, considering KISS for one, as it should be referred to more truthfully as extended vacation time, until the expected great return, perhaps one or all members of various lucrative, influential bands purchase a station to permanently house KNAC. ∞

N 1 0 A
A 5.5 N
* Wert that they never were.

Addendum: As an aside, I was interviewed for about 1/2 an hour about Satanism one Sunday morning, which garnered much interest afterwards by several intrigued callers. Amusingly, in previous Devin Black moments, I recorded a couple of promos as well for the station wherein inspired by Metallica's "Metal Up Your Ass" statement, "105.5 KNAC, Metal up your ass!" was asserted, and another one to the similar effect of "Pure Rock KNAC 105.5 kicks ass!" These were just anonymously played from time to time.

  • 2/13: HORNS UP premieres on Saturday nights from 9-12 with KNAC hosts.
  • 1/26: Another evilution on the virtual return of KNAC - WHIPLASH with lovely hostess Full Metal Jackie now plays Monday evenings on KLOS from 9-11 pm, featuring 2 solid hours of Heavy Metal musick & interviews with musicians, while the rest of the station's playstream itself periodically plays heavier musick overall now.

Hell Gate

Dracomeroth 3rd Edition & Dracumentary 2nd edition released!


* 3rd Edition now available. Added several rites, including Communion with The Hellements, Satantric Mass, Rite of Hallow's Gate, several others; more sigilization and Magical gesticulations, oracular design inclusions, psychodramatic enhancements. Supplemented to 230 pages, increased size for facilitation in Magical Operations

Comprising several books in one tome, Dracomeroth is a veritable Satanic Grimoire serving as inspirational psychodramas for Self-Transformation, Empowerment, and Diabolical Evolution.

Forbidden Knowledge...

Encompassing the complimentary Carnal with the Magical, included herein are The Draconian Dictums, Sins, The Infernal Alignment, Keys to The Infernal Realm, The Rites of Omnipotence, Satanasutra, Vampiricon, Glossary of Spells, Visualizations, Philosophy, Legendry, & proven techniques of psychological manipulation.


A Workbook of Sorcery presented in a highly imaginative & stimulating style, this text is intended for those courageous enough to peer into the deepest darkness of their own psyches, the vast Abyss within, and exercise one’s own Magical potential to the furthest degree, in a continual process of actualization unto the incarnation of Satan Oneself. Cooperating with Shadow Forces nascent in Nature in a structured form to ascend the levels of Satanic Grace, advancing one’s absolute Godhood.

Walking In The Shadows...

The Daemon calls, The Black Flame burns fierce! Open the pages of the Opvs Satani, and open The Gates of Hell. So It Is Done.

DRACUMENTARY: The Blackthorne Chronicles

Diary of A Satanist. The Blackthorne Chronicles comprises Draconian Pentagonal Devilution.

  • 2nd Edition now available: Added much material and several more photographs to 254 pages, including Hellementary, House of Whispering Eyes In The Valley of Shadows, Home of The Vikings, Devin Black Haunts, Evocative Revelations, and more.
  • Dracumentary: Daemonic Metamorphosis from Infernal Progeny, The Dracling through infernal realization, Satanic Panic, Hellementary, House of Whispering Eyes In The Valley of Shadows, Home of The Vikings, Devin Black Haunts, Evocative Revelations, The Loves of Lucifer, Lusts of Satan, & beyond.
  • The Black Book of Shadows: Experiences with Greater Magic, paranormal manifestations, diabolical rites, Curses, Lust Spells, Blessings from Hell.
  • The Black Earth: Adventures, excursions, discoveries, celebrations, recommendations, nefarious events. The darker side of existence. {Includes the 666 High Mass, Halloween/Walpurgisnacht observances, graveyards, occult travels}
  • Tales From The Shadow Side: Paranormal experiments & explorations into various urban legends & mysteries.
  • The Black Dragon Speaks!: Interviews with various publications, institutions, individuals, web sources, radio, & broadcasts.

With this plethora of nefarious relations, The Blackthorne Chronicles includes evocative poetry, & previously unpublished photographs. Advance through image to possess.

Additionally, The Communion With The Hellements and additional suggestions for Seasonal celebrations and empowerment.

* Hellemental Communion.
* Hellemental Activities.
* Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion.


Pacific Rim

This looks rather interesting, although the effects appear to have a little more development to go to achieve realistic perfection yet; so in the hopes that perhaps a Shogun Warriors movie can be constructed, which the mechanoids herein sort of remind Me of, with a cross between Ultra Man as well, while The Kaiju look rather Lovecraftian, and emerging from the sea, etc.

Interesting idea, mechs vs. Kaiju, metaphoric forces of nature, although when I played Shoguns, Godzilla, Rodan, & The Kraken were on the same side as the robots, with occasional play-fighting. ∞

Shogun Warriors [Robots]: Raideen, Mazinga, Dragun, Gaiking, DaimosShogun Warriors {Kaiju}: Rodan, GodzillaClash of The Titans: The Kraken

* Related: Devilutions: Shogun Warriors.

Hell Gate

Black Towers construction

The Black Towers have been constructed, one now filled with a plethora of occult tomes, while the other displays favored oddities and figurines of diabolical fancy. Up on top of the book case, there hellegantly displayed is the slipcase edition of The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Gilmore upon a book stand, flanked by two Draegonic spheres. Books are accented with a skull here and thee, The Sinister Minister, Dracula criss blade, and a black bat tray to preserve any incidentals there may be.

On the other display case, crowned with The Lord Darkness mask of Legend fame {an impressive representation of the bestial Satan} gazing down upon the onlooker, attended on each side by The Dark Knight in victorious repose, and the ever evil Ming The Merciless on the other. On the secondary tier, we have Cerberus keeping guard, another representation of Lord Darkness from Legend, two variations of The Undertaker, two variations of Skelator, Grimskull from Skeleton Warriors, the villainous Sorceress Melificent, The Scarlet Witch, two variations of Rasputin, Magneto, The Demon Gene Simmons of KISS {Psycho Circus}, & Darth Vader grasping light saber.

Descending therefrom, The Addams Family Morticia & Gomez set, Wonder Woman, The Wicked Witch of The West {accentuated with an Omnigram}, The Four Crown Princes of Helloween Count Dracula {Air/Lucifer}, Frankenstein {Fire/Satan}, The Wolfman {Earth/Belial}, The Creature From The Black Lagoon {Water/Leviathan}; The Mummy, an antique Victorian lamp, the electroscopic sphere, & a Phantom of The Opera snow globe.

Beneath, reserved primarily for evocations, Peewee Herman, two My Pet Monsters, a devil bear {with pentagram}, The Mighty Kraken {large scale from Clash of The Titans; a Leviathan representation - I always liked His tentacle-like arms reminiscent of Cthulhu}, the bottom most is reserved for further books upon possession.

A great feature that was discovered upon their construction, is that included in the packaging, there are parts in which one can foreseeably attach the bookcase onto a door, if so inclined to do so. They are each approximately 6' tall, and a typical door is about just a bit taller than that, so if your door can accommodate them, one can have their very own secret room behind the book case.

So now, 'Gorgo' is upon the front door {the 'Unwelcomed' gargoyle door plaque}, the black/red lights are illuminated, and all is well in Hell. ∞


The Agony of De-feet!

I was recently reminded of this little incident from Camp:

The Agony of De-feet!

In response to a dart game misadventure earlier that month, I had been having an argument with an acquaintance one day at camp, when off the group went to the shore for "beach day"...

On the way to the sand, a few grumbles were exchanged, when lo and behold, he suddenly fell over forwards, then limped onto a nearby boulder clutching his foot. Seems he failed to notice a semi-concealed broken large glass bottle wedged in the sand, upon which his foot slid onto length-wise, slicing between the flesh of the big toe. Amidst his cries of pain and tears, an ambulance was called, wherein he was transported upon a stretcher. I never saw him again.

* Source: Devilutions I.



Discovered during an excavation; a very early piece, excised from the school newspaper:

by Devin Black

Spring is the season of the year between Winter and summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring begins on the day that the sun is directly over the equator, usually March 21st. On this day the sun crosses the equator and starts northward. As it travels north, its rays strike the northern countries more directly each day, warming the land. In Leap Year, Spring begins a few hours earlier.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. Spring begins in September and ends in December. When we have Winter in Northern Hemisphere it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

The word "equinox" means "equal night". During this time, the length of the night is equal all over the earth. Spring is the time of year when life begins again in nature. In many countries, the people have festivals celebrating Spring.

Storms that arrive during the equinox are sometimes called equinoctal gales. During this time, the sun's position produces such variations in the warm and cold weather masses that violent storms are often caused.