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"R-E-S-P-E-C-T... find out what it means to Me..."

As Aretha Franklin is wont to say, but a lot has been said about the word "respect", much less about applying it. But what one is actually doing towards strangers or mere acquaintances is granting consideration and courtesy, just to get along with what one is doing and minding one's business. Respect must be earned, by gaining knowledge of what someone has accomplished, and otherwise contributed to oneself or loved ones. A proven actual friend, ir/relative, or mentor, instructor, etc. Respect is by MERIT. All else is impersonal by going through the motions of civility & legality.

  • Resourcefulness
    In doing the best with which one has to reach further states of being that benefit oneself & family. Being a self-made nucleus.
  • Etiquette
    Expressing finer sensibilities which display a superior mode of deportment. Exemplified evolution.
  • Sensibility
    To employ logic & reason to comprehend The Third Side balanced perspective for undefiled wisdom, thereby dissecting truth from lies without exaggeration or hysteria.
  • Practicality
    Establishing the base & building blocks to form one's kingdom. An understanding of the true nature of things, and allowing Nature to take its course without agenda-fueled neurotic impediments.
  • Education
    The betterment of the mind, a furthering of understanding pure life surrounding, via Science, & developing skills & tools to hone one's passions and drives.
  • Courtesy
    Common civility towards others. The maxim to treat others accordingly.
  • Temperament
    A balance of the emotions that should complement the totality of the cerebrum, which may be reached via The Ritual Chamber, and otherwise stress-relieving activities & pleasures.

And all of that adds up to something or someone one can actually respect!


The Demon & The Horns


It is amusing to consider that during The Satanic Panic, KISS for a time attempted to disassociate itself with the purported acronym dubbed by frightened Christians as meaning “Knights In Satan’s Service”*, since somewhat exploited, but now have come down to this through Simmons’ recent posturing.

Profoundly, The Cornu means The Horns of Satan ascendant, with three descending in opposition of the holy trinity and spiritual belief systems, or even 666 {Unholy Trinity} as foundational of the carnal, The Beast in man, The Humanimal, Hell & Earth, reason and instinct. And I will add Satanic Victory as well. It is a further confirmation of The Satanist unto The Forces of Darkness.

This gesture could not possibly be trademarked, but perhaps whom does so photographically at the time while in total character, but not for everyone else. But granting the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it is not The Cornu itself, which has an Occult tradition spanning millennia as referenced in grimoires, but the combination with the protruding tongue as well, rather like the Krampus, but should that also be attempted to be trademarked?

Not only that, but the gesticulation demonstrated by Gene Simmons in performance has always been that of “I Love You”, with the thumb extended sideways from the hand, which has been the long established sign language gesture that was made infamous by this character in the band KISS, yet even before that as Spiderman's webbing gesture - so should Stan Lee sue Simmons?

While it surely does accentuate the demonic character, but if the case is an actual attempt at “trademarking” the actual Cornu, a gesture that has long since been the unholy symbol of the Horns of Satan used by diabolists for probably centuries, then it may be a disappointingly pretentious attempt at “owning” such a dark historic folk gesture, again, affirming The Devil. Perhaps a gratuitous attempt to make even more money, an insecure grubbing to maintain entertainment legacy, and/or a sadly desperate vie for attention… or perhaps a steady losing of marbles.

As far as it being used in the media, that was first demonstrated by The Church of Satan’s Black Pope, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey on the Joe Pyne Show, then subsequently by even The Beatles, ‘occult rock’ band Coven, then Ronnie James Dio {as the cornuto, warding off the Evil Eye}, and many others since. Still, the common populace probably see it as nothing more than meaning just Heavy Metal and Rock.

Addendum: I have long since appreciated the theatrics of all the KISS characters, and shall continue to do so for amusement or inspiration, but have resonated most with The Demon, for obvious reasons. Yet the personal lives of the performers are another issue altogether, and should remain in their proper places.

Furthermore, I have a suggestion for an even better gesticulation that would be far more appropriately descriptive of the KISS demon characterization: Consider The Cornu but with the two descending fingers resting upon the bend of the thumb, which protrudes forwards and downwards like a tongue - now that would be unique! Or otherwise may be indicative of the horns and demonic tongue of Krampus, Krampus Klaw, or Kornu.
* I also recall the picky, petty debacle with Mercyful Fate King Diamond over the frightmask makeup, which was absurd, considering there is absolutely no confusion between the two. Diamond's demonic appearence evolves anyway.


Logical pleasurable reciprocation

I feel that it would be perfectly reasonable for this girl to repay these blokes with mutual gratification for their efforts. Sexual 'favors' should very well be a legitimate trade as payment for favors, consideration, or overall commerce. They already obviously see her as attractive, which is a complement in itself, and for all they have helped her with, it could be the least she could do to show her gratitude - that's obviously what they want - unless they're gay. There's even a private space in the van, or perhaps a motel, hotel arrangement, etc. They are clearly not christians after all, who just miss out on everything anyway, always settling for less.

In fact, "Love one another" would go much further with this consideration, as a gesture of appreciation.

Take that which tempts whenever you can! ∞


Something Wicked this way comes...

Something Wicked this way comes...

Sometimes, the fine misanthropic essay "Entertain Me" from Satan Speaks by Magus LaVey resonates moreso than ever. If I wish to take a constitutional to the store to acquire provisions, the dichotomy between Myself and others becomes most evident. I seem to disturb people by just taking a walk {the sheeple become intimidated, and thus angry at themselves, may project onto the form of their fear}; on a physical level, I stand over 6' tall, tend to weigh between 235-240 lbs. of mostly muscle, and usually dress entirely in black.

The women look intrigued, while the men are comical. One made a sort of sourpuss face, while another over-reacted and began loudly tossing items into a trash bin, and one quietly mentioned to another he recognized Me from a presentation*.

Upon constitutionals, I carry My black leather bag which must stimulate some simplistic speculation - what does he carry in there?; all of which is amusing to Me, and His words as well as My own in the "The Satanist" {The Devil's Scroll} applies as ever.

I can take an invigorating walk and sometimes not be annoyed, but what is out there? Slobs, dregs, schleppes, commoners and proles of all sorts, so I wear My sunglasses to keep them visually obscure, as well as solar proliferation, and wear headphones if possible, while I Am on My way, knowing that the trip will be worth it for My chosen reward to savor upon return. ∞

* It may have been Pact With The Devil, if shown recently; although Interestingly, for some reason, sometimes I have appeared on various obscure shows relating to the occult, evil, etc., when a local news crew goes about town filming random environmental locations. On one such news segment program, the question was asked "Who is this?"


For What It's Worth...

What is worth?

Is it how much money you make?

No. So long as it is not the be all end all. If you truly follow your passion, your bliss, you will find that opportunities will present themselves to achieve what monetary resources you need to pursue them, many times from the most unexpected sources, which upon retrospect, do end up making sense, but most of the time not at the time.

Is it how famous or 'popular' you are?

No. It is far better to earn the admiration and respect from those whom you respect, rather than developing a mindless herd, unless it brings one a degree of satisfaction to be extolled by sheeple, who are only as valuable for selfishly salacious and monetary purposes. Society nowadays seems to enthrone peasant-types and the inferior, which The Satanist rejects.

What makes one of worth is excelling in one's chosen field/s of endeavor, and living comfortably therefrom.




Some time ago I viewed a video about stigmata in Psychology of Religion studies, about some woman in Bolivia who was allegedly demonstrating such an enigma, which in My opinion, turned out to be false. Cuts made by the rosary and her very on toenails scraped on her feet and hands, plus the meditation time she conveniently provided herself to work up to a point of self-mutilation, which she conveniently credited to "Jesus", her invisible friend, as giving her a place and time to expect it.

Not too much different than a carnival huckster, "faith-healer" {white wolf, hypnochrist, placebo-dealer}, mystic surgeon, etc. working in chicken guts to the operation. It is basically a form of slight-of-hand of the most masochistic kind, in the same general ranks of the cold-reader or professional guesser who actually believes his own drivel. I wonder what this woman derives from this spectacle? Generous donations? Attention? While duping the masses for self-gratification is Satanic, actually beLIEving the drivel is not.

There is a condition, a violent form of rosatia in which blood vessels burst during high points of stress, which explains the faerie-tale of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene, and could also explain so-called "stigmata". Could there actually be such a thing, or are the events ruled "authentic" by the Catholic Church for press, and/or are really good hoaxes? Master prestidigitation techniques? Or are these select cases the result of propagandists and shills?

The wounds which appeared on the woman were rather superficial after all, as the areas pin-pointed tend to bleed quite easy and profusely while remaining quite painless for the most part except for that temporary stinging sensation, like also the skin on the forehead, or the face or legs, or when knicking the face while shaving, or cutting the scalp. It appears quite dramatic, and with some practice, a quick slice will yield a relatively copious amount of blood without being remotely lethal. and as stated before, minimal in pain. Even wrestlers learn this technique when a bloody match is necessitated. The feet and hands also contain a rather thin epidermis which would bleed more than other parts of the body if jabbed topically.

Had this woman been more objectively studied in a scientific environment, without the obscuring benefit of blankets, pillows, and covers, such as those in her own home where she knows where to hide pins and razors - even the rosary she was grasping a bit too tightly. But with a sterile, 360* monitoring process; even in the unlikely possibility that she did not self-inflict the injuries, then it could be proven that she inflicted them upon herself with the intensity of emotion, which may go more towards proving of auto-tactile telekinisis, perhaps providing some evidence in the realm of Parapsychology, whether or not she necessitated a religious framework to accomplish this feat, as emotional language triggers an emotional response, not a rational reaction, yet still does not "prove" the existence of an external "God" {though it would benefit that peasant type}, but rather that the Brain is God - the Be All, End All, of All.


The Devil's Diary 11

The Devil's Diary 11: Walpurgisnacht XLII A.S.

Contents: Black & White Magic: The Stupidity Continues... by Paul Hill, Interview with Artist Emage Diakon, Interview with Zoth-Ommog of GrotesquEuphoria, Schrott by Jan Welke {Linguistics}, Name Manipulation by Tier Instinct & Jan Welke {Lesser Magic}, Recipes From Hell by Michael J. DeLuca Jr. {Ghoulinary}, Apportation by Draconis Blackthorne {Greater Magic}, plus Noctuarium Multi-Media reviews, Black Heart Poetry, and The Black Earth reviews.

* Cover Art: "Dreifaltigkeit" by Emage Diakon.

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Still taking submissions for The Devil's Diary Issue 11: Walpurgisnacht XLII A.S. Accepting essays, multimedia reviews {documentary, horror, occult, comedy}, fiction {horror, sci-fi, erotica}, interviews {with musicians, artists, writers of note}, adventures {The Black Earth}, Lesser &  Greater Magic experimentations, poetry, art.

* Deadline for submissions: April 11th, XLII. Please contact WarlockBlackthorne@yahoo.com for ordering information and subscriptions.

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On Inmate over-population...

On Inmate over-population...

So there apparently is an over-population problem with prisoners over-crowding correctional institutions now. The solution? Take a tip from England, who transported all their undesirables to Australia, and leave them to form their own 'society', a-la "Lost", for real. Re-open Devil's Island where they can fend for themselves, living off the land for survival, perhaps motivating a semblence of so-called "recuperation"; or possibly reserve the 'dark side of the moon' when colonization is established, as Dr. LaVey referred to as "space ghettos", so why not eventual "space penal colonies"? Thereby, destructive organisms and disruptive criminals may be isolated from the rest of the population, while perhaps even providing entertainment for pay-per-view events, with proceeds directed into law enforcement and facility development.