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The Noird

Besides the guy who hosts or runs that Muscular Dystrophy charity show, Jerry Lewis is more or less unfamiliar to Me, though I've seen mention of him from time to time in various presentations. To Me, he seems the nerdly prototype of goofy characteristics - the awkward, cross-eyed, runtish, nervous, bespeckled traits and all, who was also perhaps kept on by The Rat Pack crowd as a mere jester, although it is unclear if they were laughing with him, or unintentionally at him in private.

The parts played also gave the distinct impression of always being very 'green' acting, and pathetically, sadly, virginal, though presented humorously so.

Butt apparently, he turned into quite a real asshole in realife, according to associates. A seeming polar opposite of his on-screen persona, in a predictably schizophrenic malfunction.

Perhaps he was inspirational to the likes of Jim Carey, John Ritter, Paul Reubens, and others, in a sort of slapstick, self-depricating manner, for the movies give the impression of the misadventures of a goofball. Perhaps he may be referred to as "The Noird"*, thusly emerging from that stimulating era, and birthing the lovable modernerd archetype. ∞
* ...which could also foreseeably affectionately refer to someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of Noir cinema.


Good riddance!


The Whole Truth

In regards to the film The Whole Truth, starring Keanu Reeves {Dracula/The Matrix/Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure} as an attorney named Ramsey trying to figure out the psychological disposition, motives, and vindicate his client from the murder of his “father”*, though it may seem somewhat of a ‘spoiler’, refer to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

So he and his leggy, luscious lawyer lady co-worker Janelle reside in a motel during the trial, transporting himself to and fro upon an unlikely moped – do what must be done, I suppose.

Overall, the victimizer Boone was a despicable sort through and through, an abusive, overbearing and imposing goon, a misdirected masochist to be sure, who most probably did deserve the fate handed him, yet it is still the responsibility of jurisprudence to determine if justice was truly done; and in this case, through a bit of misdirection and bravery on the defendant’s part, a bit of cathartic revenge and boiled-over frustrations combined with outrage did transpire, and so the rotten does not survive to abuse another without consent. ∞

* The term, title, and position that should be earned and considered an honor, not automatically conferred upon the unworthy.


Hughes persona

Duckie, Bender, Jake or Claire: Which John Hughes character are you?

Writer-director John Hughes defined the 1980s high school experience (and launched Molly Ringwald's career) with teen comedies such as "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink" and "Sixteen Candles." Who would you be in the John Hughes movie universe?

You are

John Bender

from "The Breakfast Club"

You're an outsider. You're a rebel with a tough exterior but a tender heart.

This is true, but a tender heart towards those who are worthy, but the character cited here lacks finesse, discipline, an evolved sense of aesthetics, high intelligence, and is clearly traumatized, if not mentally imbalanced. Additionally, a carton of cigarettes is not a bad gift at all. Be thankful while you smoke up, Johnny.

/,,/ Sara Josephine.


The Omen Legacy

The Omen Legacy
30 October, XXXVI A.S. Promethius Entertainment. Produced/Directed by Bent Zacky. Narrated by Jack Palance.

I was pleasantly surprised while inspecting the special features disc in the Collection {I-IV, special features disc, plus the 6/6/06 remake, also containing the 666 Revelations featurette}, discovering 'The Omen Legacy' documentary included hereon, which features none other than Magistra Blanche Barton commenting from the Satanic perspective on the effects this series has had on culture. Most notably, when asked about the III finale {the DP}, she observes that {paraphrased} "...Well, I suppose it makes people feel better, although it seems rather contrived". Considering the herd's dualistic mentality, it seems true for this entertainment fare, although these are timelessly amusing for what they are.

The Omen Curse

In the curses and coincidences section, the legendary Omen Curse is related, recounting the strange incidents surrounding the production of these films, from a pilot who crashed his plane onto a car containing his wife and children, to two separate planes being struck by lightning, prop malfunctions, near and fatal auto collisions which took the life of a special effects technician's girlfriend, health problems, and a constantly pervasive sensation of "evil". There were even christian nuts and weakan protestors {humorously, the latter were called "devil-worshippers" by the media!}, and the suicide of a girl who claimed influence by the movies.


Other highlights include behind-the-scenes footage from the sets, greatest moments scenes, personal recollections and experiences, innovative special effects techniques, rare art and photography, and interviews with Magistra Blanche Barton, producers Richard Donner & Mace Neufeld, screenwriter David Seltzer, actors David Warner, Lance Henriksen, Lee Grant, Lisa Harrow, and Michael Lerner.

Also included are commentaries by Catholic Priest and professor of theology Dr. Felix Just, and protestant minister Rev. Doug Posey, who relate the typical christian opinion on the antichrist mythos, claiming The Devil did not want the movie made, stating the ubiquitous "the greatest lie of The Devil is that He doesn't exist..." Well hypothetically, perhaps 'The Gentleman' DID want it made, and just utilized the propaganda to make it all even more interesting...

Throughout the conversations, Omens I -IV are covered in this documentary, as the subsequent Omen 666 had not yet been made. All this wonderful content accompanied by the brooding narration of Jack Palance creates a delightfully nefarious atmosphere framing the series nicely. Highly recommended for Omen fantoms and collectors of Church of Satan interviews. ∞