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Upon The Duskening...


Devil Lake seems an idyllic location at first glance, but when the sun goes down, and night spreads its cloak across the land, all manner of darksome legend emerges to terrify and tantalize...

Seasons In Hell

Poetic Horror Anthology by Draconis Blackthorne. Shadow Gallery Art, Satanic Serenades, Diabolic Dates, Nefarious Nativities, Black & Full Moons, Dæmonic month & unholyday Sabbath designations.

Hell Gate


Isis with HorusWedjat Eye of Horus
Horus {Wisdom}
Mithras Dionysus
Mithras {Strength} | Dionysus {Gratification}

'666' triune nativities of

👁️ Horus, neter God of wisdom {symbolized in the Wedjat Eye & the falcon}.
🐂 Mithras, equivalents with Moloch & Belial symbolized in the bull. Strength of mind, body, will. Might. Hail The Beast! 💪🏻
🐐🐏 Dionysus, God of wine & indulgence, orgiastic pleasures. Equivalent in Pan. {Root of grape Solstice traditions} 🍇 🍷

Upon relegation to Devildom, many of these properties were adopted into the characteristics of Satanas...
Satan evileye

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Seasons In Hell celebrations. Rite references from Dracomeroth unless otherwise noted. Ideally, all celebrations include cake & orgies!

Grande Celebrations & High UnHolydays for gatherings and High Sorcery.
  • I. NATIVITY: One's own Nativity celebration. {Rite of Nativity, Infernal Apotheosis} / Also includes days of observation towards notable & de-facto individuals demonstrating Satanic principles throughout history.
  • II. AUTUMN EQUINOX: Harvest Feastevil / Feast of The Beast {Hellemental Mass}
  • III. HELLOWEEN: Harvest Feastevil of The Beast / "Satan's Birthday" / Veneration of The Shadow / Infernal Communion / Necromancy {Hallow Rite}
  • IV. WINTER SOLSTICE: Season Lucifer. Satanalia, Yule Feastevil of Winter Demon KrampuSatan Claus {Hellemental Mass, Homage To Tchort [TSB]}; may range from Krampusnacht - Winter Solstice}
  • V. SPRING EQUINOX: Season Leviathan {Hellemental Mass}
  • VI. AESTASOLSTICE: Season Satan {Hellemental Mass}
  • VII. WALPURGISNACHT: Foundation of The Church of Satan. Forces of Darkness, Daemonic energy increases. {Walpurgisnacht Rite}
  • VIII. FRIDAY THE 13th: Medieval & blasphemous, sacrilegious themes. {L'Air Epais, The Satanic Bible} 13 Dracommendations | On Friday the 13th... | Mind Traps |
  • IX. FULL, BLACK, BLOOD MOONS: Full moon or lust/love spells, Black moon for Hexes & Death Curses, Blood Moon for all + Infernal Apotheosis.
  • X. SOLAR / LUNAR ECLIPSES: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Particularly potent & psychodramatically stimulating. Potent Shadow energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XI. PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Study particular Grimoire designations for specific daemons, sigilization, & purposes of empowerment & attainment. Potent energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XII. PERSONAL: Birthdays for loved ones, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals {see Dracomeroth, The Satanic Rituals, Scriptures}, Accomplishments, secular holidays for relatives & selfish acquisition.

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Coat of Arms

Dracovum in Excelsis!


Upon The Nativity of Dracovum Excelsi, whom as Hellgate by which The Mighty Draegon did I through the portal of darkness into this dimension emerge, so we honor thee in great appreciation, by howling winds and demon hounds, gestation of immortal Draconian Metamorphosis complete!

Hail Lilith! Hail SATAN.

Originally posted by dblackthorne at Dracovum in excelsis

Playful & Puckish by nature, presented here are but a few of her favored musical selections.
  • Twisted Sister: The Price - This song conjures memories of my mother singing along in the car while going to and fro on various errands and destinations, from Karate classes to school, sometimes with friends of Devin Black. For some reason, this song captured her ear, to which she would sing along to our great amusement, especially considering her accent.
  • Lipps, Inc.: Funkytown - Here is another tune she favored at the time, which she would sing along to whenever it came on the radio. She's a pip! So in honor of her birthday, here's to a wonderful lady with boundless energy, a great sense of humor, and an always optimistic attitude.
  • Petula Clark: Downtown - I imagine this song did provide some consolation, inspiration, and perspective to a new girl in the big city. From HHS, to Valley College, to Marinello, Borrelli's, & JC Penney.
  • Alley Oop: The Hollywood Argyles - A jaunty little tune in friendly-natured jest by co-workers. Ergo, "Eli-Oop".
  • The Godfather: Speak Softly Love - Frequently heard being whistled.
  • Clint Holmes: Playground In My Mind - Sings this every time it comes on the radio, and may apply it to Me as well.
  • Suffice it to say that Andy Williams is probably her top all-time favorite singer, who adds that charismatic smooth crooner's touch to just about any song. Those included in the playlist she frequently sings, hums, or whistles. Probably an ideal infatuation. ∞

Today marks the day the Dracovum herself was birthed, wherefrom an ancient land filled with Magic did she cross into this dimension, a Natural Witch clandestine with Conquering Blood took root by The Great Satan to fulfill pride with Azrael's cosmetic alchemy.

And so it came to pass the essence of SATAN did pass through her, Draegon made immortal flesh.

She is The Keeper of The Gate. The joys of life are hers within to revel, with charms resplendent, enriching those who share her presence. So it shall ever be, and so it shall be again. ∞

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To Me, among other pleasant traits previously discussed {aesthetics, accoutrement, architecture, environment, atmosphere, etc.}, graveyards also represent a rebirth.

The coffin's descending & asscending trapezoidal angles signify the immortal doorway of regeneration, in the rising up and cumming forth, and in contemplation & practice of L'Air Epais.

One's New Year Nativity is an ideal time for a visit - the tombwomb that bestows life!

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Have a bag-hell...



Infernally devilicious regards on The Nightstalker's Birthday, who among other interesting facts, was actually born on a leap year 2/29, so those born on such may celebrate themselves over 2 days.