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The Devil's Mirror medallion


BMagenta BaphometBy demon claws and dragon wings, I was pleased to receive the Devil's Mirror medallion, black on reddish-purple {magenta/fuchsia} likened the coloration of the Baphomet on The Satanic Bible. Similar to the hellishly malefic mix of red & blacklights. According to The Devil's Shadowheel {Dracomeroth}, useful for Satanic Lust, & ideal for mesmerism & pendulum applications, if so inclined.

As per the name, the medallion is highly reflective, heavily sturdy, in a nice size. Imagine another color combination design on the other side! Like a 2/1 pendant likened the double-sided Camazotz trapezoid.

P.S. Stemming from the order on 9/11, with deep regards to Mgr. Frost's birthday & in the wake of he & Zoe's anniversary. Hail Satan!


RESURRECTION ⸸Knights Templar⸸


R_acrosticRise from the dead & become reborn
Breath of the Devil, alive in Satan
Unholy water upon thy brow
The flames of Hades burn in your eyes...
in your eyes... in your eyes...

The year is 1331
Secluded Temple in the woods
Bizarre French Abbey covered in ivy
Wealth & riches dwell within
Jocques DeMolay presiding
Baphomet-Satan reigns supreme
Unholy kingdom, Palace of Sin
Orgies, banquets, pleasures of life
Joyous frivolity under the knife
Blaspheming the crucifix
Exalting The Pentagram
Cult of the flesh
Travelling on the Devil's Pass...

Ceremony of the Stifling Air
Enter into the coffin
Awaken unto your true self
Emerge anew, a Knight Templar
Renounce the foolishness of the past
Now god is dead & Satan lives
Immortal fierce Satanic Pride
Rob the martyrs of their souls
Break the arms of the cross
Laugh aloud, sardonic wrath
Baptism in the bloodbath...

King Phillip IV feared for his throne
Pope Clement V prayed to his god
Templars brought before the court
Accused of heresy & witchcraft
Convicted by ignorance
Sentenced to burn at the stake
DeMolay speaks grim words of curse...

"Death to the tyrant! And unto the hypocrites! My death foretells My return... the flames shall set Me free! My shadow will cover this land once again. & bring you pain & agony...!"

The King suffered a horrible fate
Royal blood shed on the chopping block
The Pope fell down the steps of his chapel
Plunged to his death with no-one the wiser
Ghostly laughter from beyond the grave
Resounds through the abandoned castle
Dark visaged phantom still roams the abbey
Smiling reminder of DeMolay

A poetic recounting of the events which occurred in 1331 with the secret society of The Knights Templar, and the betrayal of the puppet-Pope and King of the time.

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Made in Hell

From the Depths, presented in Hellegant black boxes are contained "Hell Forged Steel", still brimming with Hades' flames.

  • The 'black steel' Lucifer medallion complements the bloodred Cloisonné Lilith medallion in a sexquisite Dracomnium dynamic, asserting & enhancing the conjoined lustful polarities of The Baphomet enthroned.

  • The blacksteel Pentagrammon festooned with silver chainlink necklace hooked about the top 2 angles of the horns of Satan grants a potent arcane ritualistic impression.

  • The Lilith medallion materializes with a rich deep red coloration, nicely reflective of the energy invoked. Ideal for Lust rituals & ceremonies, venturing forth during the rite, & lucidream projection.

  • The Lucifer banner is perfectly placed at the appropriate hellemental point for Chamber empowerment. It behooves the serious Satanic Sorcerer to also add the sigil of Belial, and Leviathan which may also be represented by the Necronomicon sigil.

The detail & quality of the medallions & pendants are always exquisite, plus I would love to see larger options available.


We are The Church of Satan

WE ARE SATANISTSJuly 666th yields a veritable treasure chest to be sure! Contained therein is the WE ARE SATANISTS {The History & Future of The Church of Satan} book, all 700+ pages, which is essentially a release of The Church of Satan - History of The World's Most Notorious Religion, with a plethora of bonus materials - archival photos section added, foreword by HP Gilmore, added articles by HP Nadramia, commentary by various Satanists including Myself [p.406] for segment "What does The Church of Satan mean to you?", additions to recommended filmography {content to read several of My own Dracommendations newly included therein!}; along with added content from The Cloven Hoof newsletter, and... 2 rituals! Those fiendishly empowering Frightday nyte rites of darkness, The Madness of Andelsprutz and Ceremony of The Avoosal {$ rite! Mammon summoned therein, and the assertion of the arachnid as harbinger of monetary influx! Hail The Spider King! Reminds Me of Aragog}.

Black Earth Possession: In coalescence, the cover features the many wonderful amulets obtained through nascent sources. Coursing counter-clockwise: Brimstone, 3D Baphomet, 666 Baphomet, purple Baphomet head, red Pentagram, Nightglow Baphomet, Mgr. Lang's Brimstone pendant, Witch pink Baphomet, Adversary Baphomet, pink "Baphomette" head, 3D, 666 Pentrapezoid, Camazotz Trapezoid, red Hellfire Power Pentagram. A splendid array for every occasion.

I fortuitously obtained the plate version with Magistra Barton's signature encircled in ornate diabolical Baphomet-laden trapezoidal frame; a bookmark featuring an appropriate photo of the author at the Bewitched statue in Salem; and hellegant postcard of the tome.

I first ordered The Church of Satan book from Hell's Kitchen Productions [HKP] when it first came out through The Black Flame magazine, remaining an essential part of The Library ever since; then along with The Secret Life of A Satanist originally acquired from Tower Records, frequently returning to them from cover to cover. Upon the release of the expanded version, it was forthwith summoned to The Noctuary as well. Always thoroughly pleasurable, affirming, and reflective of My thoughts as well.

Also possessed herein, the Eliphas Levi Sabbatic Baphomet Enthroned medallion: Here the pentagram upon the brow is in the proper position, earthen & hellbound, asserting The carnal Beast, who is actually seated upon the earth itself {"Lord of The Earth, and King of The World!"} signifying the hellements complementary in kind; presented within a cameoval shape, granting an impression of Victorian hellegance. Highly-detailed dark silver and sturdy.

Eclipsed {Black} Moon Baphomet medallion; Black gunmetal embossed & etched finely to display the emblem to hellite dimensions, gleaming texture with silver undertones by Hecate's light. Like the face of Satan emerging from the abyss through the darkness of the lunar eclipse upon such nights of Sorcery. Anyone searching for a black plated "Blackomet" will find this proximity.

Reminiscent of formative adornment upon discovering the symbols of dread in what may remind one of that first pewter Baphomet, but here evolved in kind to masterful detail with increased scale & quality.

Baphomet head magnet: Now possessed to complement the Power Pentagram, Camazotz Trapezoid, & Drægon Baphomet, for an infernal phantasmagoria adoring the shrine of Bælzebub!


Thistlethorn Baphomet

[Medallion appears darker than shown]

Arriving in the ominous black envelope folded in 1/2 {for extra protection!}, the medallion is preserved in the hellegant presentation of a black box within a black box, festooned on a bar upon velvet lining. A fine piece, highly detailed, red symbols & eyes, black gunmetal angles, lilac & thistle, darker background to a slightly lighter Baphomet head, with Anniversary inscription on back.

All arrives accompanied by a card with dedication statement written by The High Priestess, along with an Ungodly {featuring the lovely Zoe} & care instruction cards, with several complementary stickers of a red Baphomet, Ungodly {goathead}, and Pentacular Sulphur design. All carefully contained in an additional envelope. Class act all the way to Hell!

It seems appropriate that Magus Gilmore and I made our acquaintance wearing similar coloration displayed herein. Congratulations, and Hail The Church of Satan!

Additionally, this medallion can be used for seduction purposes, as it demonstrates the coloration of Lust / Dominance upon The Devil's Shadowheel. [Dracomeroth]




Asplendid documentary on the evolution of The Church of Satan throughout the Age of Fire, from its founding origins heralded by LaVey through to Gilmore, some rare archival photographs & footage, with interviews with several of the interesting personalities contained therein. Blanche Barton, The Gilmores amidst Black House Beast, Ruth Waytz, doll-maker/collector & Metal musician couple Marilyn & Zoth, plus various Writers, artists, musicians, models, dancers, a myriad of performers gracing this shadowy organization of productive individualists, eccentrics, unconventional conventionalists, the alien elite!

Questions range from the personal discovery of The Satanic Bible, the use of the philosophy to exemplify perspective, the practice of The Religion, and overall lifestyle. Opinions and experiences through The Satanic Panic, and personal projects enhanced by Satanism. A visit to a bar showcasing The Great Satan presentation, and wonderful scenes from a Church event including psychodramatic & salacious performances, and an inspirational diatribe by The High Priest.

From Coney Island spookhouses to Los Diablos highrises, foggy San Francisco origins to hellscape vistas & clandestine Satanic gatherings, the devils speak for themselves in An American Satan, an impartial journalistic documentary that is both educational and overall simulating to the uncommon senses. [5/5]

An American Satan

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{Dracommendation: Also be sure to peruse another recent documentary INTO THE DEVIL'S DEN}