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Dractionary: nazarene weather, æsthetics


nazarene weather, æsthetics

Hot, oppressive, desert-like weather, from whence the folklore originates. Contains much of the Lightmare's BUGS elements, but specifically concentrating on the weather.

ÆSTHETICS: nazarene [land], [environment]. Ergo, "Nothing 'good' ever came out of the desert!"; clothes = rags, generic, common, ill-fitting, filthy or peasant-like. Architecture: minimal craft, design, decoration, simplistic, or shoddy.

{Be it known, that artistry created in the name of blindlight churches were commissioned from artisans & musicians, the eccentric, that were so-called "christian" in name only, under threat, while cardinal application was always for self-interest, and may have actually been de-facto diabolists & actual occultists}.


AHS: Hotel Hell, Apocalypse


So far, many personal synchronicities present. The very name of the place based on The Cecil and XIII Floors} - Hotel Cortez - An ancestral namesake! The owner's name is "Drake", and a detective turned veritable "occult investigator" because of paranormal circumstances is a virtual Emon. Definitely one of those many instances where it makes one wonder of certain scouts taking notes on ones ideas. Some credit would be appreciated!

Countess Elizabeth plays a vampiress preying on local douchebags. There's also vampire albino kids {reminiscent of Village of The Damned} living in a secret game room. A couple of swedish tourist girls become their meal. The Hotel was originally constructed by {snake in a man suit} "James Patrick March" {based on ||||olmes, America's 1st serial killer who constructed a glorious, inspirational murder castle}, which itself is riddled with secret passageways, chutes, false walls, escape routes, hidden chambers, etc. By the by the Hotel becomes occupied by various serial killers including The Nightstalker, The Killer Clown, Aileen Wournos, even Jeffrey Dahmer!

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Episode 3: Mommy.

The Countess' former significant other returns, where I learn that the matronly lady working there is actually his mother! She's completely DMH, and asks the heroin slag to kill her, on account that she had an argument with her son {whom she thinks hates her}, but she's hard to kill, who despite being filled with enough to OD several victims, snores on, so a plastic bag is placed over her head to finish the job.

Predictably, upon his return {after being preyed upon by one of The Countess' former turnovers, a blaxploitation "Jackie Brown" type she met in the 70's {drug peddler?} resents her for killing her 'big bad leroy brown' boyfriend, plugs him into a dialysis machine - which would of course remove all his unholy vampire blood - in an attempt to gain a foothold on the inside, but is released after he informs her that she 'dumped' him last Tuesday!}; regardless, his own insanity brings him back to call on mother, and he's completely miserable among the common herd. He returns while the assisted suicide is in progress, only to rescue her with his vampire blood. [end]

While on the other side of the hotel, the detective now has to deal with his wife attempting suicide and decides to divorce him, but they start to make up in a passionate manner, when their ...missing... {now vampire} child finally emerges from the hidden game room, probably sensing their separation is imminent. [end]

Final Supper
Episodes 4 & 5: Devil's Night, Room Service

Whereupon "Devil's Night" of the 30th is considered the serious stuff while the 31st rather chintzy {amateur night!}, in a manner similar to Mad Monster Party, several serial killers arrive from Hell to gather at The Cortez to celebrate their deadly fetishes in style! Hosted by HH Holmes {the genius loci, some say The Devil in the flesh, wherein he once commented "I was born with The Devil in me", called 'The Master' by the others}, Ritchie, Wuornos, Gacy, Dahmer, and The Zodiac! All very well casted. {No Manson or Son of Sam?} Welcome to The High Holidays! Ha!

Dahmer gets his pretty boytoy, whose skull he drills into to create his perfect zombie lover that will never leave.

Hotel attendant named "Liz Taylor" reminds Me of uncle creepo. His story is that he just "came out" as a transvestite withe help of The Countess, eventually becoming a part of The Hotel Cortez after witnessing the slaughter of his 2 homophobic, misogynistic generic 'pals' by Liz. Good riddance!

Then the vampiric awakening of Iris whose 1st substantial feeding comes of 2 pretentious douchebag hipsters. Good riddance!

Earlier on, another awakening in the feeding of Det. Drake's son Holden & wife/mother in training, in which he turns the whole class into vampires! He really needs direction and structure. They both end up pleasantly sleeping together in an accommodating coffin.

Episode 5: Room 33

Swedish tourist girls return as ghosts. Seduce one guy, kill him, trying to find their "purpose". Seduce Drake on advice of his wife. Probably because he tried to shoot & kill the little demon.

Baby Bartholomew is introduced, Countess Elizabeth's child, a little monster in a Rosemary's Baby dynamic. He has a fanged smile like the boys! Ergo the title of the episode, is that his darkveiled crib is kept in Room 33.

The Countess kills the random model guy after he and Liz Taylor reveal they're in love.

Episodes 7,8,9: Flicker, 10 Commandments, She Wants Revenge

The "10 Commandments Killer" is Drake, revealing his schizophrenia and crusader syndrome that everyone else seemed to see but him. Plus Marsh wants him for his physical successor.

That negress comes back still seeking revenge against The Countess "Elizabeth" {as in 'Bathory'}, but is tricked by "Donovan" to cooperate, but is trapped upon entering the inside within a cage lined with UV lights, keeping the vampiric occupant weak. Quite diabolically ingenious, actually.

Hotel wraps up with The Countess as a ghost, trapped in the Cortez forever with Marsh and the others. Liz voluntarily became a ghost to remain within forever, by the claw of The Countess, who herself was killed by Drake with the commandment of "thou shalt not murder".

I consider this anthology to be a work of sinematic genius. The characters, plot, acting, environment, angles, style, everything to perfection. But what the Hell ever happened to the laundress after being banished?

Illustrates herd panic and hypothetical apocalyptic situations perfectly. "Michael" the antichrist is already introduced, in what I expect to be a retroactive plot to relate his evilution. I thought the timing of this anthology poignant in just before the beginning of the Camazotz plague Curse, with a group of worthy 'survivors' held in quarantine! Love the introductory graphics displaying Baphomets, woodcuts, demons, Dore' Lucifer, etc.

Gets better and better! Even traces back to Hotel. That fat negro bwitch is trapped therein, doomed to play cards with March for eternity, but is rescued by Langdon in a veritable "harrowing of Hell", because he is "the one" - that it to say The Antichrist, and Alpha Warlock, superseding even that of the witches. Proven by taking these witches out of their predicaments which the headmistress witch herself could not manage to do, but done by way of Satan by Satan, as it were, is relatively easy for him.

She faints upon the sight of them returning to the bomb shelter, which enters into a subterranean living facility like a veritable Hogwarts, but for Warlocks, whereas the witches school is located elsewhere, in more of a "white magic" weakan vein. There does appear to be some contention between the genders, or "weakans vs. Satanists" type drivel, which was a sort of trend - but of course, Satanists rule - always have and always will, because it is a philosophy of Strength recognizing Magic for all purposes, not some binary dualistic paradigm, like blindlighters. We are Satanists because we are born that way, progressing according to merit, regardless of gender. As a matter of fact, that is why Baphomet encompasses both in one!

So the two supervising bitches poison the lot with snake venom, but are all resuscitated by the witches. There is one that is also a standout. The unassuming toadie for the pretentious bimbo, who at one point graciously offered to perform analingus on a guest who unfortunately turned outo be the husband she abandoned at the apocalypse - he kills her dead. But her common, even frumpy appearance kind of resembling Daria in most every way, only with a shoot of hair jutting up like an antenna, belies her latent, veritable Firestarter abilities.

It is also discovered that Langdon is the son of the actress playing Iris from Hotel, is now a cyborg. Previously, in a touching scene, they are sitting talking over supper with a Satanic Altar in the corner of the dining room, which to Me, is totally and completely wholesome! A veritable Fete Diaboli Satanic Grace.

Draconian SINchronicities abound, although he would have transformed into a more favorable Gothic appearance!}

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Dractionary: Darkitecture, Helltane

Darkitecture: Iconic architecture of darkened fane, like haunted houses, mansions, The Black House {Hellhouse}, Gothic castles, lighthouses, towers, structures displaying trapezoidal angles and classic darketypal iconography. May also include vehicles.

Helltane: 'Mayday', modified to include Satanic sensibilities. Aknowledged meditation & practice upon unexpurgated Lust and sexual symbolism, such as the maypole {phallus of Baphomet, Satan}, Male/Female attributes. Orgiastic pleasures, debauchery, fetishistic indulgence.

Coat of Arms

Notre Damned?


Notre Dame cathedral burned today! It is said "accidentally" during restoration. Perhaps a worker dropping a cigarette? My first question was "Did Quasimodo make it out okay?" This building is indeed a treasure. I mourn only for the Gothically beautiful architecture, gargoyle statuary, musical resonance, and artistic elements therein.

Turns out the spectacle was much more dramatic than the actual damage done. Much of the burning is contained on the roof, with a falling spire as a loss. But pretty much all of the interior is preserved! Just a bit smokey, is all! It will no doubt be restored in full, with remains preserved as souvenirs. I suppose it's only a matter of time until someone uses the footage to the tune of Black Metal {'Skeleton Hand' by Devil Master}, and/or someone claims to have seen the face of Satan in the flames!

The cathedral looks like Hogwarts to Me, reminds of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Moundshroud helped the kids put it together from The Halloween Tree; and has seen hundreds of years of hypocritical opulence and theocratic oppression, but the ingenious levels of construction achieved is a monument to ingenuity, imagination, and creativity, which is to be lauded.

Interestingly, the burning cathedral seems ominously predicted in the still from Rosemary's Baby wherein she gapes in astonishment at the rendition of the burning edifice in Hellfire, which also carries an overall metaphorical meaning of the fall of the blindlight. Ergo, GOD IS DEAD! SATAN LIVES!

~ ⛧ ϟATAN

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Nefarious Newsletter 3/1-6/LIV


xian reich burns Harry Potter books!

How very similar to common Satanic Panic practices of frightened xoids trying to rid the world of The Devil's influences! There has been many a pyre including records & movies as well! Obviously this makes no difference whatsoever, as those books will continue to sell, continue to contribute to the art of reading, exercise the imagination, and make for many wonderful sessions and contemplation for the more intellectually inclined - those who appreciate this particular entertainment faire.

Obviously, anything that deviates from their limited scripture strictures could be subject to immolation, because it may not follow their simplistic dualistic program, while those readers may suspend disbelief for a time, engaging in the mystical world of Witchcraft & Sorcery!

The irony is that this frequently causes a reversal effect, for adventurous readers, moviegoers, and music fans know that the forbidden stuff has always been the best stuff! So thanks for being unwitting emissaries of The Devil, essentially creating a veritable hellfire beacon for maximum attention!

Ultimately, this amounts to nothing more but theocratic tyranny! But always eventually works in favor of the artisans!

Black Metal drummer burns NZ church

Well, that's one way to bring attention to your band! IGNI. Of course, these types of crimes tend to follow an exclusively anti christian, jewish, or islamic framework, with the perpetrator having no deeper an understanding of true Satanism than that created by horror movies or fantasizing Satanic Panic christians! If Vikernes' methods are to be considered! The problem has always been in the historical and aesthetic value of some of these structures. Clearly, Gothic & primal architecture is to be valued, regardless of what hypocrisy is being taught within those walls, otherwise, the only factor to be considered is a legal one, and whether or not it is worth the incarceration.

Otherwise, many of these properties can be purchased and renovated, customized to suit the owner! "Converted" churches can make for a great Gothic Lair, business, or even Hellfire club!

Beheaded statues!

Committed by a rabid is-lame-o-tard? Petty criminal Devil worshipper? Catholic-hating psychotic xoid who doesn't believe Catholics are real xians?


¿ Spanish Theorem ?

THE BLACK SCHOOL by John Jude Palencar
Illustration: THE BLACK SCHOOL by John Jude Palencar [1]
Spaniards have always been in league with The Devil. And Spain is an entry to Hell...

...Particularly, theoretically about the Catalonian & Basque regions, whose Scatological culture alludes to Besse Osculum Infame, and the rumored location of a school of Sorcery & Witchcraft, wherein Wizards & Witches from all over the world gather to study & develop the occult.

The blasphemous and sacrilegious nature of certain "holydays" comprised of parodies & mockery, with a veneration of the diabolical, outre', the carnal, the fetishistic, decorated in Castilian & surreal architecture, artistry, insanely passionate music, dance, hellishly spicy foods, etc., with an almost malefick joie de vivre and erotic energy. Even the nocturnal preferences of the populace.

Perhaps a major reason one Charles Addams portrayed Gomez a dashing Spaniard, a firey lover, & an ideal patriarchal representation of Evil. Though the Satanic is innately demonstrated in all cultures, it seems more dramatically exemplified.


A city in the province of Aragon, Spain, that is completely dedicated to Witchery {like a Spanish 'Salem'}. Its foundational history boasts excommunication from The Catholic Church which found it to be so evil, that is should be 'accursed'; wherein Witches & Warlocks were allowed to roam and practice their rites with impunity in a veritable reservation manner apart from theocratic rule, and unto themselves, whom, likened the Yazidis {see The Statement of Shaitan, Al-Jilwah, The Satanic Rituals, LaVey}, developed, preserved, maintain, and perpetuate their own particular traditions the year through and upon occasion.

The place turns into a veritable Halloweentowne for Luz De Las Animas {"light of the spirits", but we'll call it infernalight of the demons}, where jack o' lanterns are carved, some deadicated & placed in the resident graveyard, and otherwise featured for display! The "Feria De Brujeria Y Magia" is a witchcraft faire wherein all manner of nascent items, supplies, potions, spells, tarot reading, artistry, parades, etc., are brought forth in the 1st Saturday of July; and The Hogueras De San Anton is the Winter festival lit with bonefires taking place on The Solstice!

Visitors who dare stay the night can stay in "El Horno" {'The Oven', Hellmouth?} up on the castle grounds.

All year round, there is the Museo De Brujeria {"Museum of Witchcraft"} in towne, along with medieval architecture the area through featuring images of devils, witches, wizards, black cats, broomsticks, and ravens to titillate sightseers and tourists into this centuries olde arcane village of the damned. Seemingly inspirational to hellscape paintings and macabre horror films alike! Even the name sounds like it could be a demon's!



Behold! Even the demonic geography sindicates & reflects the infernal preferences and inclinations of the nation. The entire country is shaped like a Devil head! Could the country be a veritable vortex of etheric energy?

"...The schooling of many Wizards extends far beyond conventional arts and sciences of the day. Most of them disappeared for long periods at some point in their careers. When they returned to their own lands, they were haggard, grim-faced and, it was said, accompanied by intermittently visible and long-clawed assistants, who obeyed their every command. People who had dealings with these Wizards spoke of a Black School, where Magicians are taught. No one knew quite where it was, but most speculations placed it in Moorish Spain, usually at Toledo or Salamanca.

The sources were agreed about certain details concerning the school. It was in a cavern, underground, windowless, and lightless, but its books of instruction - whose Spells allowed Wizards to witness events far away, or to travel great distances in the blink of an eye, or to summon up demons - were written in firey letters that provided their own light for reading. During the term of their schooling - five to seven years - the would-be Wizards never ventured outside and never saw their Master. All knew who He was, however, for all had been required to make certain agreements with Him before entering...a cavern reached by winding staircases leading far into the earth and sealed from the sunlight by iron doors.

Except for their own murmurings, the scholars had a silent schooling. They saw no headmaster and heard no response to their questions. The answers they asked for each night appeared in the morning as letters that glowed and faded on the pages of their books or shown from the cavern walls. No servants brought the Wizards sustenance. Instead, a shaggy hand thrust out from the walls the food and drink they required. No fee was asked, save one - that the last man to leave each class, give his body and soul to The Schoolmaster, whose name was Satan


Boleskine burns?


Well, not totally, but only a certain portion thereof, and quite salvageable. Upon the Winter Solstice of Satanalia, no less... a fire celebration. This is significant because it speaks to the dynamic that the house itself is a veritable elemental conductor, serving as a receptacle for natural etheric energies upon such a Sabbatic pinnacle. It is recognized the concentrated energy a house can radiate by considering Magus LaVey’s own phenomenal archetypal Black House, and subsequent others like Black House East in Poughkeepsie and BH North.

Is Hell trying to claim its own? Christian Arsonist? Accidental? It certainly is a location of Occult historical connotation, and as such, should be repaired to identical specifications.

I first became acquainted with Crowley through Man, Myth, & Magic encyclopedia of The Occult, and Fate magazine, then in Crimes & Punishment: History of Aberrant Behavior. It was always a fascinating read.

Crowley is a ceremonial magician & member of The Golden Dawn, the type of mystic that Solomon was, who in fact incorporated many of those practices into his own system he called Thelema, more akin to Rosicrucianism, Kaballism, & various mystical judeo-christian grimoires. These are all outlined in his Liber Al Legis {Book of The Law}, with "Magick In Theory & Practice" as an introductory primer.

On the other hand, Satanism was not codified as a religion & philosophy in a structured form until Anton Szandor LaVey did so in 1966 with the organizational founding of The Church of Satan, and subsequent publication of The Satanic Bible in 1969. It is simple to discriminate that the two texts are vastly different.

Of course, ignorant paranoid fundamentalists are eager to label anything they cannot understand as diabolical in some way, with some sort of occult appearance or terminology, in league with The Devil in some form, even though it may not be so, yet perhaps they may not actually know the difference after all, despite available information, or foster purposeful misinformation to generate fear, to falsely substantiate archaic superstitious fictions.

Ironically, this recent instance only adds to the allure, the mystery, the infamy of the house on the shores of Lochness, host to another notable inhabitant, that of the exploits of the so-called "Wickedest man in the world", thus remaining testament to its potent impact upon history, and perhaps with a philanthropic benefactor, should even be appropriately transformed into an occult museum, as it would have been for LaVey’s. ∞


North Hollywood

Another foray to North Hollywood yielded further observations of a rather unpleased nature. Seems this area is now widely referred to as "NoHo", as per the herd's peculiar habit of abbreviating everything, seemingly attempting to degrade the language into a monosyllabic mishmash - laziness, perhaps. With a couple of exceptions, the areas beyond LP/VP reek of pretentiousness, largely occupied by so-called "hipsters", which seem to be a cross between "Grunge" {the return of the hippies} and "Emo" {suicidal, self-destructive; not Goth; also known as "posers"}, with a pop-alternative programming, pretensions towards rebellion, but in a trendy prescribed manner. Like sheep pretending to be wolves. Again, an alternative to the so-called "alternative" is recognized.
The area now known as the so-called "Arts District" is overdeveloped and overpopulated, especially around the area where Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do dojo was {"Cobra Kai" dojo; Lankershim & Magnolia}. Sensei Ken has relocated to Burbank {now known as Ken Nagayama Martial Arts}. However, the restaurant where the Danny Larusso character from The Karate Kid was dining with his mother across the way is there as a bar/diner.

There is a balance that should be preserved, between nature and architecture - one should compliment the other.

At Laurel/Valley Plaza, where there was space between the street and the businesses with a parking lot is now stacked to the curb {especially evident in an ugly middle school built there, with apparently the former parking lot now a flat field therein - I'd hate attending there Myself, what with all the traffic, pollution, people}, creating a crowding effect. Trees are sparse, even at nearby parks.

Nature is the cradle in which a population and its structures should rest.

It was cool, with the day slowly lapsing into night, so we decided to sit down at one of the benches for lunch. There was some sort of shoot going on, which reminds Me that this park was featured as the environmental background on several episodes of favored series Knight Rider, most particularly the episode Deadly Knightshade, guest starring prestidigitator/illusionist Lance Burton, wherein a hearse crashes on the corner and erupts into flames! And this just a few yards from the Y.

I tried the Wienerschnitzel "tamale" {a "beanerschnitzel"?}, more for the novelty of it than anything else, considering the humor factor of a German-themed fast food joint offering mexican food. It was, shall we say, expectedly diminutive & bland; but the real meal of the time was a nice helping of Del Taco's burritos and tacos {practically soaked in 'Del Scorcho' hot sauce} - herd feed, not exactly Garduno's or Snappy's, but workable for the circumstance. Upon disposal, this park has solar trash receptacles, which apparently compacts the contents. However, I did consider an idea for such fast food establishments to install rails for vehicles to be coasted into the drive-thru like a car wash, thus saving on fuel, decrease some pollution, seem very considerate, and would guarantee an exponential increase in revenue. ∞

* Laurel Plaza.
* Devin Black Haunts.