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When the sun sinks into Hell
You can see the pitflames there
Upon the horizon for all to see

Creatures of Hellemental fane
Come to fly, swim, and creep
Caverns of Belial's domain deep

The Duskening calls
Children of Satan all
Draegon wings, western demonwinds
Coursing across the land and sea

Lucifer's star
Glitters by Hecate's moonlight
Reflecting Sorath's Might
Constellations reveal occult mysteries

The Duskening calls
To those born of darkness
Mark of The Beast, blackest heart
Debauchery and Sorcery

Nocturnal Orchestra
Floats along the evening gusts
By the zephyrs and the trees
From ancient tales of sithening

As Satan's cloak envelopes the land
The western pentagram is cast
And daemons of every shape and size
Come forth to partake in wicked delights

* The Duskening
* The Musical Garden


Haunted Westerfield House


This investigative "team" goes to San Francisco's historic Westerfield House, where certain rituals were performed by Anton LaVey, Kenneth Anger and company {c. Magic Circle}, while Togare visited as well - his clawmarks still embedded into the wall posts!

Their job is to merely record, amateurs at best, the activities of Sorcerers {the real authorities} and the creation of, and coalescence with, prospected entities.

Now occupied by tenants who report regular paranormal anomalies, the house features a central tower where the rituals were cast, while Kenneth Anger confirms and recounts some of the nefarious events that occurred there, affirming there is most likely residual demonic energy still lingering therein. Although the place was also used previously for Magic, relating that a circle was found when they began their practice.

Videographers attempt to initiate a response by pretentiously performing The Rite of The Opening of The Gates straight out of The NECRONOMICON. While it is a veritable prop to complement Lovecraftiana, it is based upon an actual pantheon of demons and gods with methods of invocation, ergo, adding validity as a grimoire, as a framework for thoughtform projection.

At one point the participants are drawn of energy, when something extracts lifeforce for materialization, which seemingly subsequently occurs. The probable reason why increased energy was detected in the foundation of the house is due to incremental rising of force from an earthward source {or "Hell"?}, each gate acting like a veritable step stair of energetic ascension.

Overall, the 'investigation' yields a toppled camera, flickering lights, drained batteries, sudden unexplained noises, a floating translucent "veil", and what sound like voices, translated through a machine that approximates words, and perhaps a presence lingering about the tower area, both within the room and apparently encircling above. Another device attempts to place form onto mass. What is detected is something that resembles a humanoid form that transforms into a four-legged beast. While one of them claims to have seen LaVey on the stairs!

Determination is that this location is indeed haunted.



Togare[Bionic Woman: CLAWS]

Features Togare renamed "Neal" upon admittance to Tippi Hedren's Shambala preserve. In addition to scenes From Speak of The Devil and Satanis, he's also in ROAR.

* See Hedren's daughter Melanie Griffith lounging with Togare.

winged skull, vampire, predator

Camazotz's Revenge!


Camazotz Trapezoid AltarChurch of Satan Altar circa The Magic Circle: Camazotz "Demon Bat", Draegon emerges through The Trapezoid

The Camazotz virus is doing well and continues to spread across the planet, taking more and more lives, as is justified for those creatures mistreated throughout the decades. It emerged in justified recourse and as continual sacrifice unto ME, initiated for DRACMAS. In cooperation with Camazotz & Pazuzu; By Pazuzu, in the name of Camazotz!

Something Evil this way comes... Shadowmancy Manifestation of CAMAZOTZ

The Seventh Statement

Ever since I spotted that terrible photo of a bat sitting in stew with its stomach sliced open filled with soup, which was most likely cooked alive, as the peasant tend to think that this adds flavor, I knew that something had to be done! As a matter of fact, that very bat has served as a vessel for the malediction!

I maintain that most animals are not fit for consumption and would either be better left as pets, friends, or just left alone in nature. Being another animal, there can be mutual respect.

I have released punishments before, like the pre-Katrina tsunami for the abuse of snakes by skinning them and throwing them in oil alive {not to mention cephalopods tortured as a novelty!}, and always the disgust and anger felt whenever contemplating that atrocious dog eating festival in China, not to mention other atrocities all over the world, which will each be answered in kind, individually and collectively. This has been building up for awhile, also due to the inhumane treatment of harvesting certain canines for their pelts, mutilated, skinned and left to die! All this suffering energy now directed for justified vengeance!

Legis Draconum

To wit: 1. Mammalian farm animal meat like Beef, Pork, chicken; & otherwise fish. Other meat tastes gamy & unpleasant, 2. the humanimal palate senses something is not right, and would only possibly be consumed for extreme self-preservation. Otherwise never. 3. No consumption of insects, cephalopods. There is good reason these result in certain diseases.

Wrong: 1. Anything entailing the torture and mutilation of the creature. 2. Asian dog & cat eating activities & events, 3. harvesting pelts or animal parts. 4. Hunting for sports & games. 5. Bullfighting, 6. dogfighting 7. rooster fights, etc., 8. anything that entails the unnatural or coerced participation of animals for contest or sport resulting in mutilation or death. These can be suitably modified for entertainment, art, and exercise without the torture or death of the animal.

Technology has sufficiently evolved to exclude such practices, and create or replace, or substitute adequate or superior products. Civilized societies need not partake in these primitive methods.

Formulaic Materializations

It occurred to Me that the way The Camazotz Curse is playing out is very similar to The Stand by Stephen King {"corona"..."king"...? Hmmm, very interesting!}, that I found Myself gaping when watching the promotional video for the film. WOW.

Makes Me wonder why King says it is not like this current plague, when it is almost identical? Maybe he just wants to avoid the association with the reality of the deadly plague with his work? But to Me, it seems quite almost prophetic, as tends to happen from time to time with writers, who delve into the deep subconscious, sometimes pulling forth unintended clairvoyant impressions. Also not to mention admitted prophets like Nostradamus.

A-Massed consciousness permutations accessed and materialized both etherically and unconsciously by certain political entities making the order to produce such a virus {terrorism? 'pandemichemical' warfare?}, then further subconsciously influenced by individual scientists with unintentional mistakes sourced in sublimated productions? Timed about Dracmas to manifest sacrificial energy for The Draegon. Placed into motion with thoughtform materialization... combined with justified recourse, all elements prone to surge. All it took is for Strong individual desire to break loose! Combination Lock Principle in order.

Hoarding herd

Regarding the herd hoarding tissue paper, food, and antiseptic lotions and soaps, the government said even during these so-called "lockdowns", citizens may go to and fro to necessary excursions, like to the market, hospital, etc., so you may go about your purchasing routines like normal, and return as needed. DO NOT HOARD.

Halloween masks

People should at least become a bit creative about facemasks nowadays - how about getting out those Halloween masks, mouth mask coverings with imaginative designs, from skull & monster jaws, even Alien facehuggers. Halloween frivolity all through this period! Ninja zukin & fukumin {mask & hood}, and of course, it would also be as easy to pull up a turtleneck over one's mouth and nose.



I did find some interesting synchronicity that coincides and supplements the veracity of this plague curse.

For instance, besides "Corona" meaning "crown", King Camazotz. Per Alphabetic numerology, add the number of letters to the alphabetical quotient:

I. CORONA = 6 letters + [C=3+O=15+R=18+0=15+N=14+A=1=666] | 6+6+6=18 | 1+8=9
II. [6+6=12 | 1+2=3+6=9]

Even the alternate nomenclature "COVID-19" results in SATAN!

C=3+O=15+V=22+I=9+D=4+19=72 | 7+2=9

  • [Reference: The Unknown Known, The Satanic Rituals, LaVey]

    ~ Mr. Hellvedere

    "Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!" - The Satanic Bible, LaVey

    Farts in the wind [Update 4/18]: So let it be noted that xians are reacting to this announcement, just one day after it was posted. Regarding it as demonic, mentioning the "wind of god" in obvious reaction to My mention of The Winds of Hell. As a result, other christards have begun mentioning it as demonic! Which of course, it is.

  • winged skull, vampire, predator

    Messengers of Hell

    Messengers of Hell
    Messengers of Hell
    Casting Thy Spells
    Fortells the Omen's bliss
    Granting of Satan's Gifts
    Upon thy shoulders fell
    Talisman Omnipotent
    Infernal Blessings rise
    Upon blackened wings

    Messengers of Hell
    Fly forth at dusk
    When you can see the brimstone fire
    Upon horizon pyre
    The Keys are spoken
    The Words betoken
    The Is To Be

    Messengers of Hell
    Black feathers, beaks, and talons
    Children of Lucifer
    Glistening eyes unbounded
    Filled with Hecate's moonlight
    Lilith & Asmodeus
    Thy demon wings fly forth!
    Murder upon the winds!

    Messengers of Hell
    The Pentagram is glowing
    Baphomet lend Thy flight
    Atop the forest's height
    Soaring all through the 13th night
    Bring forth the tidings grim
    And Seal The Pact with Him!


    Holy Wars


    The "Holy Wars" cuntinue!

    ITEM: 49 dead! 20 injured = 69!* Payback's a Bitch! Watching the blindlighters decimate eachother is a pleasing spectacle, the more the better! After all, this has been going on for centuries, so nothing's new! As a matter of fact, xians are being slaughtered on a daily basis in those sandlands, churches bombed, etc., while using even little children to conceal bombs and wield firearms as so-called "soldiers" for "allah". Saracens battling eachother in name of "God"! Pathetic! Ancient truism "those who live by the 'sword', shall die by it!"

    As the xoids' are mandated to go out unto all the world to proselytize, The Saracens' koran mandates to wage war against all "infidels" who are not such as they!

    This crime was perpetrated by a "white nationalist", a self-identifying member of a racist christian cult organization {which does have its corollaries amidst other blindlighters}. It seems no coincidence that so-named "christchurch" was selected for this massacre! As far as I'm concerned, I'll quote a line from The Black Anthem:

    "Buddhist, christian, muslim, jew... we don't need them anymore!"

    nazarene, mohammud, you can have 'em! Go/od riddance!

    UPDATE: Keyan university attack by islamotards killing xtards

    Hail Allah XUL! Hail IBLIS!

    * 3/16: Since updated to 50 dead, 50 injured.

    ITEM: Fire at Mountain Town
    NO! At least 32 were saved! This is actually more tragic than any of that typical subhuman activity {as amusing as it may be}. Our little four-legged brothers and sisters! Those that slither, crawl, leap, fly! In ether regenerate into Nature! By the Hellements! Welcome and return!

    ITEM: ON THE RUN: Murdered girl's mother extradited to CA from TX
    An update on an ongoing saga of the most recent victim to be thrown into the veritable gaping maw of the Hellmouth that is Haunted Turnbull Canyon! The boyfriend {alleged killer} was found sleeping in a car in a parking lot in San Diego, while the mother was found all the way in Texas, both apparently on the run! She may have been intended for prostitution by pimp boyfriend and mother as well! Justice will be done!

    Trial By Sex! {Catholic Archives}
    According to one source, back from the 13th-17th centuries, Divorce could be stipulated if one member of a couple accused the other of impotence, in which case the couple would have to have sex in front of the court in order to determine the efficacy of the charge.

    ITEM: Stonehenge party: BYOP! Bring your own pig!
    Apparently, gaining entrance to Pagan revels at the monolith required one to bring one's own feast beast, being swine and wine!

    Malefick Musick News
  • Mötley Crüe does a rendition of Madonna's Like A Virgin?! This is just about one of the oddest renditions ever made! Definitely the heaviest! Amusingly irreconcilable! A wincer! Though there is nothing quite like Weird Al Yankovick's Like A Surgeon!
  • In the wake of Walpurgisnacht, POSSESSED is scheduled to release Revelations of Oblivion on May 10th! There has been no release by the band since The EYES OF HORROR ep {followed by several live albums}. The Possessed Unholy Infernal Trinity {666} has always been the self-titled POSSESSED, BEYOND THE GATES, & the said EYES OF HORROR. Take a listen to No More Room In Hell. Just as fierce and Wicked as ever! {Did notice less reverb on the voice, though it really complements the musick!}; Sounds like REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION may very well be worthy to be included therein!

  • Shadowmancer

    Watercross, mini stingrays, & foot floaters!


    ITEM: Cross washes up on Florida shore

    The nazarene folktale describes the character as walking on water, when in fact the sea was receded per natural seasonal flows, yet perhaps impressive timing to simps {unbeknownst to them! of course}, but this is ridiculous!

    Five options: 1. Throw it back! Let nature sort it out! 2. Invert it, paint it black! Perhaps utilize it for Messe Noir purposes. Remember the one from The Devil's Rain! 3. Burn it! Use it as kindling to burn copies of the moldy babble and koran! 4. Charge to see it, and/or sell it to stuporstitious fundies! 5. Cut into dimensional portents to make your own Altar. Either Trapezoidal, Pentagram, or inverse cross!


    An Altar can be built in three methods:

    • I. Trapezoid: The base should be squared, forming a solid foundation. Cut 4 boards at tilted angles slightly serrated at the ends, which ascend to support the altar top, which may either flat or flat trapezoidal facing the primary viewing direction. Option: center pillar underneath.
    • II. Pentagram: 5 boards {of either same or thinner width to last}. 4 Lain flat against the wall in Pentagram formation. 1 lain parallel sideways from wall like shelf, which may either serve to display entirely of tools, or additional decoration.
    • III. Inverse Cross: 2 boards, one lain flat against the wall, the other sideways & outfacing to accommodate Altar items.
    ITEM: Creepy Crawlies from the sea

    To Me, it looks like Evilution has produced a new creature here - miniature mantarays with legs! Those beautiful water devils! The bodies and spines are very similar, and dangerous {Ask Steve Irwin!}, and perhaps they are still twitching is because they need to get back to water! Similar but not so much like rat-tailed maggots, looking more crustacean than anything!

    ITEM: Severed foot found in Canada

    Every time I hear one of these stories, I Am reminded of the story "Satan Sleuth" Emon tells about the shoes he found in the desert, whom he claims were submitted during an initiation ritual. Could someone have taken cues from that story and added an extra gory element? In any case, the sheeple to whom the foot belongs is obviously some trendy generic with such bad programmed taste.

    This actually reminds Me of the Vajankle! For the tride and true foot fetishist!

    Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

    Sacrificial Baptism of Blood

    Nefarious NewsNEFARIOUS NEWS
    ITEM: Bloody Baptism

    This dime-a-dozen protestant 'minister' may have been encroaching upon this gator's terrortory, wherein Tiamat arose from the depths to take his snackrifice, attracted by the splashing commotion, making for the first body standing nearest, for his own communal Feast of The Beast!

    Considering all the bloody symbolism, what do you suppose they think about the real thing? The only regret is in the lack of frequency of such occurences. It should happen more often!