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The Love Witch


A beautiful young witch also happens to be a femme fatale*. Seemingly, when chosen men do not meet her storybook expectations, she kills them. Slipping victims a concoction which first makes them hallucinate, then eventually die, but this after giving each one the show & carnal pleasure of their lives. Her victims range from her own husband, a teacher she met in a park resembling Kris Kristofferson {c. Shake Hands With The Devil; though not as hirsute as customary}, to a politician.

Unfortunately, she's not very thorough disposing of the bodies afterwards, leaving a shallow grave in the backyard, complete with her very own [burnt] clothing on top! Along with a witch bottle! {which she had also been supplying the local occult shoppe} Total self-incrimination. All of which traces an investigator back to her, who also becomes infatuated! Even going as far as an impromptu handfasting ceremony at a Renaissance Faire, populated by her witch friends!

Speaking of 'witch', when not galivanting about slaying one-night stand lovers, she hangs out in a brothel / bar / stripclub with hidden ritual chamber, run by the town's witches, and otherwise in a teahouse with her regular friend, whose husband she also slept with and killed. She does eventually discover this upon snooping about her room.

The rituals and ceremonies displayed herein display a combination neo-Pagan, Gardnerian appearance & 'skyclad' activities, inclusive of a framed Sabbatical Baphomet, and a pentacle ornamenting the wall. Her first induction included sex with the cult leader within the pentagram. Her own home is quite the Lair as well**, within an enchanting Manse befitting a Strega, her own paintings on the wall, alchemical apothecary to brew her potions, altar and pentagram base. As such, there are some indications of folkloric practices, notably the anointing for flight {astral projection}. At one point, a calling unto 'Habondia' {recognized from Mastering Witchcraft, Paul Huson}.

Overall, perhaps she should have found herself a proper complementary Warlock for love, instead of preying on unworthy muggles, who are mere toys. Beautiful Gothic Victorian aesthetics, gorgeous actresses, delightful nudity, inspiring, inviting environments, in a 60's/70's style setting in which to pleasantly reside.*** [4/5] ∞

* Unlike the black widow, who murders husbands for money, likened Addams Family Values' Debbie Jellinsky.
** Bair Stokes House. Arcata, CA.
*** Yet at one point I did notice a cellphone pulled out for a call, which leads Me to ponder that maybe this all actually takes place in a total environment city! Although in such a case that would have been a faux pas, with such themed environs with strict modes of conduct, accoutrement, and dress.

Coat of Arms

Uncle Atlas & Hercules

Halloween with the Addams Family is a favorite presentation, just about religious even, especially watched as tradition in the Falloween months. Of course we are all familiar with the members of The Family, but what about those two mysterious Bodybuilders in the strong arm employ of Bones Lafferty? And whom Morticia seemed to appreciate?


Clint Beyerle as Atlas
5'10", 205 lbs, 52" chest, 29½" waist. [Profile]
Became chiropractor.

Dave Johns as Hercules
5'9", 218 lbs, upper arms 19", waist 30" [Profile]
  • Mae West & Dave Johns

    Subsequently, reference to an Uncle Atlas would be mentioned in The Addams Family film during the Wake The Dead scene.

    Uncle Atlas


  • Shadowmancer

    D E M O N O I D


    ~ Enter to begin presentation ~

    A possessed hand follows an attractive American lady to the states after her husband Mark {marked!} traverses into a subterranean Satanic chamber, also sealing several of his workers inside {despite their reticence, and steer clear of the accursed grounds}, steals an artifact {Hand of Doom, invoking a veritable Brody Curse!}, indwelling several along the way, including the husband {burned to death, buried and reanimated as a rotting corpse}, a cop {has a surgeon remove it, he dies}, the surgeon {chopped off by a train}, finally attaching itself to a catholic priest* in his own church, who amusingly proceeds to destroy his own sanctuary in a pointless effort to rid himself of the demonic hand, even impaling and torching his own wrist, but which will not stop until it gains The Devil's due! Which it does!

    Of note, Mark was actually experiencing some of the benefits of the hand, winning 'hands' in Vegas gamblingames, until thieves desiring his secrets are themselves made veritable 'sacrifices', at which point he tried to cut off the hand with a machete, but it ends up lighting him on fire instead.

    But perhaps one of the most disturbing hellements of this horror gem is that disrespectful violators get what they deserve, and all those who stand in the way of Satan's justified wrath & vengeance! The Devil will not be denied!

    The plot calls to mind The Hand of Glory, monkey's paw, hare's foot, and even The Nightstalker holding up the pentagram. Other films which have featured the possessed Hand are Voodoo film The Devil's Hand, The Crawling Hand, and of course Thing from The Addams Family. It has also been the subject of several songs including The Hand of Doom by Black Sabbath, and HOD version by Danzig; Monkey's Paw by The Electric Hellfire Club, among others. BATHORY prominently displays it on albums, inclusive of talons to symbolize the denial of the holy trinity.

    Of course, true practitioners of Satanism gesticulate The Cornu, representing The Horns of Satan in religious practice, greeting, and to affirm the philosophy. It was first ever demonstrated in the media by Anton LaVey on the back cover of The Satanic Bible, and in Church of Satan documentary Satanis.

    Also noteworthy to mention that one of Our members will be unleashing a sculpture featuring the sign. I had at one point also sculpted a spiked gauntlet arm with the long clawed hand in horned formation, photographed by 'Occult Cop', 'Satan Sleuth' Randy Emon as part of his Satanic Panic seminar archive.

    It is also applied as a gesture of Cursing or infernal benison. Of course, it has been historically utilized as a folkloric tradition accompanying The Evil Eye.

    * Crossover: Interesting to note that actor Stuart Whitman who plays Stuart Sanderson, one of the bosses in Knight Rider episode Big Iron [S2/E24], also plays the priest.


    DEMONOID: Messenger of Death, AKA MACABRA: La mano del Diablo
    Coat of Arms

    Ouija oracle coaster

    P O S S E S S I O N S

    Ouija coaster

    Evil Eye Pentagram Ouija oracle planchette coaster
    Spooky Kook

    Created in the traditional "heart" shape of the Ouijaboard oracle, now one's skullmug or goblet, statuette, gargoyle, urn, or dish can 'coast' on these hellegant salvers.

    Having appreciated the aesthetic & history of the board, as an object d'art and Jungian shadowside tool of the unconscious, I find these a hexcellent accent to one's total environment Lair, complementing the Gothic style. Note the proper positioning of The Satanic Pentagram accompanied by skulls as if to say HELLO & GOODBYE. Reminds one of the splendid Hammer film THE SKULL.

    Soft felt beneath, which can easily slide across a table if needs be for an impromptu divinatory session, perhaps utilizing the Dæmonicromnium.

    Coat of Arms

    The Addams Family

    S P E C H T R E U M

    The Addams Family
    LIV A.S. CGI cartoon

    A CGI animated production on the timeless darketypes. Not bad, better than I thought it would be, and still definitely better than Reunion, though I would watch that primarily for Tim Curry's portrayal of Gomez! And Nicole Fugere as Wednesday, who would later star in the "new" Addams Family TV series.

    But here, we have a plastic mannequin woman trying to make everything generic, and turns Chastity Pariah on The Family when they do not fit into her boring carbon copy mold. She puppeteers the entire town and has them all buy the houses she sells, with installed cameras in them all. After the townspeople attack The Family at Pugsley's Mamushka {here portrayed in a rather Satanic barmitzvah manner wherein he actually grows a beard! Like when Snake popped out a couple hairs}, they come to realize through Wednesday's little misadventure to normalcy, revealing proof of the claim, finally turning them all on the rabid bunny woman, who gets her pretentious show cancelled, at which point Uncle Fester moves in to ensnare her in his lustful desires. She reminds Me greatly of Jelinsky!

    Great characterizations all around!

    • Gomez really comes off as a Crazy acrobatic Castilian Spaniard
    • Morticia looks like death warmed over as depicted in the Charles Addams cartoons {but with a great figure & posterior!}, though I noticed there were not many displays of their prevalent passion.
    • Wednesday is appropriately dour & ingenious, with adorable nooses tied at the end of her braids.
    • Pugsley looks & acts more or less the same, with a penchant for rockets.
    • Fester acts very Slithersworth, but is more or less his madly explosive self.
    • Lurch is perfectly Frankensteinean, a ghastly zombie ghoul with a resonating, penetrating voice.
    • Thing has a minor role, mostly helping Lurch play the organ.
    • Cousin Itt appears like a crapper 'bling' pimp type, dressed in glorified tackiness. He'd be better as a rocker or metalhead, what with the hair and all, and for My considerations, he is. How many times have metalheads taken shades and placed them on over our hair to display that effect!
    • The pets are present here and there - "Kittycat", or veritable 'Togare' is there from the beginning, Homer is around, and Aristotle is more attached to Wednesday herein.
    • Then there's Wednesday's newly turned Goth friend who reminds Me of Fairuza Balk, who decides to remain with her true friends! She's the former daughter of that annoyingly pretentious "control freak" woman who really reminds Me of xians!
    Satanic intercession...

    The overall gist is that everybody's different in their own way. But in the end, a pervasive Daemonic Force {SATAN} sets everything "left" as it were, when the house was painted pink somesuch, turned black again, as if to state that "No, we are not the same as everybody else!", and We are not trying to assimilate! And don't try to be something you are not! Stay down here where you belong! The voice itself grants the impression of that from The Amityville Horror who says "GET OUT!"

    Throughout the presentation, I liked how Lurch sounded upon inquiring "You rang?" and what a marvelous doorbell that would make! A combination gong and question! [4/5]

    ¿13 films to know Me?

    1. The Omen 1-4
    2. The Exorcist 1-3
    3. Batman
    4. Rosemary's Baby, Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby.
    5. The Devil's Rain
    6. L E G E N D
    7. The Karate Kid 1-3
    8. Hellraiser series
    9. Satanis, Speak of The Devil
    10. Addams Family, Values
    11. Elvira, Haunted Hills
    12. Big Trouble In Little China {Lo Pan}
    13. Star Wars trilogy {Darth Vader}

    Honorable mentions

    14. Dracula {1992}
    15. Flash Gordon {Ming the Merciless}
    16. Phantasm series
    17. The Amityville Horror
    18. The Gate
    19. Ghoulies
    20. From Beyond

    {Many more!}