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Hell Gate

The Satanic Apocrypha

Satanic Apocrypha

Written in a prosaic scriptural style reminiscent of The Al-Jilwah and The Enochian Keys, the latter connotes elaborated descriptions on the principles therein. Stream of thought psychodramatic language that speaks to the entire cerebrum, emotional and intellectual.

Divided into nine scrolls, chapters of folkloric Satanic characterizations & tales filtered through a third side perspective.

An æsthetically splendorous and visually stimulating tome with an ornate border per page, rather reminiscent of The Necromantic Ritual Book. displaying several of our 'unholy symbols' like The Baphomet, Pitchfork, Drægon, thorns, Brimstone, Pentrapezoid, Pentagram, also explained within the Appendices, which includes descriptions for established and original Hellemental sigilization for The IV Crown Princes of Hell; also 666, 9, and Cornu. Plus a Romanumerical graph pre & post Year One Anno Satanas of The Age of Fire, and cross reference index.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read & strong addition to our religious tradition. Pleased to possess this in My Library.

Hell Gate

November of Asmodeus


November is the 9th month by the Roman Romulus Calendar {"nove" = 9, Satan's Number*; the year begins in March, Spring Equinox}; of course Romulus & Remus are the founding brothers of the Roman Empire, depicted suckling upon the she-wolf {Predatory Beast, superior high on food chain, rulership}.

Asmodeus is an {Incubus} Daemon-God of sensuality, lasciviousness, debauchery, and orgies. Also of Wrath and Revenge, likened Abaddon The Destroyer, & {Dark} Angel of The Bottomless Pit. His consort/counterpart is Lilith {Succubus}; and between them indwell the lusts of fantasy and dreams made reality unto materialization. [Zodiac correlation with Jan 30-Feb 8 = 9 days]

Daemonomicon: The spellings Asmodai, Asmodee (also Asmodée), Osmodeus, and Osmodai have also been used. The name is alternatively spelled as (based on the basic consonants אשמדאי, ʾŠMDʾY) Hashmedai (חַשְמְדּאָי, Hašmədʾāy; also Hashmodai, Hasmodai, Khashmodai, Khasmodai), Hammadai (חַמַּדּאָי, Hammadʾāy; also Khammadai), Shamdon (שַׁמְדּוֹן, Šamdōn), and Shidonai (שִׁדֹנאָי, Šidonʾāy).

Infernal Names: The Satanic Bible lists ASMODEUS as "Hebrew devil of sensuality and luxury, originally "creature of judgment".


* The Unknown Known, The Satanic Rituals, LaVey.

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Ring Hell's Bell!


Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!
I Satanic Statement

This vile canard had been circulating here and there, and thought The Devil should address this. It goes as follows:

"To girls who masturbate: The Clitoris is not meant for self-pleasure. It's meant for creating a child, you morons. Do you know why you feel like garbage after you masturbate? That's because your clitoris is sending bad chemicals to your brain. By touching yourself, you are killing your body.

That's the devil's doorbell and if you keep pressing it, soon enough he will answer."

That's a terrible lie from the fetid heavens! The same type of judeo-xian-islamic theocracy-fueled attitude that would justify & encourage genital castration & mutilation! Bris milah is not too much better!

Obviously written by some sad self-hating prude, who desperately needs to get laid; and since they are miserably repressed, attempt to make everyone else around them like themselves as well. Indeed, the clitoris has evolved to become the primary sexual pleasure center / erogenous zone of the female anatomy. In which sense, the term "Devil's Doorbell" is appropriate, whose very purpose is to illicit pleasure, enhancing coital activity to be a luxurious indulgence tapped into as often as possible.

Dialing The Number of The Beast

It could be posited that the door number outside the doorway is a 666 & 9, 6669, and/or the traditional 69* as in manipulations in circular motions to stimulate the desired outcum.

By the way, it is the uterus that is meant to create a child, not the clitoris, whose purpose is pleasure, so when The Devil answers, that's an orgasm, and everyone loves that!

* Pisces, Libra; The Lovers; The Devil - The Lovers accepting their natural carnality, with the knowledge of The Flesh, reveling in their fetishes at the trapezoidal base. "Sinning" well in Hell at Satan's Throne!

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Monster Mashers


Sampled this triple meal recently, $3 each {bacon, jalapeno, chicken}, adding up to a deviliciously delightful $9.

What initially drew My attention was the commercial, featuring a Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, & Frankenstein. The Vampire brushing his fangs is a familiar dynamic, but does Count Dracula snore? {One would think no, considering He would pretty much have to keep quiet so as to remain hidden in his chamber without alerting "hunters" & "slayers" to his whereabouts!}; so being that it is near Halloween, I decided to "treat" Myself to these confections - plus, being that corned beef is a favorite meat, I do appreciate some corned beef hash! Jack has had a great record so far, especially in the variety of selections, from eggrolls to noodles to onion rings to tacos & burritos. The $6 mealboxes have been remarkable, with a quintessence of 3 varieties to choose from, so another prefect triumvirate of 666, these become veritable Feasts of The Beast! Plus these are available after dark, all night long, from Dusk 'til Dawn, as it were, perfect for those creatures of the night to partake!

Along with the $3 "Monster Mashers" boxes, I had the spicy sriracha burger, with a side of fries, onion rings, eggrolls, & Dr. Pepper. Pretty damned good, but still not a match for Carl's Diablo Burger! In which case one may have to possess a Diablo Burger right after acquiring Mashers! I had done something like this before when eating Wendy's 'chili bowl' with an In 'N' Out' Double-Double Urge!

Drac In The Box

I had suggested that during the Falloween season, Jack In The Box should be renamed "Drac In The [Hell] Box", but this is an amusing alternative. Besides it carrying various nefarious, enjoyably salacious double-entendres. The retrovolutionary aesthetic total environment application should be preserved in its original, superior glory, with actual Jack heads on springs emerging from the box on the major sign, perhaps with various expressions and decorations, like fangs and horns; and actually speaking with a facsimile at the ordering menu of the drive-thru, resplendent characters Jack, Onion Ring Thing, Small Fry, Der Hamburger Meister and Secret Sauce Agent, all for that extra Magical charm in the whole fun experience. Although I do like the black trapezoid roof.

Hell Gate

DB Nonagram


Draconian Nonagram

The Trident arises, athrust from Hell & Earth, asserting the 3rd side perspective of undefiled wisdom, The Devil's Stanchion Scepter & Infernal Crown of Kingship & autonomy, providing the veritable spinal firmament through daemonic geometry, establishing the letters DB, Satan's impression as Draconis Blackthorne. Therein the cloven hoof is seen, stamped in sulfur & brimstone, embedded in Belial's soil. 9 angles The Unknown Known, & the lightning bolt striking deep into The Abyss. Descending the dimensional scale, the inverse cross & devil tail points to Hell.


9 o' clock and all is Hell!

9 o' clock looks like an inverse cross with the hand pointed to The Left, which is very appropriate and poignant, considering 9 is indeed The Devil's Number as it continually returns to Itself, as does The Ego, as well as being "The Root of All Evil", as it were, of 666; and of course, The Left-Hand Path & Dark Side, psyche.

It should also be considered that The Pentagram arranged in a clock configuration will geometrically, numerologically, add to [11+6+1+9+3+11=41/4+1=5], either from top left or wherever else, and will add to the base angular numerage of 5.

  • Ref. "The Unknown Known"; The Satanic Rituals; LaVey.
  • Ref. Satanic Numerology, The Devil's Scroll, Blackthorne.

THE BLACK BOOK OF SHADOWS: It just so happens that the clock which inspired this contemplation has since malfunctioned, in that it began to slow down and speed up, in vast hours of difference.

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

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Satirical "Evil Numbers" episode added for 6/6 and Friday the 13th:


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