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The Blackthorne Chronicles

The Draconian Empire

1 February
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TCHORNIBLOG: The Blackthorne Chronicles
Church of Satan Warlock

This profile is intended as a tool to post various multimedia amusements, and otherwise sources which I consider inspirational, educational, or worthy of contemplation in one form or another. My literature, poetry, art, crafts, & reviews can be found at shadowmantium.com

* Works have appeared in the following publications:
The Black Flame, Not Like Most, The Cloven Hoof, The Trident, Dark Somewhere magazine, Skratte, Noctigram, The Ninth Gate, S Magazine, Fangoria, Massive Head Trauma, Dead Angel magazines, Occultizmo Magazine {Brazil}, The Church of Satan site, Satanic Lust, The Sinister Screen, and The Feast of Hate & Fear.

* Art:
Gallery in Artistic Devil; Deviant Art, Scare Fair Graphics, Horror-Fi Me, and on Coast to Coast's Friday the 13th Gallery.
* Poetry: Satanic Serenades.
* myspace.
* twitter.
* Facebook.

* Media Appearences:TLC/Discovery: "Pact With The Devil", Inside Edition, Pacesetters, The June Caine Miller Show {KDOC}, Bob Larson's Talk Back radio, KNAC Sunday Morning Discussion.
* Auto-Biography: Warlocks: Draconis Blackthorne.
* Black Book of Shadows.


"My worst enemies are those who presume me to be harmless. They cannot imagine how much I resent and disdain them, or just how great a threat they would face if I could get at them. Everything in their behavior speaks of insult and presumptuousness, and for now it is all I can do to make constructive use of my anger toward them. At this time, I just make a list of them and keep a watch on. Some day, with the help of time, space, and circumstance, I will be able to humiliate them properly - not in a manner they would enjoy, but in a style calculated to make them wish that they had never been born." ~ Anton Szandor LaVey 1989

Blackthorne Productions

Dracomeroth was originally titled "The Omnis" and was initially written in Years XXIV and XXV A.S., as a result of My study and experimentation in The Occult, combining various traditions and "Satanizing" them, as it were, truly giving The Devil his due, and thus, was renamed Dracomeroth upon infernal modification. The rites written therein are a result of both meditation and the application of Greater and Lesser Magical principles which have proven by results to really work.

The Devil's Scroll is a collection of misanthropic and Satanically-philosophical essays providing insights into human motivations, social commentary, as well as counter-culture thought.

Malefick Media is a large compendium of multi-media sources reviewed from a Satanic perspective, offering philosophical commentary with a piercing pen used as a veritable sword.

The Devil's Diary includes essays, fiction and non-fiction stories, rituals, art, photography, poetry, multi-media reviews, interviews, and relations of adventures and travels from Satanists. Previous to The Devil's Diary, I published a magazine entitled "Noctuary", which included all of the afore-mentioned, although written and animated completely by Myself. Again, I thought to bring this idea to The Infernal Empire for other Satanists to participate and lend various insights.

The Devil's Cord is based on the idea of a "Witch's Cord" and "rosary", in which a Satanist may meditate upon The Nine Satanic Statements, The 11 Satanic Rules of The Earth, and the Nine Satanic Sins, while also ritualizing a wish to materialize utilizing the individual demonically-enscribed beads to enforce the will, and exercise one's Magical potency. I have found this to be very effective.

Satan's Ouija is intended as a Satanic meditation and to manifest one's psychic abilities by the use of clairvoyance and intimately connecting to The Dark Force Satan in a more dynamic manner. The Shadowmancy board is essentially a reflective tool to exercise one's sensitivity to currents and apply them towards beneficial conclusions.

Satan's Runes work much the same way as Satan's Ouija, opening the daemonic eye to reveal the true patterns of life and modifying them towards personal gratification.

The Pact with Satan is intended as a resolution and a formal gesture and commitment to the precepts of Lucifer and The Left-Hand path, accessing psychodrama which motivates one towards evolution and retains perspective.

Narrations From The Abyss is Myself narrating various essays combined with sound-effects and atmospheric musick.