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The Trident 17

The Trident
Issue No. 17 / The Magazine of Modern Satanism \ Winter XL A.S.

The stargate shifts... slowly turning in space, swirls of future visions transmutating in a portal of dark energy, and from nucleic minds does proceed manifestations of the imagination, casting patterns from the present, forming the future in kind...

Princess Satania emerges therefrom upon her metal chariot, an infernal machine charging through space and time, with joyous precognition, a star amongst the galaxies...

Herein this interdimensional journal of Modern Satanism, appears the inspirational and compelling piece by Magus Gilmore entitled "Wrestling The Future Into Manifestation", which kindles the black flame ever higher, as we look forward unto greater victories and accomplishments; Paul Hill shares his vision of The Future in the impending Satanic Society of Social Darwinism and meritocracy, based upon Dr. LaVey's Pentagonal Revisionism; Ali Martikainen offers a glimpse into his beautiful environment in Finland; Rev. Herbert Paulis gazes into the veritable crystal ball of the mind to decipher another plausible scenario of the exciting future, discussing some underground revolutionary inventions, and is a call to actualize the Will and realize the future as we see fit; Uncle Otto observes the principle of survival of the fittest and the acquisition of the planet by The Satanist; Warlock M. Ambrosius previews "Cthulhu One", a Lovecraftian convention soon to surface from the watery depths; Primus reviews Satanic Punk band The Quintessentials' "Pentagonal Revisionism' CD, crystallized by The Black Pope; another review by Greg Nasty on "The Book of Legion" by Artist & Writer Bryan Mojica, a compendium of infernal visualizations; a review of the "100 Artists See Satan" art project catalog with a clear and solid observation by Jana S. Jord; and Abby Brimstone gazes forward while retrospecting upon the past, relating her own evolution since stepping 'outside the box' of provintiality.

Enlightening and contemplative as ever, The Trident remains a stancheon of wisdom firmly rooted in terra firma.

3 Tine Productions, LLC
ATTN: The Trident
Post Office Box 140085
St. Louis, MO 63114

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