DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Jeannie's Gift


"There runs a mouse... whoever catches her may make a great cap out of her fur."
- Das Tierdrama, The Satanic Rituals.

A much appreciated, thoughtful gift left near the front porch recently by a resident feline huntress. Perhaps preventing it from infiltrating the House? An Homage? A gesture of thankfulness? A convenient meal for Snake? Her own little snackrifice to The Demon Gods? Though I have kept extensive pet rats; this is obviously a field mouse, though somewhat cute vermin, but I do hope it is consumed at some point.

Interestingly enough, earlier in the evening, there sounded like what was pounding on the walls, an almost rolling noise that seemed to travel from one side of the wall to the other. ∞

Addendum: Perhaps it may even have been a prophetic omen regarding the Parisian Friday the 13th Massacre.

Tags: animal kingdom, animals, black earth, cats, diary, dracumentary, familiars, friday 13th, friday the 13th, haunted house, haunted noctuary, haunted places, nature, noctuary, obituaries, paranormal, rip, sacrifice, snackrifice, snake, snake slithersworth, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside

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