Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Let us PREY again...

Wendy B.Had a spontaneous repartee' yesterday while serendipitously formulating the "I Must Show You This" entry - someone named "Wendy B." {may or may not be his/her actual name} messaged Me from yelp claiming to have been an acquaintance from Devin Black's previous adolescent associations {i.e., the "Death Bangers", et al}; yet I did not recognize the name nor the accompanying photograph alleging to be their true image. If so, then she certainly blossomed from the description she gave of herself when she allegedly met Me once upon a timelessness. She claims I named her "Vampira" and read her My poetry, when I eventually met some "christian girl" and 'converted' her to Satanism. Of course, one does not "convert" to Satanism any more than a sheep can claim to be a wolf, in a bizarre twist of "sheep in wolf's clothing", or "black sheep", yet still a sheep, or shall we say, neurotic "poser". While I do in fact tend to 'name' lovers personalized nomenclatures, I do not recall her acquaintance whatsoever, although she may have been brief encounter, so after determining some basic facts about others we knew at the time {'Hoser'/Jose & Jaime Arreola, & Phil*; according to her, Hoser got a nose job, which is believable, because he did have a large proboscis - as a matter of fact he resembles The Noid.}.

I decided to go with My instinctual impressions, as well as to not engage in Solipsism or potentially waste any time and energy, and forthwith determine her motivations, inquiring about her philosophical orientation and relationship status. She answered the former with not being single anymore {for it was becoming apparent that this would be the only foreseeable reason I would allow for further consideration, as I let her know that I thought the photo was attractive and 'pretty'; I certainly would have enjoyed her flesh if I got the chance}, and most amusingly, the latter was revealed a short time later with a hilarious attempt at conversion. It was then that I knew that no further serious or logical conversation could be had with this simplistic pretext and presumptuous agenda.

Personally, it seems that she may have gotten a couple of minor facts crossed, but overall, it seems like she replaced the cruci-fictional Jesus for her true fetish. So it was ended with "Happy Halloween."

You have entered this darkest dimension, contacted its resident daemons, there shall be many strange things... ∞

* Claimed to be "Phil's" former girlfriend - personally, I only recall a "Tessa", who was quite attractive.


Between Wendy B. and Draconis B.

Wendy B.: Did you ever live in Baldwin Park? Idk if you remember me.
Draconis B.: Hello, Who are you?
Wendy B.: Yes its you! You named me Vampira. And we met through Jaime and his brother and some guy ex. And I used to have short hair.
Wendy B.: I remember you shaved your hair for a satanic baptism and traveled far....I'm not sure if it was Spain or somewhere else but you came over to see me when you got back and Jaime brought you to Rosemead. You and I spoke a lot on the phone for years since I was 16. I'm 42 now
Wendy B.: We lost touch when I turned 19.
Wendy B.: Or 18
Wendy B.: You always read me your poetry. We had a thing for each other until you met some dumb girl.
... Do you remember me at all? I was into death metal. Pale with short black hair. My hair was ugly back then.
Wendy B.: We all went to azusa canyon and everyone got drunk.
We were all in back of the truck.
I remember the moonlight was the only light...
I don't think you remember me. I was very ugly but you still liked me.
Draconis B.: Excuse Me, but if you could provide a link to additional photos and information, it would be appreciated.
Wendy B.: I just made this account. And I don't have pics of when I was 16. You don't remember me. Do you have an Instagram?
Wendy B.: You really don't remember me?
Wendy B.: I lost touch with Jaime too. I also searched for him.
Wendy B.: Well I just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing. That was all.
Its fine if you don't trust me or want to talk to me.
Wendy B.: :)
Draconis B.: Do you perhaps have a facebook account?
Wendy B.: I have to activate it
Wendy B.: I'm going to delete my yelp in a bit
Draconis B.: Well, if that is actually you in the photo, you are very attractive.
Wendy B.: Late bloomer I suppose. I'm 42 yrs old and yes that's me. I took that pic of myself last week.
Wendy B.: Do you even remember me?
Wendy B.: Do you remember Jaime and Jose? Or Phillip? Last time I heard from them was back when I was 18.
Jose got a nose job. I remember that.
Draconis B.: Very pretty. Haven't seen any of them for quite awhile. Have you, and how about yourself? Where did you go?
Wendy B.: I was always moving. I was lost and trying to find myself. I left home at 19 yrs of age. So much has happened. How have you been?
Wendy B.: I remember you wanted lots of kids. Did you have any? [not interested]
Draconis B.: Very well, thank you. So very much here as well. What else did we do? Out of curiosity, how did you find this profile?
Wendy B.: I searched for you
Wendy B.: You don't remember me
Wendy B.: We spoke more on the phone. Saw each other a few times.
Wendy B.: You ended up with a Christian girl and you converted her into Satanism lol that's the last thing I heard from you.
Wendy B.: And you two fought a lot.
Wendy B.: Do you have snap chat
Draconis B.: No kids, & yourself? No snapchat.
There may have been a couple of those types who dabbled, for mutual gratification.
Wendy B.: nly one and she's an adult.
Draconis B.: Out of curiosity, are you single?
Wendy B.: Are you? And no not anymore
Wendy B.: Well... I'll be deleting this yelp today . I don't get any notifications and I can't find any friends at all.
Snap chat is alright . you should try it
Draconis B.: Pleased to make your re acquaintance. If you will, please describe another situation we may have been in.
Wendy B.: By the way... I found you on the net about 8 yrs ago.
Wendy B.: I just didn't know how to message you.
Wendy B.: You and I?
Well... I feel you had many Vampiras. That's probably why you don't remember me. But I was the first Vampira
Wendy B.: I have a great memory as you can see.
Wendy B.: My life became better :)
Draconis B.: 8 years ago... how so?
What about another source for yourself?
I can be reached a number of places, if you would like.
Wendy B.: Demons stopped appearing to me.
Draconis B.: Too bad. These are projective archetypes from the shadow side of the mind, and may materialize thought-forms in the ether. Psychodramatically, these are referred to as friends and companions.
Draconis B.: Yes, a great memory is a good asset. Ironically, Vampira was before Morticia, even. She further perfected the form. What is your philosophical orientation?
Wendy B.: Lol oh I know that haha
Draconis B.: Better because of the Magic - well done.
Wendy B.: You're funny :)
Wendy B.: Too bad? Why do you say that? :)
Draconis B.: Thank you. I remain in regular conjuration and alignment with Demonic Forces. These are potently beneficial energies for The Magician, and whomever desires cooperation. It takes strength, like a test of fire to achieve evolution.
Wendy B.: I know.
Wendy B.: I was obsessed with the book of calling many years ago
Wendy B.: I felt I had so much power....
I was born with a gift.
My visions started as a little child.
As I got older...I became stronger and kept it a secret...
Then I turned to the dark side and then years later I met you.
Draconis B.: I see. Perhaps you may be interested in Dracomeroth. Have you read The Satanic Bible?
Draconis B.: Such fateful happenstance.
Wendy B.: Yes I have and also satanic witch and necronomicon
Wendy B.: But no I'm not interested in any of that anymore... Its tempting
Wendy B.: After I met Jesus Christ... I realized how blind I was... I have finally felt powerful love in his presence. If only everyone who hates him could see how much he loves everyone.
I can't go back to the dark side anymore.
Its tempting but Satan hates us.
Wendy B.: My love goes out to you.
Wendy B.: Completely
Draconis B.: Such classics. Love them, and all of Magus LaVey's writings. Necronomicon has wonderfully psychodramatic suggestions for the arcanely attuned, with force of Will and psychological resonance.
Complementary meeting, indeed. How did you make contact 8 years ago?
Wendy B.: I searched for you
Wendy B.: I have to go... Maybe I'll see you again,
Draconis B.: Did we communicate?
Interesting to see that you found something that works for you, then.
Wendy B.: I have been used as a prophetess for many years now in different churches. I hear his voice and he visits in dreams too.
I'm only his messenger ... And his daughter. I am covered
The Lord loves you :'(
There's no love in demons
They just fool humans til death comes and torture begins ...
The power you get from the dark side is temporary.
God has been calling you for so long.
I saw hell and so has many who returned to earth to speak about it.
Don't let the Satan fool you anymore.
Wendy B.: Love you my friend :'(
Draconis B.: LOL. Happy Halloween.

At which point she deleted her yelp account, and as of this writing, has not 'activated' any facebook profile. Further updates pending, if any. ∞
*Alright, as to her "loving" Me... if so, then prove it - I'll set the terms - a bit of 'Communion' should suffice, if not more, to My satisfaction; plus, true Love is exceedingly rare, like hate, and more often than not, so-called "love" is infatuation, LUST, which may or may not develop into Love which I would only allow with another Satanist - otherwise, I certainly can appreciate her flesh, as a sort of acquaintance with mutual benefits, fun & games, as it were}.

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