Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

I must show you this...


Recently found two more tracts while out and about, roaming to and fro upon the black earth:

I Must Tell You ThisGay Jesus
Quite honestly, the first impression that came to mind was "Gaaaaaay..."* A coming out pamphlet? No, just another typical formula christian tract. However, it does rather looks like that ginger is sucking the soul out of his victim. For as we know, every freckle is a damned soul. Plus, it looks like the next thing he'll say is "Now I must show you this..." [*zzziiip*]

Overall {in The Fruitcake Lady's drawl} - "Y'all are grown people, but you're believing in that?" But really, the most simplistic, lowly intelligent, and otherwise defective are attracted to that type of thing, and as such, serves as a veritable sewer duct of humanity. Good riddance, because we certainly wouldn't want them. ∞

Face to Face with God

Every time I look in The Mirror. Hail Myself, Hail SATAN. ∞

* Not that it's a "bad thing" for those who admittedly are, but this is taken in the comedic sense, and self-loathing latent denials and passive-aggressive attitudes, even though the moldy babble does literally condemn homosexuality, and as such, are incompatible, even though many hypocritically act the opposite, because no matter the repression, one's true carnal nature will out.

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