DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

THE DEVIL'S DIARY XXV: Helloween/Satanalia L A.S. now available!

The Devils Diary XXV: Helloween/Satanalia L A.S.


Demon winds stir as the air bristles with Magic... travel along the infernal path lit by Jack O' Lanterns who light the way to Hell, through Hallow's Gate & beyond...

Dare approach The Haunted Noctuary to receive and possess this extensive Grimoire Issue part II, containing such diabolical offerings as Seasons In Hell, Lycanthropic Seasonal Submersion, Gesticulations & Enunciations of Potency, Hellemental Communion, Fangsgiving misgivings, 8th Statement, Sabbaths, Devil's Blood & Environmental Energy, The 4th Sense, Fun With Proles 2, Dogym, A Moss To The Flame, Magus Gilmore Hellday, Marvel 4 Crown Princes of Hell, The Knight Files, Desalination Plants, Pentrapion, Daemonicromnium, and several unexpected surprises, which may be tricks and/or treats to the reader.

Plus The Shadow Gallery, Satanic Panic Archives, Nefarious News, NOCTUARIUM Satan's Scroll, Malefick Musick, Spechtreum, The Black Earth, Reign In Hell, & sacrifices in The Book of Blindlight. Madness in sanity, let the Sin begin! ∞

Tags: aesthetics, art, bibliography, black arts & witch crafts, black earth, blackthorne productions, blindlight, blindlighters, christinsanity, church of satan, devil's diary, falloween, greater magic, halloween, horror, infernal empire, literature, magazine, magus gilmore, malefick musick, misanthropy, psychodrama, psychology, satan's scroll, satanalia, satanic panic, satanism, seasonal, seasonal greetings, seasons in hell, shadow gallery, spechtreum, winter solstice

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