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ITEM: ‘Back To The Future’ Fans Make Pilgrimage To Puente Hills Mall

Besides the fanciful chronology mentioned of this date in the BACK TO THE FUTURE II film, a Satanic application of this consideration is pondering one's evolution.

Ironically, the very parking lot utilized in the film is none other than The Puente Hills Mall in Industry, CA wherein the time machine DeLorean launched into timelessness. I possessed beloved Nocturnus the Gargoyle there, a couple of pendants including the skull pentagram and Slayer 'Divine Intervention' skeleton pentagram at Spencer's Gifts. There were two I frequented here at The Puente Hills Mall and West Covina Fashion Plaza mall.

Just across the street a ways is Schabarum Wilderness Park, and a bit further, the Hellmouth road into Turnbull Canyon.

Myself, I was residing in Baldwin Park, CA and had not even seen the film, but the air was still bristling with Satanic Panic notions and the recent airing of Exposing Satan's Underground. I was socializing with "party buddies" who eventually became the subject of a Curse in which their cherished "party van" was demolished and turned into a piled heap in their back yard as a lesson to those who would enact any treachery.

I would soon enter Mount San Antonio College for courses in Parapsychology by Dr. Diane Morrissey, along with Abnormal Psychology, then later Digital Art, followed by Rio Hondo {Criminology, Philosophy, Gym Weight-Training}, and Citrus College {Small Business Management, Web Design, Electronic Music, Anthropology, Psychology of Religion, Humanities, Geology}.

I had recently also just attended a psychodramatic narrative performance by Jonathan Frid entitled "Fools, Fiends, & Fridiculousness" at Mt. SAC, which was delightfully riddled with hills, since flattened.

I formally joined The Church of Satan {continually evolving therein; most notably, elevated to Warlock}, led a ritual which was broadcast on TLC & The History Channel entitled "Pact With The Devil"; essays and multimedia reviews published in The Black Flame, The Cloven Hoof, The Trident, Not Like Most magazines, The Sinister Screen film reviews; attended the 666 High Mass events}, written several books {with more on the way}, launched The SHADOWMANTIUM {which originally contained much of My writing, art, poetry online, since bibliographically compiled}, created The Devil's Diary magazine {at the time, I had written a fledgling newsletter-style magazine on red paper called NOCTUARY, printed from My dot-matrix printer}, conducted a podcast encompassing a full seasonal year; have been interviewed for several print and online publications, moved a few times throughout the South land. In a couple of relationships, a few lovers with more to come, [legally] married once, and continue to operate Blackthorne Productions, weight train, draw, conduct, and write propitiously.

Just overall bigger, better, stronger than ever. It is always gratifying to experience the empowering pleasures, treasures, & mysteries of Life everlasting. So it shall continue anon. So it was, So It Is, and So It Shall Ever Be. Forever Into timelessness! HAIL SATAN. ∞

As it so happens, I synchronistically watched When Good Ghouls Go Bad this day {essential seasonal viewing in My estimation}, which features the charming talents of Christopher Lloyd, who obviously portrayed the Dr. Emmet Lathrop Brown character, though for My entertainment preference, moreso the endearing portrayal of Uncle Fester in the Addams Family films. I was never really into the BTTF filmography, but may soon grant it some attention. ∞

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