DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Trump, frump, stump, & dump

Interesting that this occurred to Me, especially since I do not usually care a whit about Politics, yet there are some intriguing possibilities here. Ultimately, the Satanist selects that which would suit ones personal purposes and interests to the highest degree - the closest there could be to actually having oneself in office. Personally, I would have Legis Draconum in force:


I do like his anti-immigration initiative, which is really just enforcing necessary existing laws and correcting the breaches thereof by illegal immigrants unlawfully residing here. In addition to deporting current interlopers, I would completely close the borders all together, especially considering anti-American sentiment and the undesirable middle-eastern element sneaking in pretending to be Mexicans and the like.

A workable fence-wall-gate should be constructed complete with barbed wire, landmines, increased guards, and watchtowers. In short, Mexi-cant's any longer.

Overall, in regards to invaders and parasitic elements, Vlad Tepes should be the guide.


I like the amusingly appropriate "Billary" nomenclature. Considering that Bill Clinton's tenure was one of the most productive and even pleasant presidencies, his influence will no doubt shine through. Although I would ultimately like to see him in office again with the limitations on presidency duration removed, preserving the best man for the job, by looking back on tenures, maintaining the optimum candidate, and a man connected to his carnal nature. For the time being, electing her would be the closest to this currently possible. Plus, I've always had a hard spot for Chelsea.

No doubt the "token" technique will be employed to supplement her nomination, that she happens to be a woman. The same quota-type ploy was initiated for Obamanation. In her case, sexist; in his case, racist. Even though with very few exceptions, the face/talking head tends to be a mere puppet for the Cabinet, Senate, and interest groups with clout to bolster their various agendas, manipulating the masses according to self-aggrandizing focus.


Don't know too much about this candidate, though it appears like he is trying to be the common man's guy, like dumbing down to the herd and being all blue-collar. The typical bait and switch.


No. Just the name should be an indication, not to mention the relation to George Bush Jr. & Sr. Those were failed presidencies wrought with corrupt shenanigans just to get the former elected. Incompetence is the hallmark of these. As a matter of fact, they should be banned from politics altogether.

Compared to the amount of funds, clout, and proliferation of propaganda these have, the others don't stand a chance. Still, Vermin Supreme would be conspicious. ∞

Note on images: Note they are both wearing RED, and Trump combs over to the left.

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