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What's all the hubbub, Beelzebub?



As a sort of addendum on the review of the King Kukulele performance at The Hub Cafe', a post on a criminology source recently about the Kelly Thomas case reminded Me of The Hub. The initial incident took place in the very parking lot where The Hub was located, now "The Slidebar" {now hosting pop music acts - I recommend actual Rock & Metal bands, or perhaps 'theme nights'}, next to 'Il Ghiotto Italian Ristorante' {since moved; 'twas a favorable 5-star restaurant with creeping ivy growing all about the walls}, which was also Spadra*, which is historically the original building of the Pacific Railway Station Depot #1917, now Hopscotch Tavern - seems the general properties thereabouts tend to share surrounding spaces}. And the 80's total environment arcade next door still seems to be Stubrick's Steakhouse who now apparently uses the former Hub outside patio for performances as well {those who have been to The Hub will recognize the wall}.

The Hub {c. XXXIV-VI} was a relatively hidden gem featuring home-brewed coffees, pastries, developing bands, stand-up comedians, art gallery displays, poetry readings, and literature availability. Usually opened late into the evening for noctiphiles of mutual interest.

On the night of July 5th XLVI, someone working at The Slidebar apparently complained about car breakins, at which time the Police were called, and found Thomas, whether or not he was the culprit he became an immediate suspect, since vindicated posthumously.

It seems to Me that since The Hub closed, much to the chagrin of certain patrons, perhaps the spot has since become veritably Cursed with continuously failing businesses, crime, and now this nefarious association. So perhaps it is ultimately all about Beelzebub, bub.

In any case, I thought it was interesting to note that the general spot which was once an effervescent creative point where one could enjoy all manner of al-fresco performances subsequently became the subject of brutal notoriety in the annals of crime. ∞

* Also the name of the cemetery.

Tags: black earth, crime, criminology, diary, dining, documentary, dracumentary, food, history

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