Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Which Vampire, How Tough Are You?

Which Vampire Are You?
You got: Dracula
You're the quintessential vampire—snarky, wise beyond your years, and resourceful. You have a dramatic, commanding presence, a flair for throwing grandiose parties, and a way of charming the opposite sex. Just be careful not to abuse your immense power.

/,,/ Jon Coffield.

Your ancient name would have been


You were feared and avoided by many! You were an evil man of your time who stopped at nothing. Sadly, your cruelty made you very lonely and bitter. But you learned from your mistakes and improved – just look at you now! Which ancient names do your friends have? Share this test so that they can find out!

You are 97% tough, you are Tough As Nails!
You're rough, rugged, and raw. You eat hardship for breakfast and wash it down with a warm glass of tears.

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