DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Fun With Proles II

Neighborly Psychological Warfare, or How To Treat Your Neighbors As Guiana Pigs, part II

The previous part 1* dealt with suggestions on projecting certain psychological expressions onto the herd for amusement and Shadowmantic empowerment by fear. This part will deal more like a field trip, and to exercise the mind's potential, as well as provide for some possible entertainment.

These are basic exercises of the mind I have found amusing results with since a Dracling which at first seemed spontaneous, then gradual practice yielded more direct results.

One of My very first remarkable experiences with such telekinesis was causing a near collision with an obnoxious type whom I visualized being hit by a car as he rode away on his bike, when lo, approximately a minute later, he fell into traffic and was almost killed. It was a very pleasingly satisfactory sensation. There was another instance in which I would "scratch" and "poke" at the face and body of some politician or preacher on television, when the target would then begin to itch and become obviously quite uncomfortable by such projected stimuli - this can be integrated as well.

Since then, now and again when in public I may visualize certain occurrences happening to those deserving.

  • Focus where a group of sheeple and/or herd may gather, be it a recreation park, amusement park, concert, theater, venue, and concentrate on moving certain objects around them. Visualize the object, such as a cup, phone, plate, purse, toy, what have you, moving across a table, falling, turning, opening, etc, as well as activating functions. Also note if there are objects in the vicinity like a chandelier, gate, drinking fountain, etc., to remotely manipulate.
  • Wearing sunglasses is useful, so that you are not noticed "staring", or shall we say, concentrating on an object or person, which would just appear rude {unless they have been staring at you, then it would be appropriate reciprocation; in which case, make sure to bulge eyes, grant The Evil Eye**, or stare through the darkened lenses intently}.
  • If eating, make the food slip off the fork or spoon, if drinking, spill the contents, etc. The more one practices, the more effectual it shall become, even unto more serious applications, such as causing trips, falls, stumbles, collisions, and accidents in more immediate surroundings, which may be combined with vehicles of various sorts.
  • "Tune in" live to a politician, religious leader, or other disliked personage broadcast on television, or even radio, and tactily jab the finger onto the screen, or use a feather, duster, pencil, etc., upon their face and body. On radio, visualize the interactivity.
  • Also useful to practice on neighbors on a quiet afternoon, even directing a course of conversation, by instilling ideas and images into their brains.
  • Sexual stimulation upon a subject is also an option, by visualizing various gratifying acts upon the erogenous zones, subtly staring intently at the area to be effected; even seeing an increased coloration therein, hidden tongue sensation, finger rubbing, etc., to increase visualization.

Obviously, this should be applied towards those who deserve such mishaps, annoying and/or destructive organisms, and always apply The Black Diamond Rule. To start, experimentation is a necessary ingredient for the evolution of this heightened ability. Eventually, this becomes second nature and surfaces much more naturally and frequently, and for those so disposed, it is the acceptance and practice of the 'Birth Right'. Take care to avoid pettiness, and utilize this development responsibly. ∞

* The Devil's Scroll.
** Tricks & Treats; Dracomeroth.

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