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Devil's Tail

Decided to experiment with beet juice as a red highlighter tonight, considering it was part of the evening's repast. It supposedly stains hair a reddish hue, is of course organic, and washes out in a couple of days if it takes. So I dipped the entire devil's tail into a container full of beet juice and left it in for about 20 minutes or so, then rinsed. It is now presently drying, so we shall have to see in short order what if any modification there is. My hair has a reddish hue anyway, but this should accentuate it some more, which got Me thinking about how interesting it would look to experiment with a black to burgundy gradient on the bottom tips of the hair, what it known as "ombré"; and/or an entire devil's tail colored dark red, perhaps also kept in a serpentine enclosure, or even barbed demon tail decoration to perhaps accompany a skull or Highlander hair tie.

Otherwise the black to red gradient looks like a descent into The Abyss, like a sunset as the sun plunges into Hell, and would look quite fitting for a ritual chamber or whatever room, with the majority of the wall black on top, gradually descending into a deep red near the bottom. Plus the gradient displayed on Magus LaVey's image on the back of The Satanic Bible has always been quite engaging. Great possibilities for an automobile as well. ∞

RESULT: Not much of a difference; it had more or less like a "sun-in' effect for a little while, but does not substantially remain in hair, nor has discernible color - perhaps may be more noticeable in lighter-colored hair.

I heard a similar purported effect can be achieved with "Kool-Aid" without making a chemical commitment, so perhaps that may be a possibility for a future experiment.

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