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Elvira's Asylum


Elvira's Asylum
Knott's Scary Farm

This year The Mistress of The Dark's show is themed to an assylum, with plenty of pleasantly salacious displays; Elvira is delectable as ever, an immortal beauty, including a nice little nurse's outfit with a slit up the side, in a sort of mini-skirt version of her dress, with a silver number for the final number; and of course, her ribald humor is always a treat loaded with double entendres.

The music for the show is primarily electronic and industrial themed, while the mental patients include a burlesque trapeze artist and several dancers, all of whom are reigned in by a fetishistic dominatrix nurse. The show definitely leans towards a sado-masochstic flavor this time around, but with no real interactive audience participation this time. ∞

Tags: autumn, black earth, elvira, fall, halloween, lust, sensuality, sex

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