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In The Octagonal Room...

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood
By Florence Stevenson; XXIII A.S. Leisure Books. Genre: Horror/Thriller

Judith Jordan returns to Pacific Palisades, California after a familial tragedy on the east coast, surreptitiously re-acquainting with a secret society of wizened necromantic Witches contacting sinister spirits residing beyond the grave through Seance, in The Octagonal Room...

The more they interject themselves, the more suspicious she becomes of their motives and peculiar involvement with her parents' fate. They have known her all of her life, she recalls from hazy, dream-like memory, operating with clandestine manipulations all the while which persist to this day. Despite all her efforts, she cannot seem to escape their clutches.

Bit by bit, she develops her psychic sensitivity, perceiving subtleties in the ethereal environment from spectral voices and visions, ghost children, relatives, to even herself...

When a series of mysterious deaths begin occurring in the area, she meets with perhaps too likely a feral character whom she develops affection for. Learning of the family mansion's history, diabolical secrets are revealed, and thus descends both into the shadows of hidden chambers lain deep down in a labyrinthine maze, and the darkness of her gifted mind as she receives impressions and contacts from the timeless inhabitants therein, which turns out to be a main reason for The Sisterhood's involvement with she as the chosen one, to summon a demonic horror from a blackened netherworld of nightmarish terror. ∞

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