Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Equinocturnal Devil's Marks

Halloween Knight

The Autumnal Equinox was marked by three remarkable events. First, the Knight Rider watching appropriately featured Halloween Knight with the inauguration of the Falloween season, with much to look forwards to, especially favorable weather conditions. ∞

Now, dear Cousin Itt, it doesn't do well to be so pretentious. That's one of the sins, you know.

It's wonderful to witness Witch Morticia utilizing some Lesser Magic principles in this one. Earlier in the afternoon, My Fair Cousin Itt was appreciated partly due to some amusing correspondence that is best answered in pangrams, including "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."; considering the rather nonsensical, gratuitous content. So while watching this gem, along with those included, I came up with several Myself {in bold}, with some others of the familial persuasion:
The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane. {"The ancestral homeland!"}
The bats in hats stay mainly on the flats.
The witch's ditch is mainly full of pitch.
The cats in spats nap mainly on the mats.
The big fat rats eat all the snacks.
The Snakes in capes are always on the take.

Belial's Gifts

And finally, the city replaced a couple of trees that were slaughtered last June with a couple of saplings that are at least 5-6' tall already, and will no doubt flourish exponentially with the coming rains. It will be quite pleasurable to hear an enhanced addition to the swaying branches hereabouts, to accompany the demonic wind chimes. ∞

What manner of business brings you out in this late hour?
The Devil's most unholy business... the creation of Evil!

Paraphrased and favorably modified from The Devil's Rain - originally from [Magus] Corbis to 'Rev. Blythe'*; in this hypothetical instance, perhaps Corbis to Myself. ∞

Feast of The Beast

The Autumnal Equinox Harvest Feast of The Beast should include these elements: Corn {either in niblet and/or cob form; which may also include combinations of vegetables representative of the harvest}, potatoes {either baked, mashed or potato salad}, pumpkin {either pie and/or bisque}, cabbage, and ideally a main course of either beef, pork, or chicken. ∞

And of course, Dracomeroth and The Blackthorne Chronicles received new editions. ∞

* "What manner of god's business brings you out at this late hour, sir?" "'God's most holy business... the condemning of Evil!"

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