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Metal band, Magic kind, Starbucks order


You were the first ever black metal band. Eventually, you also became the first viking metal band.
Your Answers
Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Napalm Death
Cannibal Corpse

/,,/ Lora

What kind of magic do you have in you?

The invisible gaze

You are the coolest girl in the school. You are so cool, clever, and beautiful. You are the kind of girl who do anything by yourself. You rarely ask someone for help.  You have a cold personality. Even though you are cold, everyone wants to be your friends are be near you. You have lots of fans and even your own fans-club. You also a TSUNDERE (it's hidden though).

Your power is an INVISIBLE GAZE. Every time you gaze and your eyes turns to blue, you will become invisible. You like to use your power to skip class and dozed around.

Can We Guess How Old You Are Based On Your Starbucks Order?

  1. You got: 18

    Let’s be real: You probably prefer a shot of sugar to a shot of espresso. You have an enthusiastic spirit and carefree outlook to life! Sure you can be a little immature at times, but you’re usually the one who’s always making your friends laugh. Most importantly, you’re always on top of the latest trends and aren’t afraid of trying something new.

    Netflix / Bob's Burgers

    Chronology notwithstanding, I would appear closer to that numerage physically, though mentally My natural intelligence coupled with cleverness, beneficial experienced wisdom and learned knowledge brings about an optimum, ideal state of being.
    Yes, I do love My coffee, and prefer homebrewed personally, to Starbucks, but whatever it is, it tends to be iced coffee, unless it is particulary cold weather, and preferably accompanied by some sweet confection as well as companion.
    Yes, I enjoy sugary treats, but balance it out with salty ones. Passion and enthusiam are natural, as I tend to engage in that which I enjoy, as in Strength Through Joy. Immaturity in its proper place and time, with those few familiar who can appreciate a sense of adventure and play.
    And certainly not some brainless trendtard, but if I see something recent which catches My fancy, I may try it to see if it is useful, complementary, beneficial, and otherwise facilitates and enhances that which I consider timeless treasures.

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