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Gumby Gallery at Citrus

It is amusing to Me that this exhibit will be at an academic institution I attended, wherein I took several classes and lasses in Small Business Management, Web Design, Anthropology, Psychology of Religion, Geology, Electronic Music, and Humanities.

Well, I had not known the show's studio was actually in Glendora before this news. Though I've never been too interested in Gumby, Davey & Goliath and the iike, just seeing it in passing once in awhile, I certainly do appreciate the animation techniques employed. I Am quite amused by Mr. Bill and Moral Orel*; after all, the sublime works of Harryhausen, Mad Monster Party {Rankin-Bass}, and Tim Burton {Nightmare Before xmas, Corpse Bride} is most enjoyed.

I had a Hulk rubber toy, an Evel Knievel action figure that bent in all sorts of ways, and of course, My favorite Stretch Monster. Since the word is even in the name, there should be a Gumby chewing gum in existence.

Also not surprised that Davey & Goliath was produced there too, considering Azusa Pacific University** {or APU} next door. But as far as Glendora is concerned, besides choice courses I choose to take at Citrus, I'm more inclined towards Rubel Castle, an inspiring tribute to a man's obsession, imagination, determination, and eccentricity.

The last time this place was in the media was when "The Man Show" filmed one of an ongoing series of skits there about "Beer Boy" trying to pickup girls, which does make for a hellarious segment. I recognize the girl at 1:33 as being in Humanities class, who sat behind Me - she was a cute little goth sort whom I wouldn't mind playing 'graveyard' with - she actually confided in Me about that confrontation, asking Me "What does 'does the carpet match the curtains?'" meant; when i explained it to her, she seemed understandably shocked saying, "...but it was a little kid..." And let's just say that whether they 'match' or not, they complement each other very well either way. In her particular case, the black combination goes perfectly well with dark red.

If I was currently attending, I probably would take a gander, otherwise, I know a cute little "Satan's Cheerleader" that perhaps may. ∞


* Maybe "Oral" would be more appropriate, considering the predispositions of blindlight clergy.
** As in "pee-yew!, someone left a crucified corpse here! This way out the street for mine-d!" When one walks eastward towards North Citrus Avenue or westward towards Barranca across campus, one will eventually see APU's huge cross at a distance supplanted into their football field - however, from one's perspective, a wall partially obscures it, to grant the amusing impression that it is instead a large inverted cross!, and it just looks better that way. I also find it amusing that their logo displays a trapezoid.

Plus, we all know what happened to Gumby...

RxIxP Glen Gumberson.

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