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Hot Seat Peewee Herman debate

So tell us, Mr. Spanky & little Chokey Chicken, what are the secret words for today? Shhhh... today's secret word is "masturbation" - Ahhhhhhhhh!

On the occasion of Peewee Herman's birthday, is this gem of an interview on Hot Seat with Wally George, featuring this regular-irregular guest 'Mr. Jim' Myers, claiming to be a fan and appearing to "pay tribute" in the wake of the natural practice Rubens engaged in.

For the record, the entertaining and inspiring character of Pee Herman is appreciated for residing in his own total environment with artificial companions making up his playhouse, and existing in a perpetual childlike vitality with the wonders of his fetishes and amusements about him, creating his own world and manifesting his preferred personal universe as he sees fit; with others who also appreciate his eccentricity and Magical world.

I do have a Peewee Herman doll, and yes, his hand is in his pants, which explains the perpetual smile. Plus the film's theme is scored by a favorite Composer Danny Elfman. ∞

Tags: birthday, entertainment, evocation, hot seat, humor, interview, loki's laughter, nativity, sex, total environment, wally george

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