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Celtic name, Dominant trait, Color Test

Cailean, the scoundrel from the pub!

Your Celtic name is Cailean, the scoundrel from the pub!

Even among the Celts, like wasn't just about hard work - they had a lot of fun too! Just like the present, you would have spent tee majority of your time in bars and pubs, drinking with your friends and flirting with your fellow Celts. A true party animal!

Yes indeed, I do like to enjoy Myself whenever possible, and preferably the combination of "work" and play are one in the same, which they tend to be. Ergo, making money at what one enjoys. However, I've never really been one for bars, unless it is particularly themed to stimulating environments, like the Giger bar for instance. Otherwise, drive-in movie theaters, plays, certain worthwhile concerts are considered and enjoyed; otherwise, the plentifully stimulating environment of the Noctuary Lair more than suffices for infernal amusement, where everything is exactly like I want it with those whose company I can appreciate. I do enjoy the Amber Demoness, and have always been known as a so-called "party animal", a Beast, or perhaps party Satanimal is more accurate.

Plus, the triquetra is symbolic of 666. ∞

/,,/ Neil Smith

Agreed. Lesser & Greater Magic in conjunction, one complementing the other in graceful rapport, and to the mutual benefit of those in cooperation. ∞

/,,/ Lola Montez

Though I generally do not care a whit about how those I consider inferior perceive Me {with the possible exception of mutually beneficial monetary or sexual benefits}, this is probably very true, while those of worth would understand and share the eccentricities, After all, Weird Is Wonderful, and Bizarre Is Beautiful.

/,,/ Kelvin Frazier

What Iconic 80s Toy Are You?

You are the Speak & Spell. You're totally into using your words. You prefer reading to video games, but you kind of love robots.

Yes and yes, I do prefer reading a book, but all in its proper place and time... after all, "Satanism demands study, not worship." As far as educational robots, I would prefer My little buddy 2-XL, along with My playmates, The Shogun Warriors. ∞

Quiz: Who Is Your Minor Greek Godly Parent?

Your mother is Nemesis, the goddess of revenge. You tend to hold grudges and judge people easily. You may be a bit bitter, but you do it all in the name of justice. Your powers as a demigod are unknown, but you can make deals with your mother to ensure something happens to you... at a price. You have no named cabin members, though it does have occupants.

This may be initially true, until the grudges are vented as destructive energy is directed at those deserving of whatever offense it may have been; but by and large, I have symbolically thick skin, as it were, and Am not likely to engage in pettiness, with productive, constructive creative endeavors to pursue. Obstacles are traversed and removed in amusement.

These quizzes are amusing, and provide a bit of mental "warming up", as it were.

/,,/ Kelvin Frazier


You are Godzilla! When another monster shows up and tries to terrorize the planet, you show up and save the day... but also wreck whatever cities you may enter or get near. Your immense strength, impenetrable armor, and energy-breath are your weapons, and other monsters in your path will learn to fear them. Anything between you and your prey is sure to be demolished along the way to your victory.

Well, perhaps the benefits outweigh the damages; and even in those temporary damages new amazing constructions can commence.

What do you taste like?
You taste like Chocolate!

You are sweet like a chocolate! Dark, white or milk chocolate; you are a delight to one and all. You cheer one up and make the day pleasant!

Well, I'll leave that to the recollection of those fortunate enough to have experienced that, fantasize, as well as those yet to do so. There certainly are fond memories of experimenting with various foods for inclusion in certain pleasurable activities. One thing's for sure, I know how a certain cinnamon girl {Macabra} tastes like... ∞

/,,/ Clover Binx

Eye of an Eagle

Wow! You answered all correctly and have scored the highest possible score! You have an impressive sight! You have the ability to notice the tiniest nuances and details, and nothing gets past you! Congratulations to you!

But of course. ∞

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