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Which Marvel/DC Comics character are you? Soul Darkness, 80's band names


You are Abomination. Once an ordinary man, like your enemy the Incredible Hulk, you are now a freak of nature. Just like the Hulk, you are a destructive behemoth that can destroy anything in your path. With your incredible power, you use your might to decimate and destroy all who oppose you. You are the military's greatest, and worst, creation.

I take that last statement as a complement. Reminds Me of Stretch Monster who defeats Stretch Armstrong every time. Of course, the very name reminds Me of the biblical reference as "The Abomination of Desolation" said to signify an unholy idol or symbol, and I would add archetype; and a diabolically splendid song by Morbid Angel.

Since the character is intelligent yet so-called "Evil", thus, an Evil Genius, it would then figure that it would be a matter of time before The Hulk is enslaved to do his bidding. Personally, as reflected in the Marvel Universe with The Hulk cast of characters in particular, I would see Myself as a sort of combination of Devil Hulk and Abomination. Overall, Mental Might & Physical Strength complementing one another, asserting overall Superiority. As it has ever been, as it is, and as it shall ever be. ∞

/,,/ Sara Josephine.

Anything? We'll see about that...

I like the imagery used in this 'result' - reminds Me of the Demonic/Apparent Self illustrations. {The Satanic Witch: LaVey}, and speaks to The Shadow Side {Jung}.

/,,/ Amber Psionic.

How Many '80s Bands Can You Name?


Wow, you really know your '80s bands! You were either in one or a total hair metal groupie.

What's your Poison? or Venom?

I Am aware of these bands because of the phase that preceded the Thrash Metal appreciation. Although some of these bands are considered New Wave to Hard Rock, not Heavy Metal. The band pictured there is named "Poison" {"Glam Rock", or "Pop Metal", although I would not consider them Metal at all, and would therefore stop at "Glam Rock" as being the correct analysis} is a delineating factor as to the listener's musical predisposition - ergo, the question - "Poison or Venom?" {both bands}: the former are considered "posers" by the latter Black Metal genre band, and the former consider the latter "too extreme". Personally, I can appreciate both according to mood and purpose.

/,,/ Lisa Sisson.


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