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The way to god... the way to suck eggs

Another addition to THE BOOK OF BLINDLIGHT:

This one is a somewhat more comprehensive cartoon chronology of the christian myth, from laying the original guilt trip of "sin", being expelled from the "Garden of Eden", and a messiah coming forth to save them, like bait-and-switch, somewhat reminiscent of a drug dealer making a junkie dependent, then offering a "cure"; counting on initiating a paranoia or hysteria, making the weak of mind beLIEve they must be saved from the Evils of The Devil, in a sort of religious hypochondria; a fictional salve. Typical fundamentalist white wolf exploitation of the sheeple, preying upon the mentally feeble and ill. ∞

Tags: anthropology, anti-xian, antichrist, antixian, blindlighters, christianity, christinsanity, dractionary, fundamentalism, mental illness, misanthropology, misanthropy, mytheology, mythology, propaganda, psychology of religion, religion, social commentary, social observation, sociology, superstition

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