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Obsessed fan drove Vanilla Ice to therapy

A satanic fan drove VANILLA ICE into therapy after she became convinced he would preach the word of Satan at his concerts.

The ICE ICE BABY rapper, who enjoyed a romantic fling with MADONNA at the height of his fame, spent thousands of dollars on therapy to eradicate the crazed woman from his dreams.

He says, "There was this one girl, the same girl, in the front row, the same spot, all the time.

"One time, in Japan, we got to our hotel and there was a knock at my door, middle of the night, someone's left me a satanic bible. I was freaking out. She then came up the fire escape, dropped to her knees, and was basically possessed by the Devil.

"In this full EXORCIST voice, she kept saying, 'He is my destiny, I must have him!' Turns out she was from the Satanic Church of Ireland. Her parents had given her all this money to track me down, follow me and get me to preach the word of Satan in all my shows and bring all of these converts to their cause. I had nightmares about that for years."

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