Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Reign In Power: Cecil Lion


"Do not kill non-human animals unless attacked or for your food." - The XI Satanic Rules of The Earth X.

Magus LaVey and TogareCecil was a gentle lion minding his own business doing his normal rounds when lured out of a protected environment where some dentist a-hole came in and started shooting at him. Lured out onto 'public', 'unprotected' land in hopes to avoid prosecution. Fortunately, he was tracked and the crime was discovered.

What makes this truly pathetic is that this was not some great white hunter hunting and defeating some fearsome king of the jungle in defense of himself or some damsel in distress, but a beloved feline who was bothering no one. Pointless, cowardly, and a tragic waste. He had also previously slaughtered a rhino, a cheetah, a bear, and was even planning on killing an elephant.

Lions are not on anyone's food chain, minus perhaps some scavengers after a lion naturally expires. What this killer did was unnatural and unnecessary - there wasn't even any sport in it, no challenge - shooting an unsuspecting beast like that. Perhaps someone needs to enter in his environment ans shoot him up in return, or kill himself, thus ridding the world of a truly broken animal who infringed upon a superior beast to him in all of his unstinted glory, unlike the rotten humanimal who went out of his way to perform such an absurd act, paying a large sum of money for a cheap thrill, regardless of legality. There should be no conditions in which this is legal, except in cases of self-defense or for "food"*, and neither was the case here.

A proper punishment? Knock his teeth out and Mount HIS head on a plaque! LEX TALIONIS! ∞

* With so many choices of natural prey, lion meat would not be on any menu anyway, so it would ultimately be a matter of survival to avoid starvation, not a preferred "cuisine".

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