Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Moon Dish Laíng


Moon Dish
Taro Leaves in Coconut Cream

Moon Dish LaíngAn interesting dining experience tonight. Being one for trying new experiences, the nice name and logo, and it had been preserved in an exotic foods section, I decided to try this Phillipine confection recently. Strangely, it seems this dish actually draws the flavor from other ingredients, like a Vampire with a numbing effect on the taste buds overall.

For this inclusion, I decided to add it to Drac Suey, and the results were quite interesting. Even with copious soy sauce additions, and sraracha, the taro leaves seem to suppress all flavors so completely, so as to leave only its rooty, almost medicinal flavor. As a recommendation, it should perhaps be used less in an overall dish for its impressive suppressive quality. As a matter of fact, if one does not necessarily enjoy the flavor of a particular dish, laíng {& otherwise just taro leaves} will suppress the taste for complete tolerance.

The can claims that it is "hot", but oddly, no discernible hot spice was detected at all, like wasabi that would sneak up on one, but just nothing, minus some mild sweating. It's more or less a "swamp soup" like eating tropical jungle algae where it derives, or perhaps the numbing effect on the taste buds is a purposeful in order to diminish some of the other undesirable ingredients in this typical cultural diet, perhaps, like various insects. Fortunately, the only other contents herein besides the spinach-looking taro leaves is coconut milk and shrimp, and the fishy scent is definitely discernible.

It actually reminded Me of some of the compressed, concentrated protein powders made of dehydrated fish and other meats and vegetables carried in bamboo tubes by Shinobi whereupon during long missions, just adding water activates the confection for consuming, providing all necessary nutrients.

I regularly enjoy Asian dishes, but this is probably My least favorite only because of the suppression of the combinations of flavors that I appreciate. Overall, an interesting experience - glad I tried it for an educated opinion. Laíng is definitely an acquired taste, or lack thereof. ∞

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