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The 19th Hole...


7/20/L: Whomever has been acting the pest and attempting to interfere with The Draconian source The Devil's Harem on the facebook system shall be revealed and punished. It shall be an amusing occurrence to relate these events for The Black Book of Shadows.

Someone has been 'reporting' these erotic photos which have either artistic and/or historic merit which have been enjoyed by many an admirer thereon. This spoiler weakling shall be banished. Perhaps it is a cowardly christian, perhaps a former acquaintance seeking some sort of erstwhile 'contact', albeit in this petty negative vicarious manner; again, to be in My actual Presence would be far too much for the simpering puny brains, so the type resort to such spineless disgusting rottenness.

For now, I await, until such time as this insignificant mongrel, piss-ant is revealed, at which time shall they be destroyed, and serve as an example to any who would dare offend His Satanic Majesty.

A crusadering sheep with a cardboard sword shall be shorn, slaughtered, and consumed for the amusement and edification of their Superiors, while their name shall be traversed and forgotten in the sands of time.

Impalement to show others the result of their foolish audacity, immolation in the flames of Satan's Wrath, & finally into The 19th Hole, for those who know. The fate of those who interfere with The Devil's Work is Death. The pest is CURSED, and shall soon join the graveyard. ∞


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