Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Arboreal Shadow Lighting


Motivated by enjoying some grapes earlier in the afternoon, now upon this rainy night with the scent of petrichor lingering heavily in the air, I decided to veritably bring the outdoors inside, with a simple, yet Magical effect that produces the shadow of a tree projected onto the walls, like a great arboreal canopy. As well as an incandescent, almost stained glass impression.

It is a simple matter to accommodate your environment with an indoor arboreal lighting effect. In this instance, I decided to experiment with a resident lamp possessed from Design Toscano. Being that it is designed with a concave vase-like shape to project the shadow of the demon arising from The Abyss, a great combination can be created by merely adding some grape stems therein, which resemble little branches and are a perfect fit. This can be made with any concave receptacle, for canes for instance or a large vase to accommodate a light bulb, perhaps. The brighter the bulb, the greater the effect.

Such a branch effect can also be created by affixing them onto a lampshade, or painted thereon as well,. Painting a bottle with a tree or a symbol design with a candle therein also creates a favorable effect, combined with a flickering ambiance. There are also candle holders that project the shadow of a single tree as well, but this effect herein described is more an overall canopy effect encompassing the ceiling and walls, but can be more isolated the closer to the intended spot is.

For lighter colored walls, use the walls like a canvas, either for colored lighting {red, black, green or blue}, or shadow projections which enhance the overall Lair and/or Ritual Chamber. ∞

* Horntip: Pablo Bear. For advice from the Tree house.

Tags: art, arts and crafts, black arts & witch crafts, black earth, lair decor

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