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Don't recall too much from this school except that corporal punishment was in force here, with parental permission, as it should be. Indeed, I remember being subject on one occasion, and that's all it took to remain well behaved after a couple of strange incidents. There was nap time upon cots which was preceded by milk & crackers. The cartoon "Hercules" reruns were big, and everyone would look forward to it, then out to the yard to act out some of the scenarios.

That's Paul Young [TR,5L] who would also join Me in Y Camp. At first, we were pretty good friends, but unfortunately, we eventually ran afoul due to a lawn dart incident in the back yard at his house, and his subsequent stepping upon a long shard of glass at the beach. For some reason, he was insulting Me at the very moment; I laughed as he was wheeled into the ambulance. Never saw him again after that.

That poor girl in the red sweatsuit [2R,7L] had an infatuation for Me; but became the subject of a psychotic episode involving poking hard with a stick in a quiet time on the yard. Probably some sort of subconscious misdirected reaction to mutual sentiment. ∞

grade 1
Of the Kodachrome: A Lokian presentation - I had conspired with a few associates to express their most comical faces. As the black girl looks on, I in the center, behold the 2 boys behind Me & the girl before Me to My right. Amusingly, I do look like a proud little devil.

Mrs. Hewitt

Dracling knottsA thin lady with short hair and a very likable demeanor. Mother would kibbutz with her from time to time and give her a box of See's Candy Chocolates as a first day gift, which may have buffered a couple of situations due to questionable behavior. Being a natural Witch, seems the Draconian Ovum Matriarch is quite proficient at Lesser Magic as well. They actually had pleasant conversations on a bench at nearby Valley Plaza park* while I played.

For some reason, I relayed to her that Mother liked to "eat bones" as it were, that is to say, thoroughly remove the flesh from a meal, including all edible portions such as marrow and cartilage. Perhaps at the time I thought that the only flesh that should be eaten was that apparent, but I certainly learned better, considering now I Myself Am quite thorough removing all edible portions from bones, including marrow, cartilage, and even sometimes sections of softer bone.

As an aside, a disturbing story: That was the same park in which I apparently assaulted a traffic cop as a Dracling in order to prevent him from giving My mother a ticket. I remember kicking his boots and raising a big fuss like a little hellion. He ended up just letting Mother go, probably not considering it worth it. All Mother could do is shake her head in disapproving disbelief.

Additionally, I do recall eating oatmeal crackers with milk or juice during recess in her class. ∞

* Rating: [A+]

* The very park that has a secondary 'hidden' 'haunted' park accessed through a tunnel covered in thick foliage. I took part in an action-adventure home movie there with the Y, wherein I was a "bud guy" who was in a running gunfight.
Also the park where I veritably 'blinded' someone in a Luke Skywalker costume on Halloween night while dressed as Darth Vader with the far end of a lightsaber tube. That was My Sith "secret" to victory - at some point during the 'battle', I removed the very tip, and proceeded to point it directly into the opponent's eyes, thus granting the advantage while I struck the final Victorious blow for The Dark Side.

The Devil in Red

Dracling eddiemunsterThere's Brad and April standing next to eachother in the front row! That's Julio down by the schoolyard in the front row center. There's Vinnie third row, third form the left - always impressed Me as rather paranoid, somehow. We would be classmates again in 5th grade. Also, gotta' love the kid at front row right in the Hawaiian shirt. Aloha!

Mrs. Dopher

A very nice lady. I recall her wearing all this cool flowing veil-like clothing with interesting patterns and designs. Looked very comfortable. ∞
grade 3

  • Lorena [5RT,2L] - People would make fun of her because of her weight. Note the lovely scarf.
  • Patricia, "Patty" [3R,4R] - She developed an infatuation for Me on into 6th grade; unfortunately, I was not attracted to her.
  • ? [3R,5R] - the girl I literally 'rubbed elbows' with.
  • Shane [3R,2R] - See description below.
  • Mitchell [3R,3R] - For some reason, some people made a fuss over his alleged athletic prowess in handball/baseball, but I was not impressed; when I attempted to associate with him to divulge propensities, a very limited intelligence was revealed. Upon retrospect, yes, he would be the type drawn towards such spectator sports like "baseball" and the like. I went through such a phase when I was part of a 'Little League' team at Valley Plaza Park, then later an LL Football team at North Hollywood Park, becoming bored with both in short time and moved upwards in favor of Martial Arts.
  • ?? [3R, 4&5L] - those two girls next to eachother became racist chola bullies who hated Caucasian girls and attacked Lerue once until I broke it up. At least one of them lived nearby a building over.
  • Beth [3R,6L] - I'd see her around the neighborhood now and then as I rode My bike about. I had a small infatuation for her, and thought of her every time Beth by KISS is played on the radio. She looks like Rainbow Bright here. Those 2 cholas hated her as well. A subsequent school photo would secretly show one of them pinching her back and twisting hard with a look of consternation on Beth's face, while the other chola looked like a mugshot. Perhaps they eventually ended up in prison?
  • Aurelio [2R,1L] - He lived in a nearby apartment building and was apparently jealous of My relationship with Lerue, considering it "gross" or some such, but perhaps I was just more developed in that department than he at the time. Or perhaps he was just trying to clever to dissuade Me away from her for himself. Ha!
  • Brad [2R,3L] - A really nice guy I'd see from time to time at subsequent schools, including Carpenter.
  • Julio [2R,4L]: Down by the schoolyard.
  • Guyen Nguyen [1R,1R] - I used to think her name was pronounced 'goo-yen nagoo-yen' until I learned the proper Vietnamese pronunciation is "gee-oowen nyoowen"; being in an Asian girl appreciation phase, I actually asked her and her little friend out once during a required Square dance rehearsal in the auditorium.
  • April [1R,4L] - Shane and I both had an infatuation for her.
  • Reza [1R,5L]: Greetings earthling, I Am Reza... He always looked and spoke like an alien to Me. Obviously of Middle-Eastern descent, he did have such an accent, but was delightful to be around because of his intelligence and imagination, which we would bounce off of eachother. There was one clever little ditty in sort of an Mad Libs style we cam up with while on the bus:
    "Let's go to bed-, let's go to bed-, let's go to Betty's house tonight! We'll get hot-, we'll get hot-, we'll get hot dogs on the way... And when the damn, damn, damn, damn, damage is done, we'll have a child, child, child, child, childish fun, on those good ol' summer nights, you wanna' cum along?"
Ms. Miyamoto

Dracling suitA cute little Asian teacher who really took a shine to Me {and I to her}, encouraging My various extracurricular projects, including a comic I created entitled "The Protectors" which related the adventures of a group of superheroes who travel to Hell and meet Satan, a giant demon lord. She shared this with the class. Her style is to have students read each other's creations, which is actually very good for morale and pride, as well as a motivating factor to create an optimum finished product.

I do recall an odd sort of 'rubbing elbows' incident I had with an attractive female student, in which we apparently became quite stimulated by the friction between our skin. It started as whose arm gets to rest on a side table, and turned into b/humping the other's arm off, and on into this odd rubbing episode. The massaging sensation was actually pretty nice. Of course, we faked adversity, and were separated, to our mutual regret. Ding Dangit!*

At some point, I thought the term "The Pupil People" was strangely interesting, as I envisioned humanoid beings comprised of eyeballs sort of skulking around, rather like the band The Residents.

I also met Shane in this class {that's him cross-eyed in the photo 3r/2l} through getting out of being thrown into a pool in a makeshift "swim class". For whatever reason, the school saw fit to bring in a large portable pool so that students could learn to swim right there in the yard. I wasn't too thrilled about this, and snuck around the side into the pool instead of being thrown in like the others had been by the resident negro "lifeguard".

We thought is was funny to just do the grossest things we could think of, from mixing all contents in the lunch tray into the milk carton and eating it, to telling disgusting jokes. - it was a [thankfully] temporary weird 'slob' phase. Perhaps the notion was intriguing considering I was brought up in clean, neat, organized, elegant surroundings. We actually had velvet burgundy wallpaper with black velvet embossed filigree, and wonderfully-framed ornate paintings on the walls, many of which are painted by the matriarchal progenitor's very own talented hands - I actually have a couple of her painting displayed upon these walls.

Anyhow, as related here, that friendship ended when he left for swampy Florida with his mother after I had threatened to tell the Police about how she beat him on a regular basis should she tell the Police about our little misadventure in the rain, when we went to go visit another 'friend' one late stormy evening, after which she called Me "The Devil". It sure was invigorating racing on My bike through the streets with rain pelting and lightning flashing and thunder rolling!

I even gifted him with a ROM Space Knight after which he had driven it into the mud and dirt, even though it is an expensive toy with sensitive electronic components. Shane also had a negative run-in with another friend 'Rick' {also there related} as they seemingly competed for My friendship.

Miss Miyamoto sure was cute, and had circumstances been different, would gladly have 'dated' her. Se la vie. ∞

* A term used in a commercial for Bandini Mountain uttered by a prospector character mentioned once or twice in class to receive a laugh, which it did.
Ms. Cedrone

Not pictured. [4]: She just occurred to Me because of her appearance. Like Ms. Scurria, she also had a Caucasoid afro, but with bulging eyeballs, and a hatchet face, sort of like the Chicken Lady {The Kids In The Hall}. ∞

  • Patty: Here's Patty looking very happy to be standing right behind Me. That's just adorable.
  • Next to her, Jennifer. This poor girl was subject to mockery for being very tall, and thus called "Giraffe", with references to Toys 'R' Us, going home to the zoo, and the like - it was just pointless. She's actually quite attractive and could have gone on to become a model if she wanted. She was probably made fun of because she is so attractive, and those proliferating it are actually her most ardent admirers - kind of sad how that works - plain honesty could bring so much mutual joy.
  • Continuing to the right, let's just say that this guy took gifting him with a Rubik's Snake in the unintended direction, as in planning a secret rendezvous behind a shed which took a minor struggle to get out of, followed by throwing the puzzle toy in My direction, which was fine, because now I had two - a blue and a red, which I would bend into many interesting shapes from weapons to vehicles {especially a land glider for Masters of The Universe and Star Wars figures} to complement My playtime. Oh well. We both really liked KISS, with The Demon as always My favorite.
  • H U G O. See 6th Grade.
  • The two racist cholas mentioned before pinch-twisting Beth's back.
  • The noble Mitchell gesticulating the oh-so original "rabbit ears" behind Olga.
  • Brian Kim: He was My Korean friend for awhile until something broke at his parent's place during sparring & wrestling, at which point he would have received a beating from his father, even though it was an accident. Sadly, he and I did not speak after that incident.
  • There's Guyen Nguyen again! Boy, she was more or less in most of these, and would always seem to appear wherever I was as well.
  • 1st row, far right: Today on S I G H T I N G S - Look very closely... There's Reza again! Also note that he is wearing the exact same outfit as he did last year - or did he actually time-warp and take two separate photos at the same time in different years? Could that "outfit" actually be a space suit used to inter dimensionally traverse the cosmos and space & time? "Behold, or not. I Am Reza." \\//,
  • Vinnie Messina: In an OP shirt, there was one incident wherein we were playing on the climbing bars, and in response to a rather dumb or obvious question, I responded with "Don't be a Ninny, Vinnie". Those who overheard howled in laughter.
  • Again, Patty looks ecstatic at standing behind Me. there. That's pleasing to contemplate.
  • The girl on the extreme right looks like a parody of the classic nerd girl type, cross-eyed, large goggles, lanky Olive Oyl and all. Wowzers. However, knowing Nature, she probably blossomed into an exquisite beauty.
  • Madelaine Heinz [2R,3L]: Oh man, did I ever have a crush on her! The sandy brown hair, freckles, french braid hairstyle, plump figure, bright light brown eyes - let's just say that she has been the subject of many a fantasy. I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of whities underneath her plaid skirt while on Safety duty down at the foot of the stairs - and THAT was an ECI! The wonderful curve of her bottom as she climbed... She also happens to be related to the founder of the Heinz Company as well. Love that ketchup.
  • Brad [1R,3L]: There he is again in the sunset gradient shirt. Cool guy, I liked him. He really looks like someone I would've been friends with.

grade 6
carpenter 2
Ms. Scurria

Don't recall too much about she or her class, except that she had an amazing afro and kind of looks like she could be Bob Ross' sister. Also, that this was most discernibly during The Gipper's presidency, and that she would leave the class for long periods of time for students to do as they willed - perhaps she left it in My hands as the resident Safety Officer.

  • Besides the pretty girl named "Rosalva" on the top left, the top row is comprised of a couple of overgrown goons who are either mutants, flunkies, or narcs. Don't know the giant blonde preppie's name, but the mexican gorilla's name next to him is "Hugo", or "Huge-o" - if he hadn't done so, he could go into Lucha Libre as "Hugo El Gigante", Mexico's answer to Andre The Giant. I once asked him about the ape-like shape to his head, then he threatened to beat Me up, but he never showed and nothing became of it. Perhaps he heard I was training in Tae Kwon Do classes?
  • ? [TR,4L]: Just a funny guy who reminds Me of Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters.
  • Patricia [4R,4R]: It's Patty again, who has this amazing talent in shaping her coif into extraordinary shapes. Here we have the heart-shaped coif, otherwise known as the afro-widow, or afro-cowl. Here she also began to bloom bathycolpianly, or should that be "bathycopiously", which merited a secondary consideration for possible courtship.
  • Aurelio: Didn't hear much of anything from him at this time, probably because he reached a more advanced level of carnal considerations since last time he criticized Myself and Lerue's union. Otherwise, get your own!
  • ? [3R,1L]: ☺ This guy impressed Me as the resident quiet psycho who would be voted to most likely one day go on to become a serial or mass killer. Just from the photo, a certain disturbance can be detected, like something's not quite right at home, and/or in his head. Say... homicide! ☹
  • ? [3R,2R]: The nice black girl from 1st grade at Victory is here at Carpenter! She looks like she has a great sense of humor and is very intelligent.
  • ? [3R,3R]: Voted most likely to be a Rod Stewart impersonator. That is not a wig nor chia pet growth, but his real hair. He and his buddy performed in the auditorium at the 6th grade talent show with a humorous rendition of The Beatles' Come Together song, complete with sound effects. The performance was met with many snickers, mostly from parents.
  • Peter Pak: A Korean kid, possibly an exchange student, who made with the treats such as delicious crunchy sushi {possibly "chūn juǎn"} he'd bring copious amounts to school, which I would gladly trade whatever I had at the time for, and otherwise just share. I eventually found out that he had certain affections for Me, as revealed in a parting yearbook message translated by another Korean acquaintance named Brian Kim. It was odd to contemplate, but consider it a complement.
  • Terra [2R,2L]: One of the trio seen here as the girl on the left {"Rhonda"} and the right. They were sort of a debutante clique.
  • Bottom row, left to right: The first two guys there, one could be the manager of a 7-11, while the other just looks like a coach, especially by manner of stance.
  • Katrina [1R,3L]: Quite honestly, an insufferable little bitch, bully, pretentious and petty, mean-spirited. She's the one I compare to the Katrina Tsunami {Gone With The Wind, The Devil's Scroll}, and it fits, in her mouth from inside her pants. Well, we had a few run-ins, every time we'd meet on the yard, it was met with mutual insults. It could have started when she watched Me make a record hang at the pullups, or when I joined the Safety Committee, while she herself was part of the IBTC {Itty Bitty Titty Committee}. Never knew what her actual problem was. Psycho-analytically speaking, could it be that her virulence towards Me was because she harbored secret desires? Mmmm, could be... if that is the case, too bad she couldn't deal with them - there may have been some possibilities there...
  • Guyen Nguyen & her little friend: And here are those couple of adorable Asian girls I had a thing for. A triple-date would have been sublime at the time.

I Am Reza. And I have spoken.

Carpenter Avenue School
The entire school. The Principal Mr. Kanigher is seated front row center. As good a photo as can be produced at this time. It is actually attached/glued to framing paper within the glass. I would be on the top right side in a suit. ∞

* Related: Devilutions | Evocative Revelations.

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