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What kind of beauty, 'spirit animal'...

Find out what is your Spirit Animal!

Somehow I don't think Dragon or Serpent is a result. However, in the sense of transformation and evolution, I could see the possibility. Funny, i Am reminded of the scene in Little Nicky wherein a demon appears as if enthralled by all of the butterflies, bunnies, flowers, and such; as well as Adrian spitting one away like a pest.

Also, like the scene in The Craft, there was an instance wherein at Shabarum park, butterflies began encircling 'round above the picnic setup. That was a Magical moment. Come to think of it, I have had every one of those four character types, and continue to do so whenever possible.

  • Sarah - Faun {the "goody-goody" who still wanted to get down and dirty. She gives The Devil His due by offering herself and fulfilling her lusts}.
  • Nancy - Pandora {Dark Goth-type girl with mental issues, who eventually went over the edge}.
  • Bonnie - Mystique {The blossoming Maiden shedding perfidy for pleasure}.
  • Rochelle - Macabra {The Nubian beauty revealing the wild girl within}.
And all who can truly be themselves with the Lord of The Earth. {The Loves of Lucifer, The Lusts of Satan}. ∞

What kind of beauty are you?

"You are an Exotic Beauty! There is something foreign about your look, and it's very intriguing. You have the ability to stun people with your abnormal good looks and can even be considered quite worldly or cultural based on your genetic history or travel experiences. Luscious lips, thick hair and killer curves aren't just sought after by many, they're envied by almost everyone!"

Perhaps this very well may be so. I know that the Satanist is always on stage, as Magus LaVey observed as The Command To Look, and My own explanation of The Lighthouse Effect. Also, a scene in Elvira: Mistress of The Dark comes to mind wherein she mentions to 'Uncle Vinnie' "...that's okay, My appearance is kind of a shock to everybody."

Actually, I do seem to recall someone veritably 'melting' upon seeing Me outside a movie theater where The Addams Family was playing, another time when Sister Act was playing as I awaited meeting with someone, and at a King Kukulele performance wherein it appeared that a persons' gaze was veritably arrested upon seeng Me, and yet another instance while sitting with My serpent familiar at a train platform. I'm sure there have probably been many other instances I didn't notice, but I certainly take them as a complement. ∞

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