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What'a your 60's song?

Your 60's song is
"Atlantis“ (Donovan)
This song describes an underwater world full of marvels and wonders. It is perfect for a philosopher such as yourself. You are never satisfied with what the world has given you and you strive for new paths and strategies. In doing so, you are inspired by the great thinkers of times gone by.

Can You Answer The 21 Questions That Every American Should Know?


You bleed red, white, and blue!
We salute you! You got every question right! You understand the intricacies of this great nation and how it works. You might as well move to D.C. right now, they could use a mind like yours to set things right!

Which Sith Are You?

by Posted on

Sometimes it feels good to be bad. If you are sick of all the Jedi restrictions, and you want to rule through power and passion, the Dark Side might be right for you. What kind of Sith would you make though? You can find out here.

Darth Maul
From infancy, you have been trained to be one of the most lethal killers in the galaxy. You have had to kill your friends and enemies alike to please your master, and you have been rewarded with the title of Sith Lord. You are quick, agile, and capable of striking down even the strongest of warriors.

Darth Sidious
You are a master of deception and trickery, and you are known to play dirty in order to get what you want. You have extensive knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force, and your strength can match even Master Yoda's. You have taken many apprentices under your wing, hoping to find the best that the Force has to offer.

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